Power FM’s Power In The Park 2005

Former a1 singer Ben Adams, Triple Eight, Charlotte Church, Craig David, former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, The Noise Next Door, former S Club star Rachel Stevens, and Rooster performed at Power FM’s Power In The Park on Sunday (June 5) at Southampton Common in Southampton, England. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and WireImage.

Scary Moment For Rachel Stevens

June 8, 2005 – The Mirror reports that Rachel, who won the Amor Amor Woman of the Year award at the Glamour Women Of The Year ceremony, had to fend off a man who ran across Berkeley Square and tried to grab her while she signed autographs. “It was frightening,” an onlooker said. “Security had to be called to get the guy off her.” Rachel said later, “I wish my boyfriend Gavin was here. He’d better treat me when I see him!”

Mel C Says Girls Aloud Will Never Match Spice Girls Success

The Mirror reports that Melanie Chisholm has blasted Girls Aloud claiming they’ll never match the success of the Spice Girls. “It is frustrating at times when I see some acts that are at the top of the charts, but the fact is I was there for years with the girls and now it’s their turn,” Chisholm said of her solo difficulties. “There’s no doubt Girls Aloud are absolute babes but, to be honest, they always look miserable. I’m not sure they enjoy the work as much as we did when we were in our prime. They’re good but they’ll never be the next Spice Girls. We had something special that they’ll never emulate.”

Melanie C Blasts ‘Rude Big Mouth’ Robbie Williams

April 8, 2005 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm phoned into the Kyle and Jackie O. show on Austereo earlier this week to promote her new album ‘Beautiful Intentions’. Mel talked about how a Spice Girls reunion “has never been discussed”, dealing with negative press, her new look, living up to images in magazines and being airbrushed and how Robbie Williams didn’t bed all but one of the Spice Girls. The singer moaned, “After all these years in the business, he shouldn’t have such a big mouth. Whether it’s true or he was joking, it’s a very rude thing to say.” The interview at Auspipe.com has since been removed.

Melanie C: Britney’s Gone Too Far With Sexual Image

FemaleFirst.co.uk reports that former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm has spoken out against artists such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for taking their sexuality too far to sell records. Melanie said that was something the Spice Girls never did during their heyday.

“Britney’s gone a bit too far,” Mel C said. “I find it really shocking , she’s overtly sexual in everything she does. I see her and I think, ‘Put it away love.'”

Mel C Complains About No Spice Girl Respect From Brits

Melanie Chisholm is voicing her displeasure with organizers of last month’s Brit Awards for neglecting to mention her old group The Spice Girls in their roundup of the best records of the past 25 years. “I feel there should have been some recognition for the Spice Girls,” Mel C complained to The Sun. “We flew the flag for Britain around the world in the ’90s and we achieved a hell of a lot. I don’t think the Spice Girls are celebrated as much as we should be. We championed British pop worldwide.”

Melanie Chisholm Battled Depression During Spice Girl Days

March 11, 2005 – The Mirror reports that Melanie Chisholm has revealed the problems she endured during her time with the Spice Girls. “When things were really crazy and I was having a few problems, I isolated myself from friends and family and that was a lonely time,” the 31-year-old singer said. “I tried numerous kinds of antidepressants… I had an eating disorder as well.” While life is better for her with boyfriend Thomas Starr and her new album ‘Beautiful Intentions’, she still worries about future bouts with depression. “I’m always a little bit afraid that my depression could come back,” she said.

Melanie Chisholm Responds To Robbie Williams Sex Claim

Melanie Chisholm tells Closer magazine that Robbie Williams is full of it after he claimed to have bedded four of the five Spice Girls. Mel said, “Victoria asked me about that and said: ‘Well, I know I’ve not slept with him.'” Sporty then went on to reveal: “And I know Emma’s not slept with him.”

Robbie Williams Plots Swing Duets Album

February 18, 2005 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Robbie Williams has been secretly putting together an album of duets. The disc will be in the style of his hit album ‘Swing When Your Winning’. The British pop star told a spy he’s hoping Tony Bennett and Andy Williams will participate in the project, as well as fellow Brit winner Joss Stone.

UK Radio Aid Auctions

January 19, 2005 – As part of UK Radio Aid, to benefit those affected by the Asian Tsunami, former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm has donated the chance for two people to take a trip to her next video shoot in London on February 3rd and 4th, while George Michael and partner Kenny Goss have offered the chance to dine with them in London.

Melanie C. Greatest Hits Collection Planned For Release

Contributed anonymously:

According to EMI International’s 2005 release schedule, ex-Spice Girl, Melanie Chisholm will release a greatest hits collection. The record company dropped Melanie in 2003 when poor sales of her sophomore album were reported. The name of the album is, ‘Best of Melanie C.,’ and it is to be released April 4th, 2005. Melanie has no control over the album’s release and word has it she is upset considering she has only had two albums. The complete tracklisting was leaked a few days ago.

Melanie Chisholm’s Comeback Gig In London

The Sunday Mirror reports that former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm performed a comeback gig at London’s Islington Academy, before a sell-out crowd of 600. She told her fans, “You heard it here first guys. I’m back!”

Melanie Chisholm Responds To The Sun’s ‘Lies’

June 17, 2004 – Melanie Chisholm posted a message on her official site in response to a report in The Sun saying she was the reason Spice Girls wouldn’t be getting back together this year. Mel C writes, “Hi. I didn’t intend to post a message until after the tour but unfortunately there’s something in the press today that I want to put straight, although I have numerous times before. The Sun again today have printed a story about how I’m such a bad sport for not doing a Spice reunion tour. As I have said before I have never been approached by anybody, Virgin Records, Simon Fuller, Victoria, Melanie B, Geri or Emma regarding a reunion and I am completely unaware of any of the other girls desire to get back together. I am so excited about my new album. The tour is proving to be a huge success and is completely sold out. I chose to play these small venues and did not advertise these shows as I am not promoting anything. They are for fun, for you guys and to try out new songs before I start recording. It’s really annoying to keep reading all these lies so I just wanted to clear things up in case any of you had any doubts. If I don’t see you in Cardiff or London I’ll see you soon. Love Melanie xx.”

Melanie Chisholm Gives Fans Tour Plans Update

May 23, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm checked in with fans on her official website last month. She wrote, “Hey dudes! How ya doin’? I see you’ve been gossiping about dates, and YES! Me and the band are going to be doing some live stuff. I’m really excited to announce my Barfly tour. We’ll be sweeping the country playing intimate venues. The writing of the third album is going great and I thought it was time to showcase some new stuff to see what ya think. Can’t wait to see you all.”

Spice Girl Reunion Auditioning Melanie Chisholm Fill-In?

With Melanie Chisholm insisting that she won’t take part in a Spice Girls reunion, the latest popbitch.com newsletter reports that rumors are circulating that a replacement fifth member is secretly being lined up. Names floated about include Fergie, after Black Eyed Peas’ label executives were reportedly overheard at their Tribeca Film Festival gig discussing whether she’d take the slot, while UK sources close to Dannii Minogue claim she’s been approached.

Melanie Chisholm Denies Big Payout For Self-Financed Solo Project

The People reports Melanie Chisholm is snubbing a $18 million offer by ex-manager Simon Fuller to re-unite with the Spice Girls, instead spending her own money to record an album on Red Girl Records. Chisholm has produced three tracks and written a CD’s worth of tunes hoping to net a 60% profit from worldwide sales of his latest album she hopes to release this summer.

Melanie Chisholm Plots Third Solo Album On Her Own Label

April 7, 2004 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports former Spice Girl Mel C promises to debut new songs from her third album which will be released on her own Red Girl Records label. She said: “The writing of the third album is going great and I thought it was time to showcase some new stuff to see what ya think.”

Melanie Chisholm Snubs Spice Girl Reunion

March 17, 2004 – The Mirror reports former Spice Girl Mel C is adamant the Spice Girls will never sing together again, and won’t return to the girl group despite a reported $18 million offer from Simon Fuller to change her mind. Fame Academy voice coach Carrie Grant, one of Mel’s closest pals, revealed, “Even though she hasn’t got a record deal at the moment she told me there was absolutely no way she’d want anything to do with it. She has no intention of ever working with them again.” The other girls are said to be keen on reuniting.

Melanie Chisholm To Become A Mother In ’04?

January 4, 2004 – Former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm is reportedly ready to start a family with her property developer boyfriend Thomas Starr. A friend of the 29-year-old told The Sunday Mirror: “A baby is definitely on the agenda – and Mel believes Thomas will make a perfect dad.”

Virgin Denies They’re Dropping Melanie Chisholm

December 30, 2003 – Ratethemusic.com reports record bosses at Virgin are denying reports that former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm is set to be dropped following a string of chart failures.

“The story of Melanie being dumped by Virgin is kicked around from time to time,” a label spokesman remarked. “The last time rumors about Melanie’s career being over were going around it proved to be absolute rubbish.”

Melanie Chisholm Blasts Posh’s New Single As ‘Atrocious’

The Mirror reports that in an interview with Heart 106.2’s Harriet Scott, to be aired this Saturday, Melanie Chisholm is blasting her former Spice Girls bandmate Victoria Beckham, claiming she’s heard a snippet of Victoria’s new double A-side single – ‘This Groove’ and ‘Let Your Head Go’, and isn’t the least impressed. “I thought it was atrocious – I’m not being horrible, I’m just giving my opinion,” she said. “I thought it was a terrible song. Lyrically, it was weak.” Mel even offered advice that no doubt will add fuel to their feud. “If I was Victoria I would enjoy my husband, enjoy my family, enjoy the money that they’ve got and give the music a rest,” she sneered.

Posh Would Rather Sing Than Act

Sky News reports former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham revealed to a source that she turned down two chances to appear in the cult ITV1 drama ‘Footballers’ Wives’. She said: “Some say I cannot sing, but I feel better doing that than the acting at this stage.”

Posh Drops The Pout After Oral Fix

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is more likely to smile now that she’s had her teeth whitened and straightened. She showed off her new mouth while hubby David picked up his OBE last week at Buckingham Palace and in an interview with Michael Parkinson, dropping her trademark pout.

“Victoria has always been very self-conscious about her teeth,” a source close to Posh revealed. I don’t know why this is because there is nothing wrong with them. But it’s partly the reason she has always pouted so much – because she doesn’t like her smile. Now she has had some work done on her teeth. After years in the limelight she decided to have them straightened out and whitened. I doubt she will admit to having the work done, though, because she’s so conscious of her image.”

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