Michelle McManus Is Makin’ Waves In Barbados

The Sun has photos of ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus on the beach in Barbados wearing a one-piece swimsuit. A spokeswoman for McManus said: “Michelle is having a great time. She has always said she is perfectly comfortable and happy with her body.”

The pictures at thesun.co.uk have since been removed.

Michelle McManus Thanks Fans After Busy Week

Michelle McManus posted a message to fans on her official website on Thursday after a whirlwind signings trip to launch her debut album ‘The Meaning Of Love’. The ‘Pop Idol’ champ wrote, “A big Thank You to everyone who took the time out to come and meet me and I’m only sorry I couldn’t meet every single one of you who’ve supported me. I wouldn’t be here without you and hopefully I’ll get the chance to see more of you when the Pop Idol Tour kicks off next month. Speaking of the tour, yesterday I was in rehearsals and it’s going to be a great show. Watch out for some practical jokes that I’m planning for the others ;)”

Michelle McManus Mania Silences Critics

The Glasgow Daily Record reports ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus endured a 14-hour whistlestop tour of her native Scotland, signing copies of her new album, ‘The Meaning Of Love’, at HMV stores in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. “It’s been bonkers,” the plus-sized singer admitted. “It takes me back to comments made byone of the show’s judges who said I’d never be a ‘Pop Idol’. I was surrounded by screaming kids and I am a ‘Pop Idol’ in their eyes.”

Misery Of ‘Pop Idol’ Michelle McManus

The People reports ‘Pop Idol’ winner Michelle McManus is struggling to cope with her new-found fame, suffering from chronic home-sickness and hardly going out since moving to London from Glasgow. “She is having a miserable time down south and feels terribly isolated there,” a pal said. “Michelle doesn’t know anyone there and because she doesn’t like going out on the town is finding it extremely difficult to adjust. She spends her time sitting round her flat, calling up her old pals in Scotland and asking them to go down to London to move in with her. These days she rarely ventures out except for work. And sometimes she feels like a prisoner in her own home as she sits all alone with a TV dinner.” Read more.

Michelle McManus Banks On Making A Fortune

The Sun reports ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus has opened an account with Coutts, the posh people’s bank despite not having enough to meet their £500,000 minimum deposit. The singer convinced bankers she will earn at least that amount during the next few months. A friend said: “There are big things ahead for Michelle and she will make a lot of cash.”

Walsh Suggests McManus Settle For Cruise Ship Career

‘Pop Idol’ judge Louis Walsh told radio station GWR that champ Michelle McManus should ditch plans for stardom and be a cruise-ship entertainer instead, poking fun at the singer’s large figure. “I don’t know why she won but she did and we have to give her her 15 minutes,” Walsh explained. “I think she’s like the new Jane McDonald, just a larger version. She’ll be good for cruise ships – big cruise ships.” Walsh also said “none of the ex-Spice Girls are going to sell records ever again” and former S Club star Rachel Stevens was “far too plastic” with no long-term career prospects.

Rachel Stevens Remixes 3rd Single In Sweden

January 29, 2004 – According to Rachel’s official website, the former S Club star recently headed over to Stockholm, Sweden to remix the album track ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ for single number 3. A highly successful studio session, it saw her working with new producers Daniel Tornqvist and Ritard Lvosgren for a cooler, edgier sound. Meanwhile, she’s also been busy at work with interviews in the run-up to the Brits, where she’s nominated for Best British Single (‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’).

Rachel Stevens’ Post-Split Pal Is Only That

January 18, 2004 – The People reports that since splitting with Jeremy Edwards, former S Club star Rachel has apparently been seeking comfort from her friend Grant Morris, who’s a recruitment consultant. “Rachel’s split from Jeremy has been emotionally draining for her,” a source explained. “But Grant has helped her through the difficult days. She has needed his friendship and it’s great to know she can call on him at any time for a chat.” But don’t look for it to blossom into romance. “I’ve been good friends with Rachel for some time but there’s no more to it than that,” he insisted, adding, “My wife is also friends with her.”

Rachel Stevens Heads To Sweden To Rework 3rd Single

January 17, 2004 – An update on Rachel’s official website reads:

Having just returned from a relaxing holiday with friends in Spain, Rachel is now gearing up for the release of single number three from the cool ‘Funky Dory’ album.

Details of which track is to be released are still under wraps, but word has it that Rachel will be heading over to Sweden to create a hot new version of the forthcoming single.

Unhappy Rachel Stevens Goes Shopping After Split

January 12, 2004 – Following her split with actor Jeremy Edwards, The Sun reports former S Club star Rachel was spotted shopping at her local Marks & Spencer in North London looking “unhappy, almost in a daze.”

Michelle McManus Delays Album To Visit Dying Great Aunt

Work on ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus’ debut album has been delayed as the singer spends time with her dying great aunt Nancy Stevenson, 75, in a Glasgow hospital as she battles cancer. “She’s happy that she has managed to spend this time with her auntie in hospital,” a spokeswoman for McManus said. “Michelle has seen her there several times. She just likes to spend time with her and talk to her.”

Andy Scott Lee Teams Up With Michelle McManus

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Pop Idols Andy Scott Lee and Michelle McManus have recorded a song together. Andy revealed, “Michelle and I really got on. We have kept in touch and have done some stuff together. We’ve written a song and it might be used as a B side on one of Michelle’s singles. It’s about a guy who plays a girl around. It is quite like Bryan Adams and Mel C’s ‘Baby When You’re Gone’.”

Michelle McManus Freezing Out ‘Idol’ Judge

‘Pop Idol’ winner Michelle McManus has fallen out with Nicki Chapman, the judge that helped take her to the top. “Nicki is trying her best,” a source said. “She is supposed to be molding Michelle’s career but the singer often blanks her. There is always an atmosphere when the pair get together.”

Michelle McManus Gets A WeightWatchers Warning

The People reportts ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus is in trouble with WeightWatchers after missing her classes. The singer has been too busy on her work schedule, promoting her No 1 single ‘All This Time’. The 210 pound singer says, “I got a letter from WeightWatchers giving me a hard time for not being in class. The classes I go to are all in Scotland but lately I haven’t been able to attend them. I think I will have to do my weight-watching on the net, particularly when I go on tour in March.”