Moby Is Good A Samaritan For A Grateful And Thirsty Dog


Moby checked in with fans on his official web site’s blog at on Thursday (August 5), discussing four back to back odd and odder things that happened to him last night. One of Moby’s examples:

I walked by a bar and a very furry dog was tied up outside, clearly hot and thirsty. So I went into the bar and asked for some water for the dog and the bartender got angry and said, ‘Why do you care?’ to which I replied, ‘The dog is suffering, I’d like for him to suffer less.'(actual quote, perhaps a bit formal for an angry bartender in a dive bar). To which the bartender said, ‘Everyone suffers, why shouldn’t the dog suffer, too?’ But he gave me water for the dog and the dog was REALLY grateful.

Check out the other three here.

Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign Gets Cease And Desist Letter From Moby

Moby updated fans on his official web site’s journal at on Tuesday (June 22), talking about an anti gay marriage campaign that used one of his songs without permission. The 44-year-old writes:

Oh, some people have drawn my attention to the fact that a homophobic ad campaign is using ‘Porcelain’. Needless to say we:

a-didn’t approve this
b-have contacted them with a very firm ‘cease and desist’ letter.

It goes without saying that I’d never let an anti-gay marriage campaign use my music.

Moby Not Happy With Supreme Court Ruling On Animal Torture Videos

Moby checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@moby) on Tuesday (April 20), reacting to a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. The vegan artist writes:

The Supreme Court today ruled to allow the sale of videos showing animals being tortured. Oddly the only dissenter was Justice Alito, who is normally quite right wing and conservative:

So let me ask a question: in the United States it is illegal to torture animals. But now it’s legal to sell and distribute videos showing animal torture, which is a criminal activity. so, the question is: what about videos of other criminal activities? If it’s legal to sell a videotape of an animal being tortured (which is a criminal act) how can anyone argue, now that precedent has been established, that it should be illegal to sell a videotape of a human being tortured? Wouldn’t that also now be protected as ‘free speech’? And what about pedophilia? Torturing humans and having sex with children are both illegal, but the Supreme Court has now ruled that it’s ok to sell videos of criminal acts, so I guess they’re condoning the sale of video of humans being tortured and video of sex with children?

Moby Slams Bob Baier And Fox News Over “Disrespectful” Obama Interview

Moby lashed out at Fox News after Bob Baier’s controversial interview with President Obama on Wednesday, writing on his official web site’s blog:

Yesterday President Obama sat down to do an interview for Fox News, which was odd, as Fox News is not technically a news outlet. Fox News is the mouthpiece for the reactionary and lunatic fringe of the right wing Republican party in the United States. But the journalist, Bob Baier, set a new low, even for Fox News, and was disrespectful not just to President Obama but to the office of the presidency. He interrupted countless times, in many instances refusing to let President Obama actually answer the questions being asked of him.

Fox is routinely loathsome, but this is a new and despicable low even for them.×444012

The sad and tragic thing about Fox News is that there are tens of millions of people in America who actually watch it and take it seriously even though it’s just lies and opinions masqueraded as news.


Moby Ponders All Acoustic Or Hybrid Release

Moby checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@moby) on Monday (March 15), contemplating the direction his next album should go. The electronic artist tells readers:

Just working on music, trying to figure out whether the next record should be:

a all acoustic and orchestral or
b a hybrid of acoustic, orchestral, and electronic

I have to say, the idea of making a record that is exclusively acoustic and orchestral appeals to me, as it’s a completely different way of working. but if it’s an acoustic and orchestral album I think it’ll end up being REALLY slow and melodic and melancholy.

Moby Shaken After Witnessing Aftermath Of Train Fatality

Moby checked in with fans on his official web site’s journal at on Thursday (March 11), sharing details of his disturbing day on the train.

Warning, this update really isn’t for anyone who’s squeamish.

I’m currently on a train from Philadelphia to New York. About 5 minutes ago the conductor announced that there was a problem up ahead and we were going to be delayed a bit. No one on the train paid any notice, as small delays are common, and kept reading their newspapers or working on their laptops.

We pulled through a local station and I looked out the window and saw a lot of police cars, police tape, and police officers. I looked down and saw blood and viscera on the tracks. Then more blood. More viscera. And torn clothing. For the next 1/2 mile I saw more and more blood and pieces of torn clothing and unidentifiable viscera and body parts. Clearly someone had been very recently hit and killed by a very fast train. A lot of the viscera was being covered up by police officers, but most of it was scattered around the train tracks. So I’m looking out the window, stunned and horrified at the slow procession of someones remains, and I look around the train car and see that I’m the only one aware of what’s going on and what has happened.

Everyone else on the train was reading their papers or on their computers, blissfully unaware that we were 5 feet from the remains of someone who had been destroyed violently about 15 minutes before. We’ve left the police scene, and now the train is speeding along again, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Everyone’s still reading their papers, drinking their coffee, focused on sports scores and news and emails, with no knowledge of the horror we just slowly passed through.
A ticket collector just walked up the aisle, her face ashen and her eyes wide and shocked, so I assume she saw what we just passed through.


Moby ‘Wait For Me’ Video Ft. Amelia Zirin Brown

Moby is out with the music video to his new single ‘Wait For Me’, directed by his friend Jessica Dimmock. “I think it’s really remarkable,” Moby told his Twitter followers. The song, featuring vocals from Amelia Zirin Brown, is the title track off his ninth studio album, out now on Little Idiot. Watch it via Vimeo below.

Moby Starts Work On New Album

Moby updated fans on his official web site’s blog on Tuesday (January 19), discussing plans on a follow-up to last year’s ‘Wait for Me’ release. The 44-year-old writes:

As the touring starts to wind down (‘wind’ like a watch, not like air blowing) I’ve decided to start work on the next record. And after a lot of thought I’ve decided to do a predominantly orchestral and acoustic record (because I clearly haven’t done enough to kill my career already…).

There might be a few electronic elements on the record, but my hope is to have 99% (or more) of the record being made orchestrally and acoustically. It’s a very different approach to making a record for me, clearly, as most of my records have been made in my bedroom studio by me and a couple of friends with some weird equipment I’ve picked up over the years.

For this record, though, I’ll hopefully be working in older, more traditional acoustic and orchestral studios in New York and Los Angeles, with acoustic guitars and orchestral strings and piano and guest vocalists. At present I’m in california in a rental house figuring out which songs to work on. And right now it looks as if the album will be a combination of some new songs, some older obscure songs, and a few older well known songs.

Check out the entire message here.

Moby ‘One Time We Lived’ Video

Moby is out with an animated video to his new single ‘One Time We Lived’, off the musician’s ninth studio album ‘Wait for Me’, out now on Little Idiot. Watch the Robert Powers directed video below.

Moby Reacts To HR 3962 Passing In The House

Moby checked in with fans on his official site on Monday (November 9), reacting to news that the U.S. House of Representatives passed the HR 3962 health care bill, which is expected to be dead on arrival in the Senate. Moby writes:

The health care legislation has passed the house of representatives. Finally. It’s not a perfect bill. But it’s a good bill. Here’s some of what it does (or will do, rather, when the senate and the president ratify it) –

1 it provides health care to 96% of Americans (that’s 35,000,000 more Americans than currently have health care)

2 it prevents insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

3 it forces insurance companies to compete with each other and with the federal government in offering policies and coverage.

4 it prevents insurance companies from charging more based on the gender of the applicant and here’s the great one:

5 it will remove the anti-trust exemption that insurance companies have ‘enjoyed’ for a long time. This means that insurance companies can be sued for collusion the same way companies in any other industry can.

It’s a good day for the 35,000,000 Americans who are currently uninsured, and it’s a bad day for the insurance companies. Hopefully you, like me, are on the side of the 35,000,000 Americans who will now have health insurance. And hopefully you, like me, are on the side of the 200,000,000 Americans who will no longer be denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Unless you’re a Republican, then you’re on the side of the insurance companies who have been funneling money into Republican campaigns for decades. And if someone says ‘I don’t want my insurance provided by government bureaucrats’ you can say, ‘ok, so you’d rather your insurance be provided by insurance company bureaucrats who make bonuses by denying people coverage?’ There’s been so much misinformation circulating around this legislation (misinformation spread by Republicans who have received hundreds of millions of dollars from insurance companies), so it’s nice that the bill has finally passed the house of representatives.