Moby Horrified By Celine’s Super Bowl Performance

Moby writes on his official website on Sunday, “So I actually did end up watching some of the Super Bowl… I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite. I ended up in an apartment with a bunch of people who were watching the Super Bowl, so I figured I’d give it a try. I only watched about 20 minutes of it, so I guess that I missed the exciting stuff. But the pre-show with Celine Dion made my skin crawl.
Ugh. It was so creepy. I felt like I was livingin ‘Starship Troopers’ minus the giant bugs and cool uniforms. Not to be too much of a lefty loudmouth, but since when has patriotism come to only mean flags and songs and soldiers? Isn’t that a bit worrisome and a bit redolent of the fascist regimes that we fought against 60 years ago? I like the U.S.A, but what I like about the U.S.A are the freedoms that are enshrined in the bill of rights.” He added, “I guess I have this fantasy that at some big, corporate sporting event they’ll have a reading of the Bill of Rights instead of Celine Dion butchering a song while zombified backing singers smile like poster children for Xanax with military jets flying overhead.”

Moby Weighs In On Top Of The Pops Awards

Moby gave his mini-review of the Top of the Pops awards on his official website journal. Moby writes:

This was the first time that I had ever been involved in such a pop-oriented awards show. it was very, um, interesting (and enjoyable). I was doing interviews before the show and I was a bit embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of quite a few of the performers. Well, just blame my Americanism and my ignorance as to the ways of UK pop.

A band called ‘Blue’ won best pop group and I had never heard of them before last night.

Like I said, I’m an ignorant American. I was happy to have been on the same bill as the Manic Street Preachers, though. I’ve always had a healthy appreciation and respect for them. And the Sugababes… I probably shouldn’t admit this, but that Sugababes song where they sample ‘Are Friends Electric?’ is probably my favorite single of this year… Ok, now I’ve blown whatever tiny shreds of credibility I might’ve had, haven’t I… but it really is a sexy song.

Bon Jovi And Moby Comment On Christina Aguilera has interview clips with several of the stars from the MTV Europe Music Awards on Thursday (November 14). Moby is quoted as saying, “I feel a little bit inadequate in some ways because I just saw Christina Aguilera and she has like 400 dancers.” Bon Jovi added, “I wanna see what Christina Aguilera’s gonna wear… hopefully nothing.”

Moby Says Hats Off To Las Ketchup

Moby admitted on his online journal yesterday that he’s a big fan of Las Ketchup. Moby says, “Do you know the ‘Las Ketchup’ song?
‘Las Ketchup’ are my new favorite band. Group. Whatever. For the sole reason that they are called ‘Las Ketchup’. Isn’t that the best band name that you’ve heard in years? Just saying it or writing it makes me laugh. ‘Las Ketchup’. Hahahahaha. And I love the fact that the song is a strange, Spanish, sung version of ‘Rappers Delight’. It is lovely plagiarism in the weirdest sense. The next time you hear ‘Las Ketchup’ think of the beginning of ‘Rappers Delight’. Same song.
So yes, hats off to ‘Las Ketchup’.”

Kirkpatrick Says Moby And Em Should Make Fun Of Him

MTV News spoke with *NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick on the Eminem vs. Moby feud that he was sitting in the middle of at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, but managed to not get his ass kicked, as Slim rapped in ‘Without Me’. Chris said, “I love Eminem, I love Moby. Why can’t we just be friends? They should just make fun of me.” As for bandmate Justin Timberlake’s debut solo performance, Chris commented, “I’m just right behind him usually. Now I get to sit in front of him and watch. It was a good time. He’s got a great thing going.” Read more.

Moby Blasts Music TV & Radio For Playing Crappy Music

In a message to fans on Sunday, Moby sounded off on the current state of pop music on the airwaves. “Those of you who work at MTV, Viva, VH-1, MuchMusic, etc. could start by working towards limiting the amount of airtime thats given to stuff that YOU find crappy or distasteful. Radio, too. Here’s a novel idea for the people who program radio stations and video networks: Why not occasionally play something that you LIKE and that doesn’t make you feel dirty? In the future we’re all going to regret this period in music where our tastes were determined by 11 year old girls and wrestling fans.”

Moby Explains Differences Between Teany And Nyla

Moby talked with Reuters following the opening of his new teashop in New York called ‘Teany.’ Moby distinguished his place from Britney’s Nyla saying, “Obviously there is a big difference between Britney Spears’ restaurant Nyla and my restaurant Teany. I mean Teany is really small. It is not that fancy. It’s just a nice simple place in the neighbourhood. And the other big difference is that I don’t know how much time Britney really spends in her restaurant. I am here everyday.” Another difference is price, as Moby’s vegetarian menu is much cheaper than what Britney offers.

Moby’s Area : One Tour Was A Dream For Furtado

Nelly Furtado graces the cover of the March/April 2002 issue of Performing Songwriter magazine. Nelly talked about her stint on the Moby organized Area: One tour and gushed, “That was my dream tour. When I started making music, I always dreamed of doing the big rock festivals. All my favorite bands were there – Incubus, the Roots, Outkast, Moby, Paul Oakenfold – I sang with the Roots every day, then I would do my set, then I would sing with Moby. It was very open-minded, with no [genre] labels at all. Everyone was there to hear new, cutting-edge stuff.”