Mini Viva Wrapping Up Tour With Diversity

Mini Viva 'One Touch' single cover

Mini Viva updated fans on their blog at MySpace (@miniviva) on Tuesday (April 27), discussing their tour opening for Diversity and promo for their new single ‘One Touch’. The British pop duo write:

So we’re reaching the end of our tour with Diversity and we’ve been having so much fun! We’ve been up north for the past few days which is great as we can catch up with friends and family when we’re near our home towns!

In Preston we did 3 gigs in one night! That was the most we’ve ever done in one day and it was tiring but great fun! First show was with Diversity, then a club called Cruise in Chester and then on to another club – Ikon in Bolton!

In Between the tour we’ve been promoting our new single ‘One Touch’ – we’ve been hitting radio stations around the UK and last weekend we did a performance for Koko tv – the new T4 pop show…you can catch it on 1st May at 12:20pm! Ndubz and Lee Ryan were also performing, so we got to catch up with them too.

The entire message, including a photo of Frankee Connolly and Britt Love at the 96.9 viking fm studios, has since been removed.

Mini Viva Quite Nervous Before Kicking Off Tour With Diversity

Mini Viva checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@miniviva) on Thursday (March 25) while on tour with Diversity after their first show in Cambridge. The British pop duo write:

We were quite nervous before going on stage, with it being the first show of the tour but we couldn’t wait to get out there! The crowd were amazing and were really into our performance….we also got everyone to stand up and strike their favorite pose before we sang our next single ‘One Touch’. We took a pic of the crowd posing and are going to do this in every city we play in! Live Sessions: Mini Viva

Mini Viva visited studios to perform a live set that included their debut single ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’, the duo’s follow up ‘I Wish’, and the girls’ take on Taio Cruz’s smash ‘Break Your Heart’. Watch it here.

Mini Viva ‘I Wish’ Video

Mini Viva 'I Wish' single cover

Mini Viva are out with the music video to their new single ‘I Wish’, the second single from the British pop duo’s upcoming debut album on Polydor Records/Geffen Records. The track is released in the UK on December 7th. Watch it via YouTube below.

Mini Viva Finishing Off Their Debut Album

Frankee of Mini Viva checked in with fans on the duo’s blog at MySpace (@miniviva) on Wednesday (September 2), talking about their debut album and the release of the new single ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’ on September 7th. She writes:

Sooo its been another busy few weeks for mini viva!! We have been very busy in the studio finishing off our debut album which will be dropping in the shops in November!! We can’t wait for you all to hear it! The record is very special to me and Britt and we have tried to make it just as special for you guys supporting us out there!

For now… our single is out in FIVE DAYS!!! Argghh its soooo exciting!! Fingers crossed it all goes well!! We can’t wait to get it out there in the charts and for you guys to be able to get your hands on it finally!! This week we have a lot of interviews coming up so that’s gonna keep us verrrrry busy!!

Mini Viva Thank Fans For ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’ Support

Britt and Frankee of Mini Viva live in ManchesterFrankee Connolly of Mini Viva checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@miniviva) on Saturday (August 22), talking about the British pop duo’s debut single ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’ and a radio promo tour. Connolly writes:

Wow Mini Viva have been sooo busy lately!! We have lots to share! As you may have heard, we are now on the radio and you guys seem to be loving it which is great! Thank you SO much! As if that wasn’t enough, our video is now on music channels!! The first time I saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes, it felt so surreal but soooo exciting! The comments on YouTube have been amazing so THANK YOU to everyone for supporting Mini Viva it means sooo much to us that you all love what we have been working so hard on for a few years now!!

Mini Viva ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’ Video

Mini Viva 'Left My Heart In Tokyo' single cover

British pop duo Mini Viva are out with the video to their debut single ‘Left My Heart In Tokyo’, released on Geffen Records in the UK September 7th. Their first album is due out in November. Watch it via YouTube below.