Michelle Branch Blasts Snacks Packed For Son’s Schoolmates

Michelle Branch Mini

Michelle Branch checked in with her Twitter followers (@michellebranch) earlier today, upset about the unhealthy food other parents were packing for their children at school. The singer songwriter and mother writes:

Warning. Rant ahead: Seeing Owen’s school snack compared to other kids in her class this morning was infuriating. Colored pudding and juice boxes (a.k.a corn syrup/sugar) are not a healthy snack. What’s so wrong with carrot sticks, string cheese and water people? We need to give our children a healthy foundation for the rest of their lives! It is so important.

Michelle Branch And Timbaland ‘Getaway’ Video (Mini Countryman Ad)

Michelle Branch and Timbaland teamed up with Mini to create a ‘Getaway’ video inspired by the idea of getting away, featuring the Mini Countryman. The single will be released on Warner Brothers Records. The car company wanted an ad campaign that combined an urban artist and a country artist because the Mini Countryman can go both in the city and the country, Branch told The Modesto Bee. “I still can’t believe that I was asked to do a song with Timbaland,” she said. Watch it via YouTube below.

Michelle Branch ‘Tuesday Morning’ Acoustic Performance

Michelle Branch performed a fan favorite ‘Tuesday Morning’ acoustic, the most requested song request for her series of online acoustic performances. “I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Wishing you many blessings, health and much love for the coming year,” Branch writes. Watch it via YouTube below.

Michelle Branch Keeps Extremely Busy

Michelle Branch checked in with fans on her official web site on Thursday (November 19), talking about how she’s been keeping busy lately. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I know it seems super quiet around here but believe me, I’ve been keeping extremely busy!! I just got back from Minneapolis and Omaha where I had two really great shows. Thanks to everyone who came out and to KS95 and Q98-5 for having me.

Last week was CMA week and I was not immune to the craziness. I had a great time meeting up with all the radio stations who were in town and I also got to hang with some of my buddies who I don’t get to see that often. The CMA show was so much fun but the after parties were the highlight. I needed two full days to recuperate this year! In fact, I’m kicking myself now but I was supposed to go to the premiere of The Blind Side the following day but I opted for my P.J’s and watching T.V. in bed. :) I also went to the most amazing and inspirational dinner. Emmylou Harris hosted an event for the NRDC on behalf of Music Saves Mountains, spreading the word about the horrible practice of mountain top removal in the Appalachia.

Check out the entire message at michellebranch.com.

Michelle Branch ‘Sooner Or Later’ Performance & Interview

Michelle Branch is interviewed about her new album 'Everything Comes And Goes'Michelle Branch sat down for an interview with Billboard and followed it up with an performance of her new single ‘Sooner or Later’.

“My new album is coming out this winter, it’s called ‘Everything Comes And Goes’. I’m really excited because it’s the first solo record I’ve had in six years,” Branch said. “It’s hard because it’s my first record in six years, there’s a lot of different expectations from different people, and I do have a relationship with the pop side and now this new relationship with the country side, so it was a balance to make everybody happy. I think there was no doubt from day one that everyone was really, really excited about the project.”

As for the album’s first release, she said, “We all chose ‘Sooner Or Later’ to be the single. It was kind of a long process. When I was first in the studio and we were finishing writing that song, first putting it down, I immediately thought it was a single. I think it’s good because my fans of my early stuff will not think it’s necessarily too country… It’s a good starter.”

Watch the interview and performance below.

Michelle Branch ‘Goodbye To You’ Acoustic Performance

A new Tuesday Morning video from Michelle Branch is now available. This week the singer songwriter performed ‘Goodbye To You’. “It’s helped a lot of people,” Branch says in the introduction. “I still to this day get e-mails and letters from people saying it really helped them. Which is something so crazy to me because I wrote it in my room when I was really, really young. It’s probably the best, biggest compliment you could ever give an artist I think in my mind is saying a song touched you.” Watch the performance via her YouTube below.

Michelle Branch ‘Everywhere’ Acoustic Performance

Michelle Branch performed her debut single ‘Everywhere’ acoustic for her latest Tuesday video. “I never expected this little weird song that I wrote in my room to ever matter to anybody,” Branch said of the song currently being used by Chase for branding after the Washington Mutual takeover. “You could tell I was 15 or 14 when I wrote it because it kinda doesn’t make much sense in certain parts.” Watch the performance via YouTube below.

Michelle Branch ‘Long Goodbye’ Acoustic Ft. Hillary Lindsey

Michelle Branch’s latest acoustic performance features the 26-year-old and Hillary Lindsey singing the brand new song ‘Long Goodbye’. Branch talked about the song’s message and recording the album version with Dwight Yoakam. Watch it via YouTube below.

Michelle Branch Performs ‘The Game Of Love’

Michelle Branch’s latest Tuesday Morning video features the singer songwriter performing an acoustic version of ‘The Game of Love’. Before singing, Michelle talked about how she was asked to sing a version of the song for Carlos Santana’s album after Tina Turner and Macy Gray already had. “So I went down there and sang a version of it, it was really nerve wracking. Carlos wasn’t there. It had a guitar part on it. A few weeks later, I was out on the road and I got this call saying, ‘The video shoot is in a few days can you get to Chicago?’ I was like, ‘So does that mean you like it?’ And they did.”