Minnie Driver Complains To Mummy

The Sunday Mirror reports Minnie Driver was overheard complaining about the lack of success her ‘Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket’ debut album has had while dining with her mother Gaynor Millington at Malibu’s sea god fantasy-themed Granita restaurant. “Oh mummy, I put my heart and soul into it but they’re trying to ship me off to Canada to promote it,” Minnie moaned. “Why do I have to go to Canada? I don’t want to mummy.”

Minnie Driver Chats With ‘Scotland Today’

Minnie Driver’s debut album is called ‘Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket’. Asked by ‘Scotland Today’ if it was a real ambition to actually release her first record, Driver responded, “Yes it was. There was never anything desperate about it though, I must say, it’s been very sort of organic the progression from playing the songs in my friends’ back gardens to sitting here and playing it on these amazing, these amazing shows with thousands of people. I definitely have always dreamed of it.”

Minnie Driver Fires Back At Loudmouth

The New York Post reports Minnie Driver shot back at a heckler at her singing appearance at J&R Music and Computer World on Park Row, where she performed songs from her just-released album ‘Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket’. After admitting to the crowd she was nervous, someone in the back screamed, “Get a mike that works!” Driver shouted back, “Turn up your hearing aid!” – to a huge cheer. “When I’m in New York I have to give it back a little, you know what I’m saying!”

Minnie Driver Visits ‘TRL’ UK

Minnie Driver made a guest appearance on the UK edition of MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ at their studios in Leicester Square, central London on Tuesday (September 28). She was there to promote her self-penned first single ‘Everything I’ve Got In The Pocket’, which was released in the UK on Monday.

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Minnie Driver Performs In London

Actress and singer Minnie Driver performed live on stage during a music showcase at The Borderline in Soho, central London on Thursday (September 9) to preview her self-penned first single ‘Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket’, and other tracks from her debut album of the same name.

Pictures at abacausa.com have since been removed.

Minnie Driver’s Making Trade Fair

Minnie Driver spoke with Radio 1 about her first live singing performance at the ‘Make Trade Fair Live’ fundraiser at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on September 14th. “It’s terrifying, I’ve done a lot of it over the years but certainly not at the Hammersmith’s Apollo with a fairly extraordinary line-up,” the actress admitted. “It’s really nerve wracking, but I don’t think that feeling scared is not a good enough reason not to do stuff.” Other artists already announced on the bill are Jamelia and Razorlight.

Minnie Driver Set To Launch Pop Career

Sky News reports that Minnie Driver is hoping to re-invent herself as a rival to pop princess Dido. The actress has already landed a record deal but is taking no chances with her first single – a cover of the Bruce Springsteen hit ‘Hungry Heart’ getting The Boss himself to actually contribute on guitar for the track. “I could easily take on Dido,” she said. “People will be surprised when they hear my sound.” Driver hopes to release her album by year’s end.

Minnie Driver Forges Friendship With Jennifer Ellison

The Daily Mail reports Minnie Driver has struck up a very unlikely friendship with Jennifer Ellison. The pair bonded over their Versace dresses at the Fashion Rocks event last week, and spent the whole evening together – even following each other into the toilet.