Natalie Imbruglia Plans Silverchair Marriage

The Sun reports Natalie Imbruglia is planning to get hitched with Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns as she revealed, “We split last October. Then we met at an awards show, which was a weird omen. If you are meant to be with someone, you can-t be apart for long. Now I want to stay with Daniel for good.”

New Natalie Imbruglia Non-Compatible

Fans of Natalie Imbruglia are up in arms over the singer’s new CD with copy protection technology… not only because they can’t copy it, but because many can’t even play it! A spokesman for record company BMG says, “We do need to respond. Certain limitations of the protection technology were unforeseeable and only emerged when the CDs were released to the public.” No word on what exactly BMG will do for some ‘White Lilies Island’ album owners.

Dotmusic Talks To Natalie Imbruglia

Natalie Imbruglia talked to following her year off. Natalie said of her upcoming album, “It’s more of a band sound than on the first album. There’s a Sunday’s influence that I like. I want to have happy good feeling songs in amongst the miserable ballads (that I’m good at) but I wanted the balance. There’s a way of doing it with melodic guitar where you can have uplifting songs without it being cheesy.”