‘I’m Taking Off’ Was An 8-Year Process For Nick Carter

Nick Carter looks up

Nick Carter talked with the AOL Music Blog about his new album ‘I’m Taking Off’, his period of strained relations with his Backstreet Boys bandmates, boy bands, touring with the New Kids on the Block, advice he’d offer young pop stars of today, and more. “This entire record was about an eight-year process,” Carter said of his ‘I’m Taking Off’ release. “When I had done my first album, I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin; I didn’t feel I was even ready. So, after evaluating the release of the first album and the way it sounded – there were a lot of great songs on that album – in its entirety I don’t think it was as good as I wanted it to be. I didn’t think that it was anything that I could actually build off of, so I sort of put that one to bed and waited eight, nine years to do a lot of studying and research and learning how to be a better writer and a better entertainer, and just a better person.”

Nick Carter Talks New Album, Backstreet Tour & Meditation

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys

Nick Carter spoke with Celebuzz in a Q&A, asking the Backstreet Boys star about how he’d describe the sound of his new solo album ‘I’m Taking Off’. “The sound is an extension of the Backstreet Boys,” Carter said. “It’s related to a certain degree, but it has something that also is only me. It’s a good, positive, pop album with heart and soul. It shows what I contribute to the band.”

Pop Stars React To Spain Winning World Cup

Several artists weighed in on the World Cup final after Spain topped the Netherlands in extra time 1-0 on Twitter, including uhappy Dutch singers Esmee Denters, Anouk and Eva Simons. Among the Tweets:

Justin Bieber (@justinbieber): wow…SPAIN!! great game…nothing to be ashamed of. True champions on both sides. Congrats to Spain.

Lily Allen (@lilyroseallen): Might wear iniesta shirt for benicassim next week. Crying for the Spanish ! Dutch didn’t deserve it, dirty football .

Justin Guarini (@justin_guarini): A brawl of a World Cup game, but in the end the best team won. I hope the win can help unite a bitterly divided country. Viva España!

Natasha Thomas (@NatashaThomasDK): Congratulations to SPAIN!:)

Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue): SSSPPPAAAAAAAIIIIINNNN!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Chelsea Korka (@ChelseaParadiso): SPAIN!!!! I’M ROOTING FOR SPAIN!!!!!!!!

Nerina Pallot (@ladychatterley): Well done Spain, sorry I missed your glory but I was busy weeping in La Traviata at the ROH. In-f***ing-credible.

Brooke Fraser (@brookefraser): Proud to be 1/8th Spanish! Sorry to my Dutch friends in Sydney/Auckland – you like yellow a bit too much!

Anouk (@anoukisback): well, that’s a bit of a bummer…..

Demi Lovato (@ddlovato): Yayyyy spain!!! Congrats!!! Love you guys over there :)

Nick Carter (@nickcarter): To all the spanish fans around the world. Congratulations on your win. We can wait to celebrate with you when we come back.

Esmee Denters (@esmeeworld): This will mend my broken heart : ) Go Holland I am still proud of yah kiss mwa let’s party with Stevie

Sky Ferreira (@skyferreira): angry drunken orange men everywhere

KT Tunstall (@KTTunstall): Arse. Forgot to channel Aerosmith. The Spanish Harlesden-ites are going deservedly mental. Muchos San Miguel innit…I just lost a tenner.

Katy Perry (@katyperry): I wonder what it’s like in Spain right now? I bet fun!

Eva Simons (@evasimons): Can u give a referee a red card as well? Let’s make it a new rule in 2014

Kate Voegele (@katevoegele): and congratulations to Spain! pretty exciting. i’m kinda sad the world cup is over though…

Nick Carter Golfs In Richmond, BC

Nick Carter photo

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter multitasked as he chatted on his phone, sipped his coffee, and carried his golf clubs after spending the day on the green in Richmond, BC on Friday (April 16). Check out a picture at Twitpic.

Nick Carter Answers Fan Questions

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter fielded questions from fans in a video posting at the boyband’s YouTube channel. The 29-year-old talked about the difficulties of being in a family that’s in show business, loving songs from inspirational movies, not regretting the Burger King commercials, words to describe his present, past and future, and what would he do if he were president for a day. Watch the questions and answers below.

Nick Carter “So Proud” To Be A 16-Year Backstreet Boy

Nick Carter picture

Nick Carter updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@nickcarter) on Tuesday (April 21), talking about World of Warcraft, working on a new Backstreet Boys album, and being with the veteran boy band for 16 years. Carter tells readers:

Last night I recruited some people to join my GUILD in WOW. I know, I’m a serious NERD. Not like you didn’t already know that. It’s soooooo much Freaking fun. Anyways, been working on the record with the boyz, It’s awesome. The vibe is amazing, the writers and producers are fantastic.

Aj called me yesterday and wished me happy anniversary. I was a little weirded out at first, then he said that it was 16 years for us as a group. I’m so proud to be a part of something that is so special. Especially since it is so hard to stay together in this world as groups sometimes. We owe it to YOU. Thank you.

Nick Carter Tells A Funny

Nick Carter was feeling funny while chowing down on some sushi earlier today. The Backstreet Boys star writes on his Twitter page (@nick_carter):

Ok here’s my joke! Are you ready….

What did the man say when the house fell on him?


That’s me laughing at my joke. Haha… I made a funny.

Nick Carter laughs at his own joke

Nick Carter Counts Brian Littrell’s Leg Lifts

Standing off to the side of the stage, Nick Carter counted how many times his Backstreet Boys bandmate Brian Littrell lifted his leg during his solo at a recent concert. “So Brian lifted his leg a lot, as you can tell,” Nick said. Watch the countdown via the veteran boy band’s YouTube channel below.

Nick Carter Discusses Drug & Alcohol Addition With Ellen DeGeneres

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys

Nick Carter appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, where the Backstreet Boys star opened up about his battle with drug and alcohol abuse to the talk show host. “That kind of came on a little later in life,” Carter said of his drug abuse. “Alcohol kind of kicked it off, and once the alcohol wasn’t doing it for me then I’d lean on other things.” The singer is now sober, adopting a healthier lifestyle after learning about his heart condition cardiomyopathy, which took the lives of singer Andy Gibb and actor Chris Penn.

Highlights from his Thursday chat with Ellen from E! News have since been removed.

Paris Hilton: Nick Carter & Other Exes Used Me For Sex & Fame

Paris Hilton spoke with News of the World about how the previous men in her life like Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, Greek shipping heirs Paris Latsis and Stavros Niarchos III, and Rick Salomon used her for sex and fame. But Hilton thinks she’s found Mr. Right with Good Charlotte’s Benji Madde. “After a while I had to start questioning exactly why somebody wanted to be with me,” said Paris, 27. “And that made things really difficult. I’m so relieved I don’t have to think about that now because I’ve found someone who loves me for me. Benji’s my best friend and I know he’d never hurt me.”

The entire story at newsoftheworld.co.uk has since been removed.