Mom’s Magazine Buys Leaves Miranda Cosgrove Red-Faced

Miranda Cosgrove talked with Popstar! magazine about how her mother picked up several copies of the just released People ‘iCarly’ Special Issue “and embarrassed me.” Watch the brief clip via YouTube below.

Miranda Cosgrove Gets Nervous Seeing Anna Faris

Miranda Cosgrove wearing a yellow dress

Miranda Cosgrove had a run-in with actress Anna Faris earlier this evening, writing about it on her Twitter (@MirandaBuzz):

Anna Faris is at the restaurant I’m at right now. She is one of my fave comedians. The line in “House Bunny” about mahi mahi is epic.

I’m too embarrassed to say anything to Anna but it’s still awesome that I got to c her. Lol

I was trying to get a picture when she wasn’t looking which is total stalker status. It didn’t work cuz a bus boy got in the way haha

Miranda Cosgrove’s Fun Day At The Ivy And Kitson

Miranda Cosgrove was spotted having lunch at The Ivy and Kitson on Monday (June 15), where the paparazzo asked the ‘iCarly’ star to go to their Millions of Milkshakes store and another asked the Nickelodeon star how it was going at Disney! The teen also posed with fans.

Cosgrove wrote on her Twitter (@MirandaBuzz) afterwards:

Shopping with @hungrygirl! I thought I was going to work all day and was surprised! I get to do fun things all day for my birthday! Ahhh?!?

Getting my nails done! This day has been so much fun!

Best day ever! I had the most amazing time today! I went shopping, had lunch at the Ivy, got my nails done, and had the best cake! :-)

Watch footage below.

‘iCarly’ Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Twist magazine has some behind the scenes footage from the ‘iCarly’ photo shoot with Miranda Cosgrove, Jeanette McCurdy and Nathan Kress, where Miranda talked about Jerry Trainor making a Jim Carrey-esque face and she described her sense of humor. “This season I’ve been telling a lot of dorky jokes on the show all the time. It’s my new thing. Normally Jerry’s character Spencer tells all the dorky jokes that are kind of cheesy, but now this season I’ve been getting to do it, so it’s been a lot of fun.” Watch the videos via YouTube below.

Miranda Cosgrove At Nickelodeon Photo Shoot was at the Nickelodeon photo shoot with Miranda Cosgrove and she introduced them to her real-life best friend, Kat. Watch footage of the ‘iCarly’ star posing for pictures via YouTube below.

Help Miranda Cosgrove Make Studying More Fun

Miranda Cosgrove is just finishing up her school year, but the ‘iCarly’ star wanted help from fans on how to concentrate and make studying more fun. Watch the BOPtv video below.

Miranda Cosgrove Can’t Wait For The School Year To End

Miranda Cosgrove checked in with her fans at her BOP & Tiger Beat photo shoot on Thursday (May 28) in downtown Los Angeles. The ‘iCarly’ star said she can’t wait to be out of school in two or three weeks. “I cannot wait to be on summer vacation,” Cosgrove said. Watch below.

Miranda Cosgrove Sweet 16 Party Highlights

Miranda Cosgrove spoke with Popstar! magazine at her Sweet 16 party in Hollywood, showing off her cupcake tower before her ‘iCarly’ co-stars Nathan Kress and Jennette McCurdy sent her birthday wishes. Watch the comments and highlights from the evening via YouTube below.

Miranda Cosgrove At Her Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Miranda Cosgrove invited Tiger Beat and BOP to her Sweet 16 Birthday Party last weekend and had a special message for the mag’s readers. “I’m so excited. All my friends are here tonight,” the ‘iCarly’ star said. “People that I’ve known forever. My friends from Utah and New York have come out tonight, and all my best friends are here. I’m having a great time, and Sara Bareilles is gonna perform, who I absolutely adore. I can’t believe I’m 16!” Watch the message below.

Miranda Cosgrove & Friends Almost Get Booted From Hotel

Part five of Miranda Cosgrove’s sleepover with friends at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel features the ‘iCarly’ star playing Rock Band with the girls while in their mud masks. They had their own rock star moment when their cover of ‘We Got The Beat’ by The Go-Go’s caught the attention of hotel security, who ordered the teens to turn off the music or get the boot. Watch it via YouTube below.