Lily Allen: I Think I Look Like Michelle McManus

Though Lily Allen is often photographed letting it all hang out, the 24-year-old confesses she body issues, comparing herself to ‘Pop Idol’ season two winner Michelle McManus. “Ask me, ‘What do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning?’ and I’ll be like, ‘Someone who is more overweight than I actually am,'” the ‘Smile’ singer said in the Fashion Icons issue of LOVE magazine. “It’s body dysmorphia. I honestly think I look like Michelle McManus or something.”

Michelle McManus Insists ‘Idol’ Was A Positive Experience

‘Pop Idol’ season two winner Michelle McManus has responded to Elton John’s rant about ‘Idol’ and ‘X Factor’. “They’re given an awful sense of stardom and pressure straight away but are only successful until the next series,” Elton explained to The Mirror. “The record companies sell a lot of records and those people are gone. It’s fu**ing cruel. Look at Michelle McManus. She’s a really good singer and now she’s forgotten.” McManus told The Mirror, “I found it a really positive experience and a great opportunity. I’ve got new management now and my own radio show. Plus I’m getting stuck into my second album.”

Is Simon Crossing The Line On A Weighty Issue?

Sandy Schaffer, of the National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance, spoke with ‘Access Hollywood’ over ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell’s continuing wisecracks about overweight contestants on the hit program. “The show seems to be saying you can’t be gay, you can’t be fat, you can’t be anything different,” Sandy complained. “It absolutely desensitizes the audience. It starts to make you feel this is OK.” Fellow ‘Idol’ judge Paula Abdul said of Mr. Nasty: “He’s an ass. He’s a pill. He says the dumbest things sometimes.” But with Cowell’s pocketbook on the line, his insensitive remarks may be prompted by the failure of the UK’s ‘Pop Idol’ season two champ Michelle McManus.

‘Idol’ Judge: McManus Was Never Talented Enough To Win

‘Pop Idol’ judge Pete Waterman tells New magazine the second season of the competition convinced him to quit because he feels bad about how Michelle McManus was treated after winning. “I think what we did to Michelle was appalling,” he said. “We should have been taken off the air. She didn’t have a great voice and she was grossly overweight. But we made her believe that she was talented enough to win, when she never was. That makes us guilty of lying to the public.”

Michelle McManus About To Get Axed?

The Sunday Mirror reports that Sony/BMG will announce soon that they have severed links with plus-sized ‘Pop Idol’ season two champ Michelle McManus. “The fat lady’s about to sing for Michelle,” quipped a record industry source.

Brookstein Worried Reality Show Fame Will Fade Fast

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that ‘X Factor’ winner Steve Brookstein is worried he could already be going the way of ‘Pop Idol’ season two champ Michelle McManus. The show’s planned UK tour hasn’t been selling well, and Simon Cowell no longer plans to introduce the London shows.

Michelle McManus Checks In With Fans

‘Pop Idol’ season two champ Michelle McManus posted a message to fans on her official website on Tuesday. The singer writes, “First of all I just wanna thank all you guys who have stuck with me this whole year and I’m really looking forward to the next one. There’s lots of exciting stuff coming up next year but of course, as always, you guys will hear it first on the website.”

Michelle McManus Picks Up Lingerie

‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus was snapped carrying a bag full of lingerie after a visit to the Ann Summers shop on London’s Oxford Street. Check out pictures from TheSun.

‘Pop Idol’ Crop Fizzles For Simon Cowell

While Simon Cowell is looking forward to nurturing new acts, he didn’t have much encouragement for the last ‘Pop Idol’ winner, Michelle McManus, runners-up Sam and Mark or wannabe singer Jordan. “It just hasn’t worked out for Michelle and I don’t know if she’s going to release any more material,” he told The Mirror. “It’s the same for Sam and Mark. The public has grown weary of that formula and that’s why we’ve changed things with this show, by throwing it open to people of all ages. I’m going after the 30-plus market now. And I’m not going to be working with Jordan either. She has a good voice and if it was three years ago, I would definitely have signed her up. But now the market has changed and I wouldn’t be able to do anything with her.”

Michelle McManus Defensive About Lackluster Sales

‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus is furious that she has been branded the show’s worst singer after her record sales disappointed. “Nicola from Big Brother released a record that bombed and no one blamed her,” McManus explained. “I’ve done far better than most TV stars with a recording career – it’s about time I was cut a bit of slack.”