Michelle McManus Tops UK Singles Chart

‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus stormed to the top of the music charts Sunday with her first hit single ‘All This Time,’ the Official UK Charts Company said. McManus ended the run of American duo Michael Andrews and Gary Jules’ ‘Mad World’, a reworked version of the 1980s song by Tears for Fears. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham new single ‘This Groove/Let Your Head Go’ dropped four places to seventh.

Michelle McManus Scares Off Lovers With Loud Snoring

The Glasgow Daily Record reports ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus is admitting men run away from her because of her loud snoring. “My biggest problem is that I’m a terrible snorer. I snore both ways. I snore in and I snore out,” she said. “It’s absolutely terrible I snore like a foghorn. It’s so bad that I’ve lost boyfriends over it and I really, really need help. If anyone out there could help me I’d be ever so grateful.”

Q&A With Alistair Griffin

‘Fame Academy’ runner-up Alistair Griffin took part in an online chat with readers of The Mirror on Wednesday. One fan asked him if he felt Michelle McManus, winner of another pop reality show ‘Pop Idol’, would have a chance in the business despite her large frame. “I don’t know, really. In the short term she might have some success but in the long term, who knows,” he responded.

Michelle McManus Turns Down TV Special Offer

Sky News reports ‘Pop Idol’ winner Michelle McManus, who has released her debut single ‘All This Time’, has turned down the chance to star in her own TV special. She said: “I want to develop first as an artist and I don’t want people getting sick of the sight of me before I’ve got going.”

Michelle McManus’ Chart-Topping Bid Short Of First ‘Idol’

Michelle McManus 'All This Time' single cover

The Sun reports that while ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus is set to top the UK singles charts with ‘All This Time’, her first day sales of 30,000 were far behind Will Young’s debut ‘Evergreen’, which cleared a staggering 400,000 copies in its first day of release. Gary Jules’ ‘Mad World’ looks ready to drop from the top slot to #2, while former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is likely to drop two places to #5 with her double A-side ‘Let Your Head Go’ and ‘This Groove’.

Michelle McManus Bid For More Weight Loss

‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus, who has already lost over 60 pounds, wants to lose another 15 lbs before she heads out on tour. “I’m not bothered about being big,” she told Closer magazine, “but I feel healthier when I’m carrying less weight.”

‘Pop Idol’ Champ Vows Not To Lose Weight

Hitting back at critics who said she was not star material because of her size, 210 pound ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus responded in an interview with The Mirror: “I am who I am. It’s blatantly obvious that I’m not your typical Pop Idol – I’m not Atomic Kitten, Kylie or Rachel Stevens – but it can’t be a bad thing to have bigger people in pop. If I want to lose another stone (14 lbs), I’ll lose another stone. But, let’s face it, if I lose another three stone I’m not going to be Britney Spears in a hurry. I’m not going to buckle to conform to any size. We are an image conscious nation and people find it hard to believe people can be big and happy. But I’ve dealt with it and will continue to.”

Music Guru Predicts Guaranteed Success For ‘Idol’ Champ

Scottish songwriter John McLaughlin, who has penned hits for bands such as Westlife, Blue and Busted, tells The Sunday Mail that ‘Pop Idol’ champ Michelle McManus will take the music industry by storm. “Michelle will have an edge, she won’t be a pop clone,” the music guru predicted. “Her songs will be played by the mainstream pop market but they’ll also feature in the more mature sector.”

Idol Mark’s Blast At ‘Irrelevant’ Cowell

‘Pop Idol’ runner-up Mark Rhodes blasted acid-tongued judge Simon Cowell after losing in the show’s finale Saturday night to Michelle McManus. “I’ve never been a favorite with the judges, but they aren’t important anyway,” Rhodes told The Sunday Mirror. “The public no longer listen to what Simon Cowell thinks. Once his word might have been gospel, but not any more. People are making up their own minds, and deciding not to side with the judges. I’m determined to make it in the industry.”

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

‘Idol’ Judge Disgusted By Michelle McManus Win

News of the World reports ‘Pop Idol’ judge Pete Waterman went into a rage and stormed off stage when Michelle McManus was announced as the winner. A show insider said the music mogul was disgusted with the outcome, even though he had earlier praised Michelle and predicted in the early stages of the contest that she would win. “Everyone was shocked when Pete went off,” said the source. “He was mumbling about how he wasn’t impressed with the result and that he thought Michelle couldn’t cut it. He left his seat at the front of the audience before Michelle took the stage after being told she was the winner.” Waterman failed to show for the Pop Idol Extra show on ITV2 which followed the live final.