Myleene Klass Molested In A Mugging

Former Hear’Say star Myleene Klass revealed to NOW magazine that she was sexually assaulted by a gang of muggers, two men and a woman, in Maida Vale, West London. “The girl screamed and called me a cow. She made a grab for my phone and bag,” she revealed. “I tried to fight her off and then one of the guys grabbed my breasts and started to molest me. They were laughing and jeering. I was absolutely terrified.” Read more.

Hear’Say’s Myleene May Become ‘Klass-ical’ Artist

October 10, 2002 – The Sun reports former Hear’Say hottie Myleene Klass may bounce back from the Popstars band’s breakup by heading into a classical music career. Klass has been linked to a role in a West End show as well, and the classically trained artist explained, “I’ve had a lot of offers, particularly classical. My heart is in the classical world and I’d like to open it up through the piano.” The singer had trained at London’s Royal College of Music and got to Grade 8 on the piano, harp and violin before joining Hear’Say.

Myleene Is Single Because She Wants To Be

September 2, 2002- The guys and gals from Hear’Say recently chatted with fans online, and one asked why Myleene Klass and Suzanne Shaw were still single. “Because I want and choose to be. I am so sick of everyone going ‘you’ve got to have a boyfriend,'” Myleene said. “We don’t live in some big Bridget Jones society. Women are doing it for themselves now. When the right guy comes along and we choose for them to be right guy then we’ll have them. Until then we’re not going to have anyone put upon us – whether they are footballers, popstars or anything else.”

Myleene Klass Visits Scotland Without Covering Up

July 28, 2002 – Myleene joined her Hear’Say bandmates in Scotland over the weekend and said rumors that she’d been asked to cover up her 34D breasts were “rubbish.” Myleene, wearing one of her most revealing outfits yet said, “That’s rubbish. We set our own standards in the band.”

Myleene Klass Refuses To Cover Her 34D’s

The Sun reports Myleene Klass has defied orders from Polydor record bosses to cover up her massive breasts, which have overshadowed her Hear’Say bandmates. “I love my breasts and I don’t think anyone really has a problem with them,” she said. “I’ve no plans to cover them up. I mean, what else am I supposed to do with them?”

Myleene Klass’ Boobs Banned As They Overshadow Hear’Say

The Sun reports bosses at Polydor say Myleene Klass’ 34D boobs are so popular they divert attention from the rest of Hear’Say, and have ordered her to cover up. An insider said, “Myleene’s image is great, but we want to contain things a little bit. Over recent weeks most of the pictures in the Press have focused on Myleene’s chest. All the talk’s about her breasts, not the band’s performance – we’ve told her to keep them under wraps a bit more.”

Boob Battle For Hear’Say Gals

July 14, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Hear’Say are having ego troubles again with Myleene Klass and Suzanne Shaw practically elbowing each other out of the way in their new video. Both stars are showing off as much cleavage as possible to make sure their pictures are splashed all over the papers.

Hear’Say Myleene Klass Going Solo?

April 2, 2002 – World Entertainment News Network reports Hear’Say member Myleene may be the next band member to go solo. Insiders say she’s been secretly recorded some jazz funk numbers in a South London studio as the group’s next album may be its last, even if they stick together. An insider revealed, “Their record label Polydor have warned the band it’s make or break time. It could be that some in the band are not happy with plugging away at the pure pop route and are looking in other directions.”

Myleene Speaks Out On Kym Marsh Hear’Say Split

The Sun reports Hear’Say member Myleene Klass has spoken for the first time about the Kym Marsh split from the group. Myleene said, “I won’t be resorting to the playground tactics she seems to insist on.” As for Kym labeling her a bitch, she insists, “I’m not a bitch and I don’t like being labelled as one.”

Travis Comment On ‘Manufactured Bands’

March 21, 2002 – Travis took part in an online chat on BBC’s Radio 1 where they were asked “What do you think of manufactured bands like Hear’Say?” The guys responded:

Dougie Payne: I think it’s fantastic TV but it’s not really about music, is it?

Andy Dunlop: Some of the manufactured bands have great songs. They work just as hard.

Dougie Payne: *NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys work their butts off, so fair play to them.

Bitter Feud With Myleene Klass Caused Kym Marsh Exit

The Sun talked with an insider close to Hear’Say who explained the bitter and long time rivalry between female bandmate Myleene Klass was the primary reason behind Kym Marsh’s decision to ditch the band and go solo. Said the insider, “Myleene gets all the attention because of how she looks and she acts as the group’s unofficial leader. This drives Kym mad and she can’t understand it because she is actually a better a singer than Myleene. On the other hand, Myleene gets jealous because Kym gets all the best lines to sing. They are always rowing and they had a huge fight on Monday.”

Kym Marsh Has Quit Hear’Say

January 13, 2002 – News of the World’s Rav Singh reports Hear’Say beauty Kym has quit the band after a bitter clash over her bandmates decision to go to Oman to perform for British troops. An insider revealed, “Kym thought if they were going as a gesture to entertain the troops it would have been fair enough. When she found out they were going to take a BBC crew with them she thought it had been turned into a shameless publicity stunt.”

Bookies Say Hear’Say Next UK Group To Split

December 27, 2001 – NME spoke with bookmakers William Hill that Hear’Say are favored to be the next pop group to split following the announcement by Steps yesterday. Odds are 6/4 that Hear’Say will split before December 31, 2002, while they are also offering odds of 5/2 on Westlife, while S Club 7 are at 6/1 and The Tweenies have odds of 33/1.

Hear’Say Hottie Marries Younger Man

December 12, 2001 – The Sun reports soap star Jack Ryder will announce next week his plans to marry Hear’Say singer Kym Marsh. As for the timing, an insider revealed, “Both Jack and Kym have busy schedules next year – Hear’Say start an arena tour in June – so they haven’t decided yet whether to marry before or after that.”

Hear’Say Singer Dating Dancer

December 11, 2001 – The Sun reports Hear’Say’s Suzanne Shaw has followed the lead of American pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera by hooking up with one of her group’s backup dancers, David Kay. Shaw admits, “We’re having a good time. It’s really, really nice – what we’ve got is great. He dances, I sing and there is no pressure on us at all.”

Hear’Say Sales Open Awfully

December 4, 2001 – The Sun reports Hear’Say have debuted on the album charts at a horrible #20 with only 9,443, which compares against 306,631 for their debut album’s first week. A spokesman admits, “The market is incredibly hard at the moment but we are still hoping for some good sales in the run up to Christmas. If we had brought this out in the summer these sales would easily have given it a No1.”

Hear’Say’s Myleene Klass Craving Sex After Split

Worldpop reports Hear’Say’s Myleene Klass is hungry for sex following her split with David Sebastian. The singer admitted, “I think about sex all the time, especially with all the raunchy routines we do.” When asked if she’d switch to women if she couldn’t find the right man, Klass added, “I’m sure women know the ins and outs of it all, but I prefer it with a guy.”

Myleene Klass Takes Up Flying

November 6, 2001 – The Sun reports Hear’Say singer Myleene took to flying during filming of the group’s new video Everybody. Suzanne Shaw said of her bandmate, “Myleene gave the pilot a really hard time until he agreed to take her up. When they were in the air he gave her the controls. She’s hooked now and may even buy her own plane when the checks start rolling in.”