Natasha Hamilton Back From Ireland

Former Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton posted an update for fans on her blog at MySpace on Friday (October 20).

“Hi all, I’ve just come back from Ireland where I did 2 shows for the West Coast Cooler fashion show at the Radisson Hotels, saw some great talent there and got myself a couple of bits and pieces,” she writes. “Straight from there I went to London to do a show for my old mate Steve at the launch of a new marketing company called SLAM, I did the gig with my band ‘the Jonses’ was great to be in front of a live band again, it’s such a buzz, can’t wait for the next time, and the guys in the band are great too. Keep an eye out for dates, there should be a few more coming up soon! Love n hugs. Tash xx”

Natasha Hamilton: People Are Shocked When I Sing Live

Former Atomic Kitten star Natasha Hamilton spoke with The Sun at her music showcase at Too 2 Much in London, where she previewed her new solo sound. “My music now is more vocally based than it was in Atomic Kitten,” she said. “I really love performing live and to see everyone’s reaction tonight gave me such a buzz. The whole experience of playing with a live band is great. When we got together in rehearsals we just gelled and when I get up there I wanna just give 100 percent, so I’ll definitely be singing live whenever I can. When I get up on stage now people are shocked. They don’t expect it because all they remember me doing is being in Atomic Kitten and singing pop songs.”

The story at has since been removed.

Natasha Hamilton Visits ‘GM:TV’

Former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton visited ‘GM:TV’ to talk about Total Little Learners, a campaign for road safety. She discussed why she’s part of the program and her own brush with road peril when she was just 3 years old. has since removed the video.

Solo World Tough For Natasha Hamilton

Former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton spoke with Neil Sean of Sky News about the difficulties she’s having in getting a solo deal. “I have recorded 30+ tracks in total but as yet we have failed to land a deal,” she admitted. “I had hoped that appearing on ‘Just The Two Of Us’ would have kick-started it but the music biz is harder than ever now.”

Natasha Hamilton Denies Trying To Make Out With Prince William

Former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton spoke with The Sun after she appeared to be photographed poking her tongue towards Prince Williams’ mouth during Saturday’s Prince’s Trust 30th anniversary concert at the Tower Of London. “I was doing the Royal line-up,” the 23-year-old said. “He said hello and kissed me on the cheek. The camera has picked up the moment he leant in and we moved towards each other. The angle it’s taken from makes it look like I’m trying to snog his face off. But I don’t understand how my tongue came to be in the shot. It is so embarrassing. It’s blown my chance of a Damehood I suppose!”

Natasha Hamilton Hopes Reality Show Spurs Solo Singing Success

Natasha Hamilton tells Neil Sean of Sky News she hopes that appearing in reality TV singing show ‘Just The Two Of Us’ as a singing coach will help her land a solo deal. “I have recorded over 30 tracks, some of which are reflective of my life, and I hope my fans will enjoy them,” the former Atomic Kitten said. “I plan to showcase the album, and now my profile has been raised on the show I’m hopeful I’ll get a release in 2006.”

Natasha Hamilton Splits From Fiance

Former Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton spoke with The Mirror after her split from fiance Fran Cosgrave. “It just wasn’t working out. Last Saturday we talked it through. We do love each other – but it ‘s fizzled out,” the 23-year-old admitted. “We were thinking of the kids, so we didn’t didn’t want to make it a fall out. We’ve been through so much.”

Is Natasha Hamilton’s Fiance A Cheater?

News of the World reports that the fiance of Natasha Hamilton had a steamy night with brunette model Samantha Nelemans two months after his engagement to the former Atomic Kitten. “We met in a London club,” Nelemans told a friend. “Fran was leading me on all night. He bought champagne then started being really touchy.”

Natasha Hamilton Back With Fran Cosgrave

Just after announcing her break-up with Gavin Hatcher, The Sunday Mirror reports that Natasha Hamilton is already back with her former lover Fran Cosgrave. “Fran was having a great time partying with Calum and Simon. But when Nat turned up, he spent the rest of the night looking after her,” a spy at Faces night club in Gants Hill revealed. “Later, they hit the dancefloor and danced very closely before ending up snogging. It was obvious they were glad to be together again.”

Natasha Hamilton Splits With Gavin Hatcher

The Mirror reports that Natasha Hamilton has split with long-term lover Gavin Hatcher after arguments over her solo career. “When Tash stopped working with Atomic Kitten through pregnancy all was well,” a friend said. “But when she started back recording and gigging the pressure began to grow.”