No Split For Girls Aloud Star

Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud has denied she has split with Neil McCafferty to The Sun. Speaking from the Party in the Park concert, the sexy singer revealed, “I was on holiday last week and someone phoned me to tell me I had apparently split up with my boyfriend Neil. It’s a load of rubbish but I was determined it wouldn’t ruin my holiday.”

‘Gorgeous’ Nadine Has Kian In A Spin

Kian Egan admits he’s smitten with Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud. He told the Belfast Telegraph, “Nadine is gorgeous. I have been out with Girls Aloud loads of times and she is also great fun. Girls Aloud are very good. They have a great opportunity and I think they are going to be around for quite a few years.” Nadine has just split from Derry-born Neil McCafferty and has been linked to Kian’s lesser-known boyband rival David Wilcox of Triple Eight.

Girls Aloud Star Dumps Boyfriend For 888’s David Wilcox

The Mirror reports Girls Aloud sex bomb Nadine Coyle has split from Premiership footballer Neil McCafferty after two years, heading into the arms of Triple Eight singer David Wilcox. “Everyone thought Nadine had the strongest relationship in the band, so this has come as a complete shock,” an insider said. “No one can understand why she would dump a handsome Premiership footballer for a singer that no one’s ever heard of. If she thinks that it’s going to turn them into some sort of hot showbiz couple she’s going to be in for a bit of a shock. If she’s worried about her image, then the last person she should be going for is an unknown Z-lister like him. We’re hoping the split is temporary and that she goes back to Neil.”