Missy Higgins Performs On ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’

Missy Higgins returned to KCRW 89.9 FM in Los Angeles on Wednesday (October 17) to give a special performance of tracks from her sophomore album ‘On a Clear Night’, released in the U.S. early 2008, and talk with Nic Harcourt on the show ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’. Watch or listen to performances of ‘Where I Stood’, ‘The Wrong Girl’, ‘Secret’, ‘Forgive Me’, ‘Sugar Cane’, ‘Going North’, and ‘Steer’ via kcrw.com below. Meanwhile, Higgins’ song ‘Where I Stood’ will be featured on ‘Smallville’ on Thursday at 8pm/7pm Central on the CW.

Missy Higgins ‘Peachy’ Video

Missy Higgins 'Peachy' single cover

Missy Higgins is out with the music video to her new single ‘Peachy’, the second release from the Melbourne, Australia based singer-songwriter’s sophomore album ‘On A Clear Night’, out now in Australia and due out early ’08 in the U.S. Watch it below.

Backstage With Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins talked to Nine’s ‘Today’ entertainment correspondent Richard Wilkins ahead of her hometown gig in Melbourne, where she talked about the tour, winning a bunch of ARIA Awards and jumping into David Hasselhoff’s arms, performance nerves, and keeping this exciting. Video at MSN has since been removed.

Leroy Lee Supports Missy Higgins

Leroy Lee won the ‘Unearthed’ competition to open to Missy Higgins at a packed Enmore Theater in Sydney last month. jtv was backstage with both artists to hear perofrmance tips from Missy, also an ‘Unearthed’ winner. Watch the segment here.

Missy Higgins On Recording With Mitchell Froom

Missy Higgins spoke with Australia’s Time Off magazine about going to Los Angeles to record her new album ‘On A Clear Night’ with Mitchell Froom. “He’s a very inspirational guy to worth with,” Higgins said. “He’s produced so many amazing albums over the years, including all the Crowded House albums, so I was just trying to learn as much as I could from him in the short time that we worked together. He’s a really easy guy to get along with and he seemed to have the same idea of what my record should sound like that I did. He had so many stories but none that could ever leave the recording studio, I think.” Timeoff.com.au has since removed the full article.

Missy Higgins Looks To Make It Big Outside Of Australia

Missy Higgins has already seen some remarkable success in her home country of Australia, but the young star is not content to rest on her popularity down under, touring America and select European venues. “I don’t think it’s too hard, in general, for Australians to make it overseas,” she told Reuters in an interview, “as long as they’re good and as long as they’ve got decent people surrounding them, management that have faith in them and that are going to help them market themselves overseas, but as long as they’re good I think they’ll be recognized anywhere.”

Missy Higgins Dominates ARIA Awards

Missy Higgins was the big winner at the ARIA Awards on Sunday night (October 23), where the singer won Album Of The Year, Best Female Artist, Highest Selling Album, Best Breakthrough Album, and Best Pop Release. “I’m so grateful to everybody who voted — it was an amazing night,” said Missy, who also performed the title track from her album during the ARIA Awards telecast. “I can remember watching the ARIA’s when I was still at school and it never occurred to me that I’d even get to go to them — let alone that I’d be one of the people getting up and trying to make an acceptance speech! I think it will take a few months for it all to sink in.”

Missy Higgins On Musicians Burning Out

Earvolution caught up with Missy Higgins for a Q&A and asked the singer about how some musicians can burn out easily. “I think for most of them it’s probably mismanagement,” Higgins reasoned. “I think a manager has a lot to do with how an artist is presented and marketed. Sometimes a record company pastes an image on people and skews them in a certain direction, and then puts them in every possible thing they could be in, Pepsi ads and things like that. It’s just inevitable that the artist is going to lose touch of the reality of why they started writing music in the first place and why they became a musician and that’s because they loved it. I just think the best thing is to have the people who are around you, the record company and the management, to have faith in you as an artist and work with you rather than to steer you in their direction.” Read more.

CBBC Newsround Q&A With Missy Higgins

Missy Higgins caught up with CBBC Newsround for a Q&A and was asked about the origin of her “new” single ‘Ten Days’, where she perhaps put to rest those questioning her sexual preference. “The song is called ‘Ten Days’. It’s a song that I wrote when I was overseas. I’d just broken up with my boyfriend – we’d decided that we couldn’t be together because I was going to be away too much,” Higgins said. “I’d been away for ten days and I was just really in agony because I was really missing him. I regretted leaving him so it’s basically a song about missing someone and regretting certain things that you’ve done. I actually recorded the song as soon as I wrote it and sent it to him because it was his birthday. We ended up getting back together – you can’t write a song about that and not get back together!” Check out the entire chat transcript here.

Missy Higgins Visits Radio 2’s Janice Long

Missy Higgins dropped by Radio 2 on Thursday (June 2) in London, England to speak with Janice Long about her debut album ‘The Sound Of White’. Higgins talked about her backpacking trip around Europe, her family’s musical background, songwriting, loving Courtney Love on Hole’s ‘Live Through This’, and more. Higgins also performed ’10 Days’ and ‘The Special Two’. The interview and performances have since been removed from BBC.co.uk.