Myleene Klass Reunites With Boyfriend

Former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass has given her drug fugitive boyfriend Graham Quinn a second chance after he turned himself in to the police. “Myleene was totally devastated after the break-up. She loves Graham and desperately wants to be with him,” a friend of the couple said. “She realized that they are perfect for each other and that she should leave the past where it belongs. But she was hurt that he hadn’t told her everything about his history and felt that she had no choice other than to split up with him. Graham did the decent thing and went back to Ireland for a while. He got in touch with police and they are deciding what to do next. All that business happened nearly eight years ago and Graham is a changed man.”

Myleene Klass ‘Cooling Off’ From Boyfriend

Sky News reports former Hear’Say singer Myleene Klass has spoken about her recent split from boyfriend Graham Quinn after he was found to be on the run from a heroin possession charge. “We have had to take a bit of time out and have a bit of a cooling off period,” said Klass. “We’ve both been under a lot of pressure. At the moment I just want to concentrate on the album.” Read more.

Dad Insists Myleene Klass Is Clean

Oscar Klass, father of former Hear’Say singer Myleene Klass, is rushing to the defense of her daughter after word came out her boyfriend Graham Quinn is on the run from cops over a heroin possession charge. “Myleene has never touched drugs and that won’t change just because she’s met Graham,” Oscar told The Sun. “He has always been very good to her. Everyone deserves a second chance and all that stuff is in the past. Graham is welcome in our house and I hope this won’t spoil what they have together.”

Myleene Klass Shocked By Boyfriend’s Heroin Past

November 28, 2003 – Former Hear’Say beauty Myleene revealed to The Sun that she had absolutely no idea about her lover Graham Quinn’s past. Quinn is wanted by police in his native Ireland after being charged with possessing heroin. “I come from a really good family who have given me a great start in life,” she said. “I would never do anything to upset them.” Graham didn’t accompany his star girlfriend to the FHM Celebrity Pub Quiz in North London on Wednesday night.

Myleene Klass’ Lover Graham Quinn Is A Drug Fugitive

The Sun reports Myleene Klass’ boyfriend Graham Quinn is on the run from cops after being charged with possessing heroin. A source close to the former Hear’Say star, who has relaunched herself as a classical performer, said: “She has put a lot of trust in Graham so she will be very upset to hear this. Myleene has had her fingers burned in the past and was hoping Graham was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. I’m sure they will be sitting down to do a lot of talking. It’s a shame she has got involved with someone who has such a serious, dark secret. Despite any trouble he may have been in, they are very happy together and make a lovely couple.” Read more.

Myleene Klass Pondered Breast Reduction

The People reports former Myleene Klass admits she considered breast reduction surgery after she piled on the pounds during her stressful pop career with Hear’Say. “My breasts went from a C to a double E and I looked at having them reduced,” she said. “Fortunately I lost weight naturally.”

Myleene On The Terry And Gaby Show

November 8, 2003 – Myleene Klass Interactive had a video clip, since removed, featuring the former Hear’Say star on the Terry and Gaby Show talking about life after the group, how she still keeps in touch with her old bandmates, how they dealt with all the media attention, her jump to classical music on her solo debut and filming her debut video ‘Tocatta’, and more. She then performed in-studio.

Myleene Klass To Open Her Own Stage School

November 3, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say star Myleene is planning to open her own stage school – for normal-sized performers. “I’m going to teach the pupils how to read contracts properly, how to deal with the boring legal stuff and, most importantly, that how you look doesn’t matter,” Klass said. “Stage schools are full of people obsessed with image and that needs to change. In a few years’ time I’m really going to go for it. This isn’t pie in the sky. I’ve thought it through.”

Myleene Klass And Kym Marsh On The Frank Skinner Show had video, since removed, of former Hear’Say stars Myleene Klass and Kym Marsh on the Frank Skinner Show earlier this week. The pair talked about how they made up after falling out while in the band. Kym talked about her time selling sex toys and got pretty graphic. Kym also talked about why she left the group while Myleene talked about how she was crying on her previous appearance on the show. They talked about the pair’s new solo singles. Kym talked about her marital problems with Jack Ryder but says things are going good now. After the interview, they performed a duet.

Myleene Klass Launches ‘Moving On’ Album At Harrods

October 21, 2003 – Ex Hear’say member Myleene launched her new album ‘Moving On’ on Monday (October 20) at Harrods Department Store in Knightsbridge, London. Klass turned heads by wearing a backless top. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Ex-Hear’Say Babes Kym & Myleene End Feud

The People reports former Hear’Say star Kym Marsh has healed the bitter rift with ex bandmate Myleene Klass. On Monday, they’ll be making an appearance together on ITV1’s The Frank Skinner Show. Myleene says, “There won’t be any catfights. Sorry! It will be like old pals getting together for a good old chat. What’s past is past.”

Smile-eene To Cry-leene

October 18, 2003 – The Sun had photos, since removed, of former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass who was all smiles as she set off on a shopping trip in London’s West End. But moments later she has been reduced to tears after receiving a phone call from the mother of leukemia victim Jessica Leigh-Firbank, who the singer dedicated her new album, ‘Moving On’, to after her death last year.

Kym Marsh Rushed To Hospital

October 5, 2003 – News of the World reports former Hear’Say star Kym was rushed to hospital for an emergency operation after collapsing with stomach pains. “It was a nightmare. I was really scared because it all happened so fast,” she said. “One minute I was fine and the next I was crying with pain and being rushed into the operating theatre. They found a cyst on my ovaries which was about to burst so they had to act quickly.” Kym’s worried husband, actor Jack Ryder, stayed by her side throughout her ordeal.

Kym Marsh Solo Career In Trouble

October 5, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say singer Kym’s solo career is in crisis after disastrous sales of her album ‘Standing Tall’ was only able to peak at #9 and the album’s second single ‘Come On Over’ only managed to peak at #10. “Kym’s solo career is in crisis. She’s been told there is no more money for promoting records that don’t sell,” a Universal Records insider revealed. “No one is expecting much from her new single. There is a public image problem and Kym is paying the price in terms of sales.” Read more.

Myleene Klass Insures Fingers For $1.6 Million

September 17, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say singer Myleene, who plays piano, violin and harp, is having her hands underwritten for £1million. The move mimics reports that had Jennifer Lopez insure her bottom for a reported $1 billion. “J.Lo had her bum insured for loads of money but my hands at least have a purpose. Her bum doesn’t really do anything,” Myleene said. The performers record bosses requested the policy after an accident in the kitchen. “I think they wanted an insurance policy because I burnt my finger the other day,” she said. “I was opening a microwave meal and hurt myself because it was so hot. They were worried I wasn’t looking after myself. But I was surprised when they asked me to insure my hands for that amount – that’s £100,000 for every finger!” Read more.

Myleene Klass Is Moving On To A New Image

September 10, 2003 – Former Hear’Say singer Myleene explained to EDP that her new album marked a departure from her old pop-persona and said she aimed to fly the flag for British female artists. “American singers like Britney Spears and Madonna continue to do really well over here, but I would like to provide something a bit different and prove that home-grown talent has an important place in the British music industry,” she said. “I also want to demonstrate that classical music can be enjoyed by everyone and now my look is a little more grown-up as I want people to understand that just because you are a classical musician, you do not have to wear gowns.” Myleene revealed that tracks on the album would include versions of Daniel Bedingfield’s hit ‘If You’re Not The One’ and ‘November Rain’ by Guns and Roses, along with Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’.

My-Leaner Klass

September 4, 2003 – Busty former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass was spotted out at swanky London restaurant The Ivy looking much thinner than her days with the pop group. “She was almost unrecognizable as the girl who was in Hear’Say,” remarked a fellow diner. “She didn’t eat loads but she wasn’t picking at a lettuce leaf either.”

Myleene Klass Would Love To Work With Justin Timberlake

Former Hear’Say singer turned classical musician Myleene Klass tells The Mirror she’d love to work with *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake. “I would so love to work with Justin,” she said. “People think he just does pop but at the beginning of ‘Cry Me A River’, there was classical music. He’s so lovely.” Asked how her solo career is going, Klass says, “I love being solo because I go into the studio and can do whatever I want. When I was in the band, I couldn’t even recognize my voice.”

The Snake Is More Like A Worm

June 4, 2003 – A blind item in today’s edition of The Mirror asks, “Which pop Lothario is not as well endowed as reports suggest? Two girls who have been intimate with the singer say his snake was more like a little worm. Oh dear.”

Myleene Klass Comes To Rescue Of Bleeding Man

May 28, 2003 – Ananova reports former Hear’Say star Myleene came to the rescue after she spotted an 82 year old American man bleeding in a busy London street. Klass sent her sister off Jesse to get towels from a nearby store to stem the bleeding and ordered an ambulance, and made sure the man was not moved in case it aggravated any injuries.

Myleene Klass’ Junk-Food Obsession

May 20, 2003 – Former Hear’Say star Myleene tells the London Daily Mail she was obsessed with junk food when she was in the group. Klass revealed her regime involved “going to bed on a full takeaway then having another for breakfast. If I had to get up at 4am, I would have another takeaway.”

Myleene Klass Desperate To Marry Boyfriend

May 15, 2003 – Former Hear’Say star Myleene tells The Mirror she’s moved in with her tour manager boyfriend Graham Quinn and is desperate to get married. “I’d love to get engaged to Graham but you have to tell him to ask me,” she said. “We’ve just moved in together and we’re still enjoying that sort of honeymoon period, but it would be great to get married one day.”

Myleene Klass’ Post-Hear’Say Split Breakdown

May 14, 2003 – Myleene tells The Sun the stress after Hear’Say split got so bad her weight plummeted, and she lost her famous cleavage as a result. “My mum, dad and boyfriend were very worried. They had to make sure I ate and slept,” she said. “I lost weight and my boyfriend called me Boney M, so I tried to put on a few pounds. I was well aware people were talking about me when I walked into a room. I was so paranoid.” The singer also revealed she’s ready to settle things with former bandmate and rival Kym Marsh. “I’ve not spoken to Kym but I think she has done brilliantly by getting to No2 with her first solo song,” she said. “If I saw her out I would like to say well done.”

Myleene’s Klassical Contract

March 2, 2003 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass has signed a deal worth £1million 3-album deal to re-launch herself as a classical performer with Universal Classics – part of the giant Universal Music Group. “People forget Myleene is a classically-trained musician and can play harp, piano and violin,” a pal said. “She has been busy writing and recording tracks and she hopes to get her debut solo single out in the next few months. Myleene wants to be seen as a sexy classical artist with attitude.”

Brits Are Obsessed With Myleene Klass’ Boobs

Former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass says Brits are obsessed with boobs. She tells FHM, “Every second person has them, so what’s the big deal? But I do think real boobs are the way to go. None of this fake nonsense.”

Shaw Describes Attack On Klass

December 19, 2002 – Former Hear’Say star Suzanne Shaw has spoken about the hard times the band went through in a documentary screened on Sky One, including the groping and beating that bandmate Myleene Klass suffered. “Myleene comes in the car and I look at her and she has the saddest face,” Shaw described. “I look down at her hands and they’re scratched and bruised. My first reaction is, ‘That’s because of Hear’Say isn’t it?’ And it was. She got molested, she got beaten up in the street, just because she’s in a pop band. And to sit in the car and hear those stories every day. It hurts.” Read more.

Hear’Say’s Myleene And Suzanne In Violent Argument

August 25, 2002 – The Sun reports Hear’Say singers Myleene Klass and Suzanne Shaw were involved in an alcohol-fueled argument that turned violent when the pair took it to the streets on Friday. An onlooker revealed, “It started off with lots of shouting and abuse hurling, then Myleene lashed out at Suzanne. It was clear she had had a few. She was unsteady on her feet so she missed Suzanne, but then Suzanne retaliated and hit Myleene straight in the cheek. That’s when the boys stepped in.”

Myleene Klass Shows Her Temper Before Split

The London Mail reports a man who rented a luxury holiday home to Hear’Say a few months before the band split has spoken out about Myleene Klass’ temper. During their stay, he asked Klass if she needed anything, to which she replied, “Fu** off out of here.”

Myleene Klass In Tears Recalling Hear’Say Abuse

October 22, 2002 – Former Hear’Say star Myleene broke down on the Frank Skinner show on Tuesday night as she talked about the abuse she received during the group’s final days. “I remember going into Argos to get an ironing board. I went in and the manageress said, ‘I’ve read about you. You’re a bitch.’ I was with my mum and just clammed up.”

Myleene Klass To Sign As Classical Artist With Universal

October 18, 2002 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say singer Myleene is set to sign a £1million deal with Universal, the label behind sexy classical quartet Bond. “Think Vanessa Mae or Bond. Myleene wants to be taken seriously as a classical artist with attitude,” a Universal insider revealed. “She wants to ditch her pop starlet image.” The classically trained Klass plans a comeback playing harp, piano and violin.