Natalia Kills Performs ‘Mirrors’ At Life Ball 2011

Each year more than 40,000 visitors flock to Vienna’s City Hall Square to experience Life Ball, a free charity show raising awareness and money for HIV/AIDS. This year, Natalia Kills was on hand at Life Ball to perform her hit single ‘Mirrors’. Watch it via YouTube below.

Natalia Kills: Christina Aguilera ‘Bionic’ Comeback Came Off Desperate

Natalia Kills in Leeds

During a Q&A with Digital Spy, Natalia Kills weighed in on the recent troubles Christina Aguilera has found with her music career and complaints she was copying Lady Gaga with her latest album ‘Bionic’. “I think that she was at a certain level and disappeared, and then came back and tried to fit in with the current trend and it came off desperate,” Kills explained. “I think if she stuck to her soulful, pop-meets-gospel R&B, maybe her original fanbase would have supported her more. She’ll recover from it, though, because she’s talented.”

There’s No Illuminati Behind Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills got into a Twitter exchange with a film student on Twitter on Sunday (April 17) after it was suggested the singer was part of the Illuminati. The exchange went as follows:

Jordan Lewis (@jordanlewis_): I was liking @NataliaKills so much that i didn’t realize that she was a part of the @Illuminati :( lol

Kills: @jordanlewis_ oh I almost forgot to pay my $4.99 annual Illuminati membership! Thanks for reminding me ;-) ha ha!! Are you for real? xx

Jordan: Your video ‘wonderland’ had a lot of imagery that made me wonder (skull ring, sacrifice, colors, eye). i just made observations @NataliaKills

Jordan: plus blatant message play with lyrics. I don’t care what your team is trying to say to us (don’t believe, we are alone)? come on lol @NataliaKills

Jordan: I respect your artistry though. I’m film studies major & love your “mirrors” homage to silent films and your album is amazing. all <3 @NataliaKills Kills: @jordanlewis_ I wrote the treatment for Wonderland and directed it (with G.) and even though all my opinions are subliminally flashing, I can assure you there's no 'team' or 'Illuminati' stuff going on. Just me and my brain babe! I know we're meant to read into the depths of art and its hidden meaning but sometimes things are what they are and there's nothing more to it. I like red. I think things like "fu** love" ...and "don't believe in fairytales", but that's all it is! I'm no genius or clan member, sorry to disappoint :-/ Kills: + I wanted to make a film that visually impacts as those feelings impacted me when i believed in fairytale love + suddenly had to face reality Jordan: THANK you for clarifying. I just hope that artists like you that have much influence do not take advantage of things like that @NataliaKills Jordan: And it's a video with many interpretations. I know it and you know it lol. Everyone will interpret it differently. @NataliaKills Kills: @jordanlewis_ I'm glad you like it! Simply, I think love can feel like brainwashing, like your heart is being cut into, it can feel violent Jordan: Well regardless I think you are an amazing artist/director. I hope to one day do what you do:) thxx @NataliaKills Kills: @jordanlewis_ thanks sweetheart, you're observant, you'll do great xx

Natalia Kills’ Debut Inspired By Film And Visuals

Natalia Kills passenger

Natalia Kills did a Q&A with Hollywood Dame, where the English pop newcomer talked about how she feels different from other artists in her genre. “I’m mostly inspired by film and visuals,” the 24-year-old said. “My album ‘Perfectionist’ is a concept album. I’m a perfectionist. I think we all are to be honest. We’re all looking for the best in everything in our lives – dating, career, appearance, money… My album is about the disappointments, frustrations and aspirations that come with looking for the ideal and finding out that nothing is every truly perfect. The most obvious thing I can say is it’s not an electro/dance album, and its certainly more aggressive than most songs at the moment. Its honest.”

The complete interview at has since been removed.

Natalia Kills Encounters Quentin Tarantino

Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills checked in with her Twitter followers (@NataliaKills) on Monday night (April 11) after an encounter with film director Quentin Tarantino at a movie theater, presumably in Los Angeles. The English pop singer writes:

Just left the cinema… Only 6 people in the audience, one was me, another? Tarantino! If only I knew earlier!

I died guys!! plus he was with a date, and I was with my date so I couldn’t exactly pitch my new video idea to him!!

Natalia Kills Facts

Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills has been offering several “Kills Facts” to her Twitter followers (@NataliaKills). Among the facts provided by the English pop singer:

Kills Fact 131: things I hate: WIKIPEDIA – who ever makes the entries must have a PHD in bullsh**ology

Kills Fact 134: Things I hate: when you order tea in a cafe and it arrives without the tea bag. I have no time for weak ass tea!

Kills Fact 137: Things I hate: my low attention span

Kills Fact 145: Things I love: yellow smiley faces… LOVE THEM!

Natalia Kills ‘Wonderland’ Video

Natalia Kills 'Wonderland' music video

Natalia Kills is out with the music video to her new single ‘Wonderland’, off the British pop singer’s debut studio album ‘Perfectionist’, out soon on Music Group. Watch the Guillaume “G” Doubet directed video via Vevo below and check out the uncensored version at her official web site,

Natalia Kills On Her “Hands-On Boss”

Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills spoke with the Daily Star about her label boss and how the Black Eyed Peas artist has handled her since signing to the Music Group in 2008. “When he first signed me, Will was a totally hands-on boss,” Kills said. “ has so many ideas he doesn’t even have time to make himself a cup of tea. Once he’s in the studio you won’t see him leave. I made him tea though.”

Natalia Kills Confused By Illegal Downloading had a cup of coffee with Natalia Kills, asking the ‘Mirrors’ singer about illegal downloading. “No, I don’t actually know how to. I guess you just type in the name? I don’t know how to illegally download, I don’t know how it works,” the 24-year-old confessed. “You type in the name of a song or something and put the word ‘free’ after it, I guess? I don’t really think about it. I make music because I like making music. I understand the repercussions – if people don’t buy the music you’re less likely to make a second album. You’re likely to have awful videos which are really bad quality and probably a low-production stage show. The fans won’t get a really good product. But if people want to hear the music and if they can’t afford it or if it’s not out in their country then why shouldn’t they listen to it?” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Natalia Kills ‘Perfectionist’ Cover Artwork

Natalia Kills 'Perfectionist'

Natalia Kills has unveiled the cover artwork for her U.S. debut album ‘Perfectionist’, due out this summer. The album will feature Kills’ signature dark pop sound, including the single ‘Mirrors’, which was produced by the likes of Akon, Giorgio Tuinfort, and Cherrytree Records’ own Martin ‘Cherry Cherry Boom Boom’ Kierszenbaum. “Perfection is so over-rated,” says 24-year-old Kills, who’s currently on tour in Europe with Robyn.