Power FM’s Party In The Park

Alex Cartana, Angel City, Blue, Girls Aloud, Mark Owen, McFly, Natasha Bedingfield, and Phixx performed at Power FM’s Party in the Park sponsored By 02 on Sunday (June 13) at Southampton Common in Southampton, England. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and WireImage.

No Men For Natasha Bedingfield While Promoting ‘Single’

Natasha Bedingfield took part in an online chat with readers of The Sun and was asked if she would admit to not being single while out promoting her new song ‘Single’. “Because of the lyrics of the song, I’ve had to refrain from men,” she admitted. “It’s not like I’m short of offers, and from some amazing people, but that’s how I want to be right now. Also when I’m singing ‘Single’, I want it to be about what I’m going through in my life. If I did have a boyfriend I would be honest about it, because I don’t like to hide things. My next single will be a love song, so I need to find a boyfriend before then! That’s a bit of pressure, isn’t it?”

The rest of the transcript at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

Mayfest 2004

Javine Hylton, McFly, Pop!, Clea, Twen2y 4 Se7en, VS, Mark Owen, Natasha Bedingfield, D-Side, Blazin’ Squad, and Angel City performed live at the Hallam FM stage as part of Mayfest 2004 celebrations on Sunday (May 30) and Monday (May 31) at Hillsborough Park in Sheffield, England.

Natasha Bedingfield And Pal Get Locked In Park

The Sun reports Natasha Bedingfield’s visit to a park with a friend near her home in south London nearly turned disastrous after they lost track of time and were locked in. “Natasha was really worried she’d be arrested trying to escape,” a friend of the singer revealed. “The time flew by and it was gone ten o’clock when the pair decided to leave the park. Apparently they had a really tough time getting over the fence with their bikes! They were worried they would have to spend the night in the park.”

Natasha Bedingfield Creates Album Without Daniel’s Help

Despite Daniel Bedingfield’s connections, his sister Natasha Bedingfield tells The Glasgow Daily Record she has been determined to forge her solo career without his help. “As an older brother, he has known it is important for me to make my own way,” Natasha said. “He has not been involved in this single or on my forthcoming album. But he has been incredibly supportive. He’s always telling people his sister has a record coming out and that I’m fantastic. Daniel loves my album and calls me now and again and sings the songs to me. He has helped me to learn how the music industry works.”

Natasha Bedingfield Turns Her Nose Up To Britney Spears

The Sun reports Natasha Bedingfield is unimpressed with Britney Spears’ raunchy stage show. “I don’t think Britney needs to try to shock people all the time – she’s famous enough already. All this getting raunchy on stage is a bit sad,” Daniel Bedingfield’s sister remarked. “If people really want to go and see a strip show they can go to a strip show.”

Natasha Bedingfield Chats With Jo Whiley

Natasha Bedingfield was in the Radio 1 Live Lounge with Jo Whiley to promote her new single ‘Single’. Bedingfield talked about D12’s Proof writing a rap about her, how having a brother — Daniel Bedingfield — already in the business makes it somewhat harder for her, her musical family, filming her new video in Los Angeles, her musical influences, and more. The 2-part, 6 1/2 minute interview, and pictures, at BBC.co.uk have since been removed.

Natasha Bedingfield Deals With Daniel’s Sock Tossing

Natasha Bedingfield did a Q&A with ‘Top of the Pops’ and was asked about her brother Daniel Bedingfield. Does she have any embarrassing stories about him? “Since his accident, Daniel and I have lived together,” Natasha said. “When he gets home, he likes to throw his socks on the floor. It’s almost like he’s marking his new territory. He just dumps his smelly socks all over the place, but I never pick them up for him. Literally, if you hunt around our house, you’ll find a sock that was left lying around months ago.”

Natasha Bedingfield Leaves Eamon Goofy

A cd:uk source told The Daily Star that when Eamon met Natasha Bedingfield backstage at the program, “He had to be led away from her because he was so embarrassing. He went all smiley and kept giggling.”

Natasha Bedingfield Involved In Auto Accident

Just two months after Daniel Bedingfield broke his neck in a car crash, his little sister Natasha, who is set to launch a pop career at BMG, has also been injured in an accident. “It was surreal, considering what happened to Daniel,” she admitted. “I was even travelling in a similar type of car to the one he was driving when he had his accident. It was frightening but I’m OK.” Natasha, who suffered severe bruises, is due to fly to London next week to put the finishing touches to her debut album.