Natasha Bedingfield Added To South Beach New Year’s Festival Lineup

Natasha Bedingfield 'Strip Me' photoshoot

Natasha Bedingfield is the latest addition to the New Year’s Eve ‘Jam on the Sand’ lineup. The singer songwriter will grace the stage to perform for 8,000 fans on South Beach while ringing in the New Year. “British pop star, Natasha Bedingfield has a positive influence on her fans,” says Gary Cioffi, CEO of Union Square Agency, which along with the Orange Bowl Committee is organizing the event. “Through her lyrics, Natasha’s fans have been able to connect and relate. Having Natasha Bedingfield perform on New Year’s Eve at Orange Drive will be spectacular.”

Natasha Bedingfield Opens ‘Strip Me’ For The First Time

Natasha Bedingfield opens 'Strip Me'

Watch Natasha Bedingfield as she opens her latest album release ‘Strip Me’ for the very first time. Discover what the album is about and see her reaction to the album packaging. “I hope you like it, I really do,” the singer songwriter says. “It’s about being human. We all look different, but when you strip it all away, we all have similar emotions. the ups and the downs, the joys, the sorrows, and the power, the uniqueness, the magic. Nothing can take away the beauty and the power of who you are and the power of our voices.”

Natasha Bedingfield On Her Collaboration With Sweet Nicki Minaj

Natasha Bedingfield 'Strip Me' photoshoot

Natasha Bedingfield spoke with The Mirror at London’s May Fair hotel, where the singer songwriter talked about her friendship with fellow recording artist Nicki Minaj. “Nicki is so sweet. She called me one day and asked if I was available to collaborate,” Natasha explained. “I couldn’t believe I was at Eminem’s studio, I felt like kissing the walls.” Natasha teamed with Nicki on her ‘Pink Friday’ track ‘Last Chance’.

Marriage Helps Natasha Bedingfield Enjoy Herself More

Natasha Bedingfield 'Strip Me' photoshoot

Natasha Bedingfield spoke with Neon Limelight in a Q&A, where the British pop singer was asked about how she’s changed since getting married to Matt Robinson. “I think I’ve relaxed a bit more. Matt, my husband, has really helped me to learn how to enjoy myself a little more,” Natasha explained. “I’ve always been all about the music and put all of my energy into that. It’s amazing to have someone else who is my priority and actually can kind of help me mellow out a bit and enjoy the journey and actually follow the advice of my songs like ‘Unwritten’.” Read more.

Natasha Bedingfield On Her Catchy ‘Strip Me’ Album Title

Natasha Bedingfield 'Strip Me' photoshoot

Natasha Bedingfield spoke with AOL Music’s PopEater about the title of her new album ‘Strip Me’, which also happens to be the disc’s first single. “It’s definitely a catchy title,” the British singer songwriter said. “For me, it symbolizes a lot of things. It symbolizes the kind of artist that I am. I’m in pop music, but I’m not gimmicky like a lot of pop artists. I strip it back and keep it real, that’s the kind of person I am. I don’t want to be on a pedestal, I want to connect with people.” Read more.

Natasha Bedingfield ‘Strip Me’ Video

Natasha Bedingfield 'Strip Me' music video

Natasha Bedingfield is out with the music video to her new single ‘Strip Me’, the first release and title track off the British pop singer’s latest album, out December 7th on Epic Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Natasha Bedingfield ‘Strip Me’ Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

Natasha Bedingfield NYC

Highlights of Natasha Bedingfield’s day on location for her ‘Strip Me’ album packaging photo shoot in various locations in New York City has been posted on her YouTube channel. “I’m really looking forward to this one,” the English pop singer said. “It’s very creative. We’re gonna have lots of movement and I’ve got lots of fun layered clothes, very cool colors and I’m gonna be against very gritty walls and very city kind of things. I just want a lot of contrast in the pictures, so it’s very exciting.” Watch the footage below.

Natasha Bedingfield Releasing Acoustic ‘Strip Me’ Companion EP

Natasha Bedingfield 'Strip Me'

Natasha Bedingfield talked with Billboard about recording a companion EP to her new album ‘Strip Me’, which features more upbeat dance tracks than previous efforts. “I heard from so many people that they wanted acoustic versions of the songs, so we went into the studio and rerecorded seven tracks from the new record, stripped down,” the British singer explained. “It’s great the songs work so many different ways – I’m still a pop artist, but I want people to focus on my songs.” ‘Strip Me’ is out December 7th on Epic.

Natasha Bedingfield Behind The Scenes In Wichita

Natasha Bedingfield makeup

Natasha Bedingfield’s latest webisode installment features the British pop singer taking on a Kansas storm while helping to raise awareness for Breast Cancer at the Susan G Komen 4th Annual Pink Ribbon performance in Wichita sponsored by Channel 963. They had been staying at a castle with a teepee inside. After soundcheck, Natasha hung out for a bit with Bruno Mars, put on some makeup while talking about her fans, did a meet and greet, and wrapped up the webisode by making her way on stage. Watch the highlights via YouTube below.

Natasha Bedingfield Backstage At Now & Zen Fest 2010

Jayn of Radio Alice in San Francisco was backstage with Natasha Bedingfield at the station’s Now & Zen Fest 2010. Natasha joked about name dropping before talking about her wedding ring, how they tried to keep the location secret, ‘The Script’, her mindset when recording the new album ‘Strip Me’, how her husband was surprised to learn she’s quite a pessimist, and her history with the station which was the first in America to play her single ‘These Words’ and was the host of her first live performance with her band. Watch the interview below.