Nerina Pallot Thanks Fans For Attending London Shows

Nerina Pallot updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Friday (February 20), talking about some shows she’s recently been doing. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I played a show at the Buxton Opera House only a week ago, as part of a fortnight-long festival of music, which also featured the Human League. It just occurred to me that one of their hits – a later one – was also called ‘Human’, which is really quite cool if you think about their name. I would love to try this same trick but frankly, if I had a song called ‘Nerina Pallot’ that would be quite sh**. I could call it ‘The Nerina Pallot League’ which is sort of novel for about 10 seconds and then quickly starts to sound like something Anne Widdecombe might belong to.

Bla bla bla, I – as usual – digress. However, I am just taking this opportunity to say hello while I am doing these few shows and to say thank you to all of you who have been showing up and being so lovely.

Nerina Pallot Promises A New Album In 2009

Nerina Pallot checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Thursday (December 25), promising a follow-up to her sophomore album ‘Fires’. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I’d just like to say a big thank you to you all, for continuing to be the best fans anywhere; a small but select coterie of peeps who are so supportive of possibly the slowest songwriter in the universe. I am really looking forward to seeing some of you at the shows in February, and promise that you will have a new album in 2009. Thank you also for your amazing generosity when I called on you in October to get me through the inaugural London Half-marathon. I have been keeping a little secret for the last couple of months, because I know that piggy banks of the world are united in pained groaning at this time and it feels unfair to bother you once again. But.

I am running the Flora London Marathon in the New Year, (weirdly on my birthday!) in aid of the charity SCOPE. There is a reason extremely close to home for this, as my oldest sister has cerebral palsy and has been an inspiration to all of us in our family, and SCOPE do exceptional work to get the general public to see the ability, not the disability, of people living with this condition. Let me tell you – if she could, my big sister would run 26.2 miles in a jiffy and consider anybody who dared whinge about it a big sap. I will whinge and moan and am definitely a big sap, but I’m gonna have a go on her behalf and see how I get on. (I’ll be putting up a link to my new just giving page in a few weeks’ time.)

So, I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas so far, wherever you are, whosoever you are with, whatever you have been doing. And twenty seconds’ silence for turkeys the world over.

New Songs From Nerina Pallot

Nerina Pallot checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Monday (December 15) after posting the new tracks ‘Mary Come Quickly’, ‘I Used To Love You Until You Tried To Kill Me’ and ‘The Right Side’ on her MySpace player. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I have put up a few songs in varying states. I don’t know that any of these will make the album, coz there are some much, much, much better songs for the album. But being that I too know how to rip streams off the net (and yeah, I do it, I’m smacking my own wrist right now) I’d rather wait until you could hear them at 1000kpbs on a big honking luvverly stereo rather than through tin-pot laptop speakers coz, well, I ain’t bin slaving over a Neve and ramping up the Class A discrete valve gear for sonic excellence for you to hear it all thin and squeaky. (Well, Helen the engineer has been slaving over the desk more than I really; I bought a fab vintage mic pre-amp a few months ago and all I do is switch it on and off and marvel at the pretty blue lights.)

Maybe if enough of you are interested we could have a vote-off and pick a final ten tracks that way. But that would mean making you trawl through 60 odd songs. I know that sounds excessive, but I went from writer’s block to erm, I dunno, laxativeness (!!!) and now I dunno what to pick. Two of these you might have heard when I played some shows earlier in the year. But when once I thought they’d be definites for the album, I am vacillating. So have a listen. Acquaint yerselves with ’em and perhaps they’ll make an appearance at the shows in February.

Nerina Pallot Very Glum About Mumbai Terror Attacks

Nerina Pallot updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Thursday (November 27), discussing her participation in the Run to the Beat London half-marathon, selling out her February show at Roundhouse Studios in London, progress on her third album, and the ongoing terror attacks in Mumbai, India. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m also feeling very glum about what’s going on in Bombay (sorry, I’ve never got used to calling it Mumbai I’m afraid). I have been very fortunate to have spent some lovely times in the Taj hotel with my Mum and Dad when I was a kid, and to see it become the venue for something so horrible has been really sad. Please don’t let this put anyone off going to such a wonderful, special country and beautiful, vibrant city. I think I might have rattled on at length about this form of extremism a few years back just after the London bombings, because it is something that is profoundly affecting the entire global community, and continues to claim the lives of innocent people everywhere. It also makes life very difficult for the 99.9% of law abiding and peaceful Muslims the world over, and leaves a lot of us more fearful and suspicious. More alarming still is that it will allow control mad governments to usher in draconian new laws in the name of security; and provide everyone with yet another moment in their lives for photo booth horror they don’t need. (Please Santa, please let Jacqui Smith, living proof that even the exceedingly stupid can go to Oxford, return to Malvern now, and I will be a very good girl every year from now on.)

Anyway, enough of that. You come here for music and all, and I was only recently implored to keep my trap shut about political matters. Eeek, I can’t help it, and I didn’t think that being a musician automatically meant disenfranchisement.

Nerina Pallot Stops Worrying & Enjoys Life After Obama Win

Nerina Pallot updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Wednesday (November 5), reacting to Barack Obama being elected as the 44th U.S. President. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

So I for one have stopped worrying and am enjoying life now that Barack Obama is the leader of the free world.

If any of you reading are nervous about this scary new thing called socialism, do not fear, my Dixie cousins. You may have less to spend on SUVs and too many pairs of kiddy-manufactured Chinese trainers, but give it a few months, and if you’re in the middle of a cholesterol induced heart attack, the paramedic will now administer immediate help without asking you for proof of health insurance first. No longer will people get to survive mammoth surgery, only to come round, get handed the bill and die of shock from being bankrupted. This is a lovely thing, we’ve had it over here for a few years now – although it’s a bit wonky at the moment – and once you get used to the strange comfort that comes from it you’ll wonder why you never had it before.

Nerina Pallot Checks In After Run To The Beat Half Marathon

Nerina Pallot updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Monday (October 6). The British singer songwriter tells readers:

It is with great pleasure and pride I report that:

1. I managed to complete the Run to the Beat Half Marathon in London yesterday

2. I am alive and here to tell the tale.

but mostly
3. Because of your kindness and generosity I have far exceeded the £1000 I planned to raise at the outset.

Some of you may have watched the Great North Run on the telly yesterday, which was taking place simultaneously. You may have remarked, over your Sunday morning cuppa and papers, how nice a day it was up north for a run in the early autumn sunshine. And, when watching the elation and sheer exhaustion of runners crossing the finish line, perhaps you too shared in their emotion and wondered what drives individuals to forsake their lie-in and fry-up to pour themselves into lycra (nobody looks good in lycra, I’m sorry) and travel 13-odd miles without the assistance of roller skates, bikes or skateboards. Or 46 Labrador puppies if you’re Mariah Carey.

Nerina Pallot’s Ankle Heels

Nerina Pallot checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Tuesday (September 9) with an update on her ankle injury suffered last month, which her husband christened her twankle. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

The twankle is no longer and I’m back a-pounding the streetz once more. Me and the husband managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Sardinia for a week and it was super lovely. I don’t know why, but it had never appealed before and I can’t fathom why, having come away finking it to be a beauteous little jewel snuggled away in its own little corner of the Med, awash with beaches of the whitest sand, sea of crystalline clearness like wot I have only seen in the Caribbean before, and close enough to Italy and Sicily for the sumptousest pasta but far enough away so that there ain’t any Mafioso to come and trouble you. Highly recommended, and extensively served by Ryanair, who managed to fly us there and back without busting our eardrums or spilling mushroom soup all over us.

Yeah, so twankle rehabilitation was aided by lots of swimming and I felt all Paula Radcliffe like (when she’s on form, not when she’s hobbling or weeing on the pavement) running in 35°C heat. I am a machine, a lean machine, I tell you! Except that I am really slow, shockingly slow and any grand design I had of finishing this thing in an hour and a half is going all wonky, and if I manage to finish it before the next series of Big Brother starts that, my friends, will be a result.


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Nerina Pallot ‘Sophia’ Video

Nerina Pallot 'Sophia'

Nerina Pallot is out with the music video to her new single ‘Sophia’, from the album ‘Fires’. Watch it via Metacafe below.