Monet Comments On Bernie Mac Death

Monet posted a bulletin to her MySpace friends (@monetofficial) earlier today after learning comedian Bernie Mac had died due to complications from pneumonia. Monet writes:

RIP Bernie Mac… I feel so blessed to have had the pleasure to work with this great man before he died. When my mom told me the news, I was devastated. He was such a great man, and welcomed me on his show like I was part of his family.

Just like George Clooney said:

“The world just got less funny”.

I pray that his family & loved ones know he is now in a better place.


Watch a clip of Monet appearing in ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ at YouTube.

Monet ‘Suddenly’ Video

Los Angeles based singer/actress Monet is out with the music video to her new single ‘Suddenly’, guest starring RJ Fenske. Watch it via YouTube below.

Merry Christmas From Monet

Monet checked in with her MySpace friends (@monetofficial) on Tuesday (December 25) with the following bulletin:


Tell me all the cool gifts you got!!!

I’m on my way to the Children’s Hospital to go bring them some Christmas cheer:) I’m So excited<3333 I love you guys!

Monet Checks In After Attending Teen Choice Awards

Monet checked in with a bulletin to fans on her MySpace (@monetofficial) on Monday (August 27) after attending last night’s Teen Choice Awards. She writes:

SO MUCH FUN YOU GUYS!!! one of the best nights EVER! So we get there, and I step on to the “green turf”… and then did a little photo promo w/ Fox! It was so cool! Marques Houston and Omarion were right there doin a photo before me! They’re pretty cool guys! Then we kept walkin and Sophia Bush was doing an interview! She’s so petite and really nice! I then did an interview with the same guy… From Fox News. So basically we go on the green carpet (really RED carpet lol) and its all the movie cameras for press for TV shows and stuff… So I did press for like teen people, KIIS FM, and so many more mags and radio stations!!! It was so cool!!! so I’m doing an interview right, and who’s next to me but my GOOD FRIEND VANESSA HUDGENS!! We were both SOOO excited to see each other so while we were both talking to different cameras we both GRABBED each other’s hands REALLY tight!! lol we were like jumping for joy!!! So then I go to the next camera to get interviewed and there were my boys::: THE JONAS BROTHERS BOYS!! we were both so excited to so we gave hugs then moved on to the next camera… THEN!! we were ALL talking to the cameras and my girl Miley Cyrus came running up to me!!! I hadn’t seen her in SOOO long!! We both gave each other BIG hugs !! It was so cool seeing everyone again:) Jared Padelicki was there, The Rock was there, Shia LaBeouf was there… and probably most of your favorite… ZAC EFRON was there!!!!! So we go down the red carpet where all the paparazzi are and they take a bunch of pictures!! There’s a million cameras in front of you !! Crazy right?!?! So then we went inside and just had a lot of fun!!! Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Fergie, and Shop Boyz performed!!!

more updates later!!!!!


<33 MONET She later added: Sorry guys forgot to add one last thing.... I was SO thankful to be there! No joke! I mean it was me, Monet, here at the Teen Choice Awards sharing the carpet with so many of the stars I look up to. So I wanna say thanks to YOU for making that happen, because without you guys it wouldn't have!!!! I love you!!!!!!!! <33 MONET