Natasha Bedingfield Reviews Mika’s LA Gig

Natasha Bedingfield offered a review of Mika’s showcase gig in Los Angeles, providing a mini review to The Sun. “He has great charisma and has a glint in his eye that draws you in,” Bedingfield wrote. “The LA scene seemed in love with Mika too. It’s great to see UK talent fly the flag here. I’ll definitely be buying his album as soon as it hits the shelves.”

Mika Addresses Comparisons


Popworld caught up with Mika in a Q&A, and asked the singer how he felt about being compared to the likes of Freddie Mercury and Scissor Sisters. “Well, Freddie Mercury firstly, slightly terrifying. I mean, yeah, he was a fu**ing genius and he stayed good from the beginning to the end which is the scary thing,” he responded. “I would never compare myself to him, though, I just can’t. And Scissor Sisters, I just think it’s fun and flattering. Bring it on, it’s cool. At least they’re not comparing me to Barbara Streisand in her early years, then I’d be a little upset because she seems like a really scary woman.”