Michelle Branch Message Board Upgraded

If you’ve been trying to access Michelle Branch’s official site’s message board of late, you’d probably noticed it was slow beyond believe. But no more as the webmaster today announced the formation of a new board using Ultimate Bulletin Board The board is definitely a lot faster now.

Michelle Branch Online Concert

No doubt many of you have noticed the pop-ups on this site featuring ads for an exclusive Michelle Branch concert. The set list includes All You Wanted, Everywhere, You Set Me Free, Something To Sleep To, and an interview. Keep an eye out for this popup or find it at Warnerbros.com.

Michelle Branch Talks Upcoming Tour

Michelle Branch talked with Rolling Stone about her upcoming club tour in February where she admitted, “I’ve always wanted to do a tour like this. Something intimate that everyone can come see. Most of these clubs are places the people who like my music might not ordinarily go to, so it’ll be a neat way for them to have kind of a more rock experience.”

Michelle Branch Reveals 2001 Highlights

Katrillion spoke with several musicians including Michelle Branch about her most memorable moment of the past year. Branch says, “This year has been insane. (Recently) was the anniversary of me being signed to the Maverick record label so you can image how crazy it’s been. We made the record a year ago in January and everything happened so fast. I’ve been on the road since May. The year has really been a blur but it’s been so much fun, especially since this is my 18th year.”

Michelle Branch Explains Christmas Plans

Launch spoke with singer Michelle Branch about what she plans to do for Christmas before embarking on a month-long promotional tour in January with stops in Asia, Australia, and Europe and later in Japan during February. Branch said, “I was home for two days in July and that was the last time I was home, so I get to go home for Christmas for like two weeks and, seriously, I’m just gonna sleep and stay in my pajamas the whole time.”

Michelle Branch Performs Live

Michelle Branch visited Jackie & Bender of KISS 106.1 in Seattle ahead of her performance at the JBB4 show later that night. Branch sung ‘All You Wanted’ (she had some guitar reverb they joked sounded as high-pitched as Mariah Carey) and ‘Everywhere,’ where Jake sang backup. Audio has since been removed.

Michelle Branch Ponders Madonna Gift

People magazine talked with Michelle Branch at Madison Square Garden for the annual Z100 Jingle Ball last night where she revealed her New Year’s Resolution saying she plans to drink more water, “I’m a caffeine addict and I’m surprised I don’t have a Coke in my hand right now.” Branch also was wondering “What do you get Madonna?” when asked what she planned on buying the head of her record label, Maverick.

In addition, People reports Mariah Carey arrived at the event with a posse of 4 and left after only 20 minutes… And no, she didn’t sing.

Top Michelle Branch Search Queries

Michelle Branch has exploded on the scene and her September Overture.com search queries have exploded with them. For the month, ‘Michelle Branch’ received 23,818 search queries, which is nearly as much as pop ‘veteran’ Mandy Moore who had around 31,000 searches for the month. Unlike her pop peers, ‘Michelle Branch nude’ was very low on the list, with only 265 searches for the month. The most searched Branch song was ‘Everywhere’, garnering 810 queries.