Donnie Walhberg Open To New Kids Reunion

New Kids On The Block aerial view reports that Donnie Walhberg is indicating he’s open to a New Kids On The Block reunion, but it will have to happen before he turns 40. “I’m 36 now. I really don’t imagine myself dancing around and singing onstage after the age of 40, so if (a reunion) was gonna happen it would have to happen soon,” he said. “If we can get R. Kelly to write us something like (‘Trapped In The Closet’), I’d do it.”

The Boys Pop Their Bubblegum Rap

In returning, the Backstreet Boys tell Steve Hochman of the Los Angeles Times that they wanted to avoid contrivances such as New Kids on the Block’s comeback a decade ago with a calculatedly updated sound and a shortened name, NKOTB, to downplay the “Kids” aspect. “All we care about is making good music, and the whole baggage will still be there,” said Nick Carter, the youngest member at 25. “We’re not trying to break away from it, not trying to say we’re all grown up. People were saying we should change the name to the Backstreet Men or something. The Beach Boys never changed their name. We’re not going to change.”

Could NKOTB Reunite?

New Kids On The Block group

Us Weekly caught up with Jordan Knight and asked the singer if it’s possible that the New Kids on the Block could re-unite. “As of now, it’s a long shot,” he admitted. “We’re spread across the country, doing our own things. We’re still good friends, it’s just definitely not like it used to be. [But] I won’t not answer the phone if one of the guys calls.”

Justin Timberlake Had A NKOTB Lunchbox

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J-14 caught up with Justin Timberlake’s mother Lynn Harless who revealed the *NSYNC star grew up loving boy bands himself. “He would kill me for telling this, but he loved New Kids On The Block,” she said. “And would always try to imitate their dance moves. He had a New Kids lunchbox.”

Adam Duritz Of Counting Crows Praises Top Boy Bands

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On his website, Adam Duritz from the rock band Counting Crows talked about *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and the New Kids on The Block, giving props to all three groups. Included in his comments is the following passage which could apply to all music, not just these vocal groups: “Without a truly open mind, you can never really understand music. I know the rest of you are going to stick up your noses at this, but I bet a lot of you have never even heard a Backstreet Boys album in its’ entirety. Give ’em a chance. The singles don’t really tell the whole story. They’ve always been more of an album band. I’m constantly surprised by how narrow all your musical tastes are and that the music you like is so different from the music we like.”

Donnie Wahlberg Talks New Kids On The Block

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Former New Kids on the Block star Donnie Wahlberg stopped by Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Friday to promote his new TV show ‘Boomtown’, though much of the conversation was about his NKOTB days. Donnie talked about how they played in the prison system before they made it big, and how his son isn’t too familiar with the boyband, instead being a fan of Slipknot. Read on for a portion of their chat.