Fran Cosgrave Explains Split With Atomic Kitten Star

Former Westlife bodyguard Fran Cosgrave, 24, confirmed he had sensationally split from Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton, the 20-year-old pop star he met two years ago and whom he shares a baby boy Josh, born last August. “The situation is very sad but also very amicable,” he said. “There’s nobody else involved – we’ve not been having affairs or anything like that, but we’ve not been getting on well and after talking it through properly we have decided that it would be better for our son Josh in the long term if we separate now. Natasha and I are still good friends and I hope we always will be. Josh is our priority, and I really don’t want to say any more about it now. I hope people understand and respect that.”

Natasha Hamilton Soon To Have Boob Job

The London Star reports Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton booked herself in for a boob job just nine weeks after having her baby because she’s unhappy with her breasts. She’s still going to have the operation, but not just yet. “I was advised it was too soon after the birth,” she says.

Pregnant Atomic Kitten Craves Ice

The Mirror reports the very pregnant Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten has a bizarre new craving. “Natasha is addicted to chewing on ice. It’s very strange,” said a source. “Wherever she goes, she has to make sure there is ice on hand.”

Pregnant Natasha Says She’ll Stay With Atomic Kitten

Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten has told Radio 1 that she’s not planning on leaving the group after she gives birth to her baby. Hamilton revealed, “I’m definitely not leaving the band – in October I’m back promoting our third single, and then the month after we’re doing the album so it’s all full steam ahead.” She also said the baby will be named Josh, after his father Fran Cosgrove’s nickname.

Pregnant Natasha Hamilton Won’t Leave Atomic Kitten

Dominic Mohan of the Sun spoke with Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton who insisted to him that despite being pregnant, she won’t leave the band like ex-Kitten Kerry Katona. Hamilton said, “Being in Atomic Kitten is my dream job. I’m not going to give it up that easily. Kerry’s time in Atomic Kitten had come to an end. She wanted to get into TV presenting and decided to leave. The band is my life so I’m not leaving. I will have two months off after the birth and then we will all be back.”

Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton 4 Months Pregnant

Nicole Lampert of The Sun reports Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton is four months pregnant at the least ideal of times for the group. Nat, 19 is engaged to Westlife minder Fran Cosgrove, 24. A pal told the Sun, “She’s thrilled but was scared even to tell their manager because of the jeopardy it poses to the band’s future. They can’t really afford another change in the line-up.”

Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamiliton Buys £800k Home

The Sun has photos of the new home bought by Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamiliton which is in West London and will be home to her and fiance Fran Cosgrove. The home cost the singer £800k and an insider explained the pricey home saying, “The money has started rolling in for the girls and Natasha’s parents have advised her the best way of spending it is on property. It has only just become clear how well the girls are doing financially.”

Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton Escapes Near Death In LA

The Sun is reporting Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten was nearly killed when a stage light crashed down on her head leaving a nasty cut. Hamilton told the Sun, “It took me completely by surprise. It started falling and we all tried to get out of the way. It drew a lot of blood and still hurts now.”

Natasha also says the group was stalked in Los Angeles by an obsessive fan in her words, “This scary bloke followed us around all the time. It was really creepy.” You can check out photos of the group’s arrival to LA at and watch for the bands video soon on MTV as they try to break into the US market.