Mitchel Musso Talks About Mason’s Appearance On His Debut Album

Mitchel Musso was on hand for the Planet Hollywood meet-and-greet for the launch of his debut album in Times Square. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star spoke with the crowd about having his brother Mason Musso listen to the self-titled CD for the first time and the Metro Station’s contribution to the effort on ‘Shout It’. Watch Popstar! footage via YouTube below.

Mitchel Musso Previews Album On KIIS FM With Boy Toy Jesse

Mitchel Musso dropped by KIIS FM in Los Angeles for an interview with Boy Toy Jesse and a listening party for his self-titled debut album. Musso talked about writing a lot of material on the CD, perhaps being part of a new ‘High School Musical’, the tracks on the album, his brother Mason Musso from Metro Station, ‘Hannah Montana’ and more. Watch the two-part video of his appearance below.

Mitchel Musso’s Parents Didn’t Want “Hell” In His Name

Mitchel Musso cleared up the spelling of his name with some posts on his Twitter account (@MussoMitchel) moments ago. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star writes:

True Fact-Tweeters R spelling Mitchel with one L! U guys know how to spell my name! YES! A lot of people still spell it wrong, so thank u!

True Fact- My parents spelt my name with one L because they didn’t want HELL in my name. Mitchel

Miley Cyrus Hangs Out On The Farm With Mitchel Musso

Miley Cyrus with Mitchel Musso

Miley Cyrus checked in with fans on her Twitter page from the farm in Nashville, joined by her ‘Hannah Montana’ co-star Mitchel Musso. Among the 16-year-old’s Thursday tweets:

This is what you look like after being out on the farm with your friend!!!! Crazzzyyy

Dear Hollywood, I sorta miss you. Love always, Miley.

It’s funny to me how more people doubt the bible than “tabloids.” If you wanna read some truth turn to John 3:16

Riding around the farm with Musso! Howwwdyyy

Just woke up and now even though its a beautiful day on my farm LINDA is making me do school! grrr

Mitchel Musso Discusses ‘Hey!’ Video Concept

BOP and Tiger Beat have behind the scenes footage of Mitchel Musso on the set of his brand new music video for ‘Hey!’. The ‘Hannah Montana’ star said the concept of the video was to have everything a dull color before grabbing your attention at the end with a big colorful paint splat. Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Mitchel Musso On The Set Of ‘Hey’ Video

Popstar! was on the set of Mitchel Musso’s new music video for the second single ‘Hey’ off his self-titled debut album. “It’s a really, really good song, and it’s all about just ‘Hey’, it’s all about getting to somebody, drawing your attention,” the ‘Hannah Montana’ star said. Watch the comments via the magazine’s YouTube channel below.

Miley Cyrus And Emily Osment Pull A Prank On Mitchel Musso

‘Hannah Montana’ stars Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment played a funny prank on their castmate Mitchel Musso, putting some pink fingernail polish on one of his fingers.

“I’m supposed to be talking about why one of my fingers is pink on the nail. It’s because Miley and Emily wanted to paint my nails today. They only got to one,” he explained to Tiger Beat and BOP. “I didn’t really know, and I wasn’t gonna stop them because it already started and there was this big pink line on [my fingernail], so I’m like, ‘Okay, finish it.’ It doesn’t make sense if there’s just a line of pink nail polish on. It’s not my fault. I definitely didn’t do it. It’s Miley and Emily’s fault. I’m having a bad day with this fingernail.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

Mitchel Musso Hints The End Of ‘Hannah Montana’ Is Near

Tiger Beat & BOP talked to Mitchel Musso on Thursday, where the actor/singer talked about how it could be the final season of ‘Hannah Montana’, offering a shout-out to co-stars Miley Cyrus, her dad Billy Ray, and everyone else.

“It’s just been fantastic. There’s no complaints and no regrets in being on the show. Everyone’s been a blast. It’s been a ball. It’s gonna be sad when it’s over, but it just means we’ll have to do more stuff in the future. So rock on everybody, keep watching ‘Hannah’, and we’ll see what happens.”

Watch the message below.