Busy 5 Weeks For Natasha Hamilton After Giving Birth To Alfie

Natasha Hamilton updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashahamilton) on Tuesday (July 27) with her first message since giving birth to her third son, Alfie Riad Erraji, on June 14th. The former Atomic Kitten writes:

Hiya, This is my first blog as a new mummy! Wow it’s been a very busy 5 weeks since Alfie was born, Lots of late nights and early mornings. I’m breast feeding, and it’s been going amazingly well. Ok, so its tiring, but the bond you build with your baby is amazing and the health benefits immeasurable. Josh and Harry are amazing big brothers, constantly asking if Alfie is ok, and giving him loads of hug and kisses. Riad is such a hands on dad too, we make a great team.

Natasha Hamilton Endures Rubbish Week After Getting The Flu

Natasha Hamilton updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashahamilton) on Friday (March 12), discussing her participation in the North West Cancer Research Foundation fashion show and how she dealt with the flu. The former Atomic Kitten writes:

Well what a rubbish week I’ve had!!!!

Last weekend Josh and Harry got the flu, so I was looking after them, and when they’re poorly they just want to be snuggled up with Mum! So they spent the whole weekend coughing and spluttering on me, which of course I don’t mind, but what happened?? I got the flu.

Now when you’re pregnant, you cannot take anything for flu, coughs and colds, and last week I really suffered. I had shivers, aches, pains, sickness, cough, poor appetite and worst of all I just couldn’t sleep!

I was up most mornings at 5am because I was aching so much and then spent the rest of the day feeling really lethargic. I didn’t leave the house for a week.

I have to say though; my boys all looked after me and made me nice soups for my dinner. And now I have fully recovered and feel so much better within my self. Baby was checked too and all is good! Yay!

Natasha Hamilton Returns Home After Vacation In Dubai

Natasha Hamilton updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashahamilton) on Monday (March 1), discussing her vacation in Dubai, moving into a new home, her pregnancy, shopping for the baby, and her sister’s birthday. The former Atomic Kitten writes:

Hi everyone, I’ve just returned from our family holiday in Dubai. We stayed at the Atlantis, which is a new hotel on the Jumeirah Palm. It was amazing; we stayed on the 15 floor which has views all over Dubai. The hotel has the largest aquarium in the world with a whale shark in it which was massive, along with lots of exotic fish from the Arabian Sea. Whilst we were there, we got to swim with a Dolphin called Black. he was called this because he has a black birth mark on his body. He was beautiful and really friendly. He splashed us, we got to hug and kiss him, Riad even danced with him! And me and the boys played fetch with a ball and hoop with him. Believe it or not, he even said to us, ‘I love you!” It was a really amazing experience. There’s also a new water park attached to the hotel called Aquaventure which we went to a few times. The boys had a ball going on all the slides, I on the other hand, had to watch and take pics, but I did get to do a bit of swimming! The best bit about the park and hotel was that the water was heated so there weren’t any shocks getting into it.

We’ve not been back long and are just getting back into the swing of things at home. We have just moved into our new house a few weeks ago, so there’s lots of building and decorating that needs doing and sorting out. So I’ve been trying to organize everything and I just feel like I’m going round in circles. My pregnancy brain has kicked in and I’m not functioning properly!

Natasha Hamilton’s New Year Includes First Solo Video & Baby #3

Natasha Hamilton updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashahamilton) on Monday (January 4), wishing them a Happy New Year and discussing her panto role as Peter Pan and releasing new music in April. The former Atomic Kitten writes:

Happy New Year!!! Hope u had a good one. We had a nice quiet one, with family. Did a bit of dancing round the living room, had good food and was in bed for 12.30am! I’m really looking forward to 2010, although I can’t believe how fast the past decade has gone by! I was thinking back to the millennium and how that only feels like a few years ago! The past 10 years have been amazing for me, career and family wise. This year I’m planning to go down a lot of different avenues and try my hand at different things. Panto was a start for me, I’d like to do more TV work, my 1st single will be getting released around April. I hope my music goes from strength to strength, I have a really great album waiting to be heard. I’m planning to renovate my new house, shoot my first solo video and the arrival of baby no.3! Its gonna be a busy one for sure.

Peter Pan Panto Role Tiring But Enjoyable For Natasha Hamilton

Natasha Hamilton checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashahamilton) on Tuesday (December 29), talking about her role as Peter Pan at Empire Theatre, celebrating Christmas, and what she had planned for New Year’s Eve. The former Atomic Kitten, who recently announced she’s pregnant, writes:

Wow, what a hectic few weeks I’ve had! Panto started, Christmas day came and went in the blink of an eye, and now New Year is upon us! Let’s starts with Panto. It’s been the most grueling time, very tiring but thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve had so many laughs with the cast and made some great friends. We started our live shows on December 11th, and it was brilliant! Christmas was fantastic, the boys got everything they wanted from Santa and watching their faces as they opened their presents was brilliant. Santa even got me some lovely stuff, scented candles, perfume, hat and scarf, a baby heart monitor, so that we can hear its heart beat whenever we want, and Riad got me a beautiful necklace. We even had Henry (Winkler) over for Christmas dinner!!! He was lovely and even bought my mum, dad, sis, Ri and the boys presents! We got him a really cool Barbour shirt and flat cap (a proper English pressie!) Later that evening all the family played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Catchphrase and we sang on Lips! It was hilarious when me and Riad rapped to Tupac’s, California!! I can honestly say it was dreadful! Ha ha. A lovely day was had by all. It’s Harry’s Birthday on new Year’s Eve so we’ve got a load of cousins and school friends coming with us to the Chill Factor Snow Centre for some fun in the snow. It’s great there, you can do the toboggan, or slide down the snow slides in big rubber rings and have snowball fights!! In the evening we’re just gonna have a family one at home. We’re gonna do sausages on the BBW if no rain and we’re gonna let off fireworks to welcome in the new year. We’ll be getting the Lips out again, but I’m buying the Take That version for then. Yey!!!

Hope everyone had a a great festive holiday and I’ll be speaking to you in the New Year, have a safe, healthy and fun start to your 2010.

Natasha Hamilton Weighs In On ‘The X Factor’

Natasha Hamilton checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashahamilton) on Wednesday (November 11), discussing her role in the Peter Pan panto, her ‘Come Dine With Me’ cameo, and her thoughts on the latest ‘X Factor’ episode. The former Atomic Kitten writes:

Xfactor was a shocker at the weekend wasn’t it?! I have to say, and I know I’ll probably get lots of stick for this, but I love John and Edward!! I do think it was really unfair that Lucie went, she was my fave girl, and when she sang ‘Valentine’ on big band week she blew me away. But Jedward are entertaining and they are just living the dream like everyone else. Given that, they do need to practice their singing a lot more, but as long as they keep coming out on stage in mad outfits, mad hair and even madder choreography (jumping up and down like loons!) I think they’ll be staying for a little bit longer.

Natasha Hamilton Teams With Toby Gad On Solo Debut

Natasha Hamilton checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashahamilton) on Saturday (November 1) with an update on her debut solo album. The former Atomic Kitten star tells readers:

So, as you might know, I have spent the last few months writing my new album, I even got to got to New York and write with a brilliant guy called Toby Gad, he’s wrote the new Beyonce track, “If I Were A Boy”. He’s an amazing writer and within half an hour of meeting him and writing, I was crying! He’s really good at tapping into your emotions and how to turn them into lyrics. We wrote ‘Ms Emotional’ which you might of heard already on MySpace, it’s one of the songs I’m most proud of and I hope u like it. I have about 10 songs done for the album, and real good mix of pop, funk, r&b and I even do a bit of spoken rap on some of the tracks!!! OK, I know that sounds a bit dodgy, but it all works well in the songs, so watch this space for a bit of scouse rap! ha ha ha.

Natasha Hamilton Teams Up With PopCap.com

Former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton has just launched a campaign with casual games website PopCap.com to encourage mothers to take more breaks in their day and use their time productively. The campaign is in response to research revealing that 95% of UK mothers are highly stressed and manage to snatch on average of only 23 minutes of down time throughout the day.

Natasha Hamilton Poses For Anti Smoking Campaign

Former Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton is posing in a pink bikini and some matching smoking patches for Boots’ 2007 anti-smoking campaign.

The story and image at Sky.com has since been removed.