Michelle McManus Wins ‘Pop Idol’

Michelle McManus has won the second season of ‘Pop Idol’. The 23-year-old edged out Mark Rhodes in Saturday night’s finale.

Wiping away the tears, Michelle blubbed: “To everyone who said I couldn’t do it, well, I’ve done it.”

Asked about her image, the size 20 singer replied: “I am very, very comfortable within myself. People find that quite difficult to deal with.”

Justin Timberlake Pays ‘Idol’ Finalist A Surprise Visit

Pop Idol finalist Michelle McManus met her own pop idol, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. The plus-sized singer screamed with joy when her hero visited her battle bus in London. She gasped and clasped her hands to her mouth. And the Glasgow girl burst into tears and hugged the Rock Your Body star when he said he admired her singing and hoped she would win the contest. A show insider tells The Glasgow Daily Record, ”Justin thinks Michelle is a great singer. ‘He was only too happy to wish her well for the final.”

Pop Idol Finalist Dreams Of Duet With Christina Aguilera

ITV reports plus-sized Pop Idol finalist Michelle McManus’ dream is to duet with Christina Aguilera but says she won’t share the raunchy star’s dress sense. “I don’t think that would be a good image for me,” she explained. “I think she has got away with it but you won’t be seeing me in leather chaps.”