Melanie Chisholm To Host Top Of The Pops Special

Sky News reports former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm will host a New Year’s Eve show celebrating 40 years of Top of the Pops. Mel will host and interview stars throughout the years.

Mel C Claims Whitney Houston Is The Rudest Celeb

Former Spice Girl Mel C believes Whitney Houston is the rudest celebrity she has met. Mel says Whitney shoved her out of the way to get on stage in New York, adding, “She might have been a bit unsteady on her feet, if you know what I mean.”

Downtime Is A Blessing For Melanie Chisholm reports former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm sees her judo accident injuring her knee as a sign that she needed to take time out from showbusiness – and has loved recuperating at her mother’s house in Liverpool, England, despite having to cancel the planned release of her single ‘Yeh Yeh Yeh’. “I think it was a sign for me to slow down. I’ve virtually been a workaholic and haven’t taken many holidays. I’ve always pushed myself and I think my body needs a break,” she said. “It’s the biggest break I’ve taken in about ten years, so I think that’s been good for my soul. This accident has helped me put things in perspective. I now realize how amazing bodies are. I feel I’ve been enlightened.”

Mel C Prefers Singing To Sex

Former Spice Girl Mel C revealed to the Sunday Mirror’s M Celebs magazine that she prefers performing live on stage to having sex. When asked to chose between there and the bedroom, she responded, “I’d have to say being on stage. In an everyday situation I can be quite shy, but when I up there I feel so free.”

Sporty Spice Busts Her Knee In Judo Match

The Sun reports that former Spice Girl Mel C was badly injured yesterday – when Miss World floored her in a televised judo bout. Mel, 29, suffered agonizing cruciate ligament damage in her knee when slender Turk Azra Akin, 21, threw her during Channel 4’s The Games show. Read more.

Sporty Spice To Star In Reality Sports Show reports former Spice Girl Mel C is amongst the stars to be featured in a new Olympics-style reality TV show. ‘The Games’, dubbed ‘Celebrity Sport Idol’, will feature an assortment of celebrities taking part in events such as swimming, weightlifting and hammer throwing. The show airs on Channel 4 in the UK.

Daily Star: Furious Fans Rage At Mel C

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Daily Star reports Mel C fans are spitting with rage after being told that they’ll have to PAY to see her new video on the internet. Devotees logging on to the former Spice Girl’s official website are greeted with a pop up window offering them the chance to see the vid for new single ‘Yeh Yeh Yeh’. But it costs £3 to take a peek at the action.

Fans Disgusted By The New Mel C Pay Per View Videos

As it was visible in the videos, fans travel from all around the world to see former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm, yet the opportunity to see videos from the concerts is only given to those who live in the United Kingdom. What do we get in return? A horrible quality webcast concert, and an even worse set of videos that we are made to pay for, in order to see them. This is absolutely disgusting. The fans should not be made to pay for the stupidity of the record company releasing such non-single worthy material in the first place.

Mel C Ditches ‘Positively Somewhere’ For ‘Melt’

The Sunday People reports that for Mel C’s next release, bosses at Virgin have ditched first-choice track ‘Positively Somewhere’ because it sounds too much like her last single, ‘On The Horizon’, which only reached number 14. The former Spice Girl is now releasing ‘Melt’.

Mel C On Christina Aguilera

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BBC recently asked former Spice Girl Mel C what she thought about Christina’s song ‘Fighter’. The singer responded, “I absolutely love this track. I think it’s fantastic. It’s possibly my favorite track on her album. I think she’s got the most exciting vocal talent since Whitney Houston. I’m big on Christina.” Her rate on the track: 5/5