Natasha Thomas No Longer With Sony Music

According to, Natasha Thomas and Sony Music have parted company. The singer also switched producers from Alex Christianson to Tann Newjam. The new album will be called ‘Playing With Fire’ and will be ready at the beginning of 2006.

Natasha Thomas Thanks Her Fans

Natasha Thomas posted a message to fans on her official forum on August 16th. She writes, “Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing good. Well, Ive been on the road for a while, doing alot of promotion. But I just wanted to write ya’ll, and tell you thanx 4 all the support you’ve given me:). It means more than you know. So I’m still working hard,having fun, learning alot. I hope you all enjoy the album! And if you dont have it yet, you need 2 run out and get it, alright!!: That’s it 4 now… Thanx 4 being great fans… Makes me wanna be a great artist even more. Love Tasha.”

Natasha Thomas Photo Shoot Interview

RTL caught up with singer Natasha Thomas at a photo shoot, where she said she considered herself more a singer than model, she also doesn’t like being compared to other artists such as Britney Spears, and said that she wants to design her own clothing line. Video has since been removed from

Natasha Thomas Lacoste Girl Media

Lacoste has posted their new worldwide ad campaign featuring Danish pop star Natasha Thomas with tennis star Arnaud Clement to the soundtrack of her single ‘It’s Over Now’. Watch the commercial, the “movie” form of the ad, the print ads, and a “making of” video at