Melissa Schuman Discusses Solo Career

Starry Constellation magazine spoke with former Dream star Melissa Schuman and asked how has it been for her being back in the studio recording songs for her solo album. “It’s been a different experience for me because in the group I personally didn’t get to do a lot of writing,” she said. “I love it though because it has given me the chance to really speak my mind through my music. I’ve definitely matured as a musician.”

Melissa Schuman’s Official Now Open

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Former Dream star Melissa Schuman’s official site has reopened. The new site includes two sound clips of Melissa’s solo material. The songs are called ‘Don’t’ and ‘Setting Sun.’ Check it out at

‘The Hollow’ Sample Screenplay Posted On Web

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About three scenes from ‘The Hollow’ (starring Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and former star of pop group Dream, Melissa Schuman) screenplay have been posted on the internet.

Nick Carter & Melissa Schuman To Star In ‘Hollow’

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Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and Melissa Schuman, former member of Dream, are both set to star in the low budget horror film, ‘Hollow’, according to Chris Gardner of the Hollywood Reporter. The film, based on a modern-day ‘Sleepy Hollow’ follows New England high school seniors who learn that they are the direct descendents of those responsible for a tragic event that begins to replay itself. “It couldn’t have been more perfect for what I was looking to achieve in making the move into acting,” Carter said. “I didn’t want it to be something that felt fake or just not right. The role itself is perfect. It’s not too much; it’s just enough to show people that I can do it.”

Melissa Schuman Lands Role On ‘The Hollow’, the official site of former Dream star Melissa Schuman reports that the singer has landed a role on the independent film ‘The Hollow’, where she’ll star with Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter in the modern day version of ‘The Sleepy Hollow’. Melissa will also be going to Sweden for a few weeks to record some songs over there, and the site promises some audio clips soon from the recording.

Melissa Schuman’s Candid Thoughts On Fellow Pop Tarts

Former Dream star Melissa Schuman was asked if she was a fan of Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, or Christina Aguilera on her official website by a fan. She responded, “I’ll listen to their music sometimes. I’m friends with Jessica Simpson, she’s a sweet girl. I can relate to her as a person. I also heard some of her new stuff and it’s awesome. I think I’m over Britney Spears. Christina, I listen to her songs sometimes, but I think she’s too dirty. Mandy Moore is a sweet girl… I like her more as an actress than singer.”

Melissa Shuman Attends InStyle Event

Former Dream star Melissa Shuman attended the ‘InStyle’s Sneak Peak At Red Carpet Fashion For The 2003 Awards Season’ at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesday (January 15) in Beverly Hills, California.

Melissa Schuman As Britney Spears

Melissa Schuman paid tribute to Britney Spears in a video clip for featuring her former Dream bandmates. Melissa did a perfectly choreographed recreation of Spears’ ‘Oops I Did It Again’. has since shut down.

Mark Wahlberg Linked To Ex-Dream Member

The New York Daily News reports 31-year-old Mark Wahlberg was seen with 18-year-old former Dream member Melissa Schuman at The Ivar in Los Angeles. “They’ve been hanging out a lot,” said a spy.

Melissa Schuman Lands Acting Role

Dream fan site reports Melissa Schuman has landed her first acting role since her decision to quit Dream earlier this month. Schuman will have a supporting role in an upcoming TV movie called ‘Anna’s Dream’. Melissa described her character, named “Shelia”, as “not being the brightest person and says things without thinking.”