Nick Jonas ‘Chains’ Video (The Wynwood Walls Edition)

Nick Jonas 'Chains' music video (The Wynwood Walls Edition)
Nick Jonas is out with a second music video for his single ‘Chains’, dubbed The Wynwood Walls Edition, which was filmed at Miami’s Wynwood Walls graffiti installation. The track is featured on the Jonas Brothers member’s self-titled second album, out now on Island Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Pop Artists React To Supreme Court Ruling DOMA Unconstitutional

Luciana Caporaso celebrates SCOTUS DOMA ruling

Several pop artists are reacting positively to the news Wednesday that the Supreme Court struck down a key part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act and declared that gay and lesbian couples who are legally married get benefits under federal law that go to all other married couples. The 5-4 SCOTUS ruling said DOMA was unconstitutional. Among the reactions on Twitter:

Jennifer Lopez (@JLo): Today is history!!! One that makes me proud of #SCOTUS #DOMA and equally proud of @TheFostersABCF #history #loveforall

Paris Hilton (@ParisHilton): Proud to hear The Supreme Court made the right decision to overturn DOMA! #NOH8 Read more at @GLAAD

Ricky Martin (@ricky_martin): #PROP8 IS GONE! #DOMA IS GONE! #SCOTUS #LoveIsLove … Que parte de “DOMA ES INCONSTITUCIONAL” no entienden los fundamentalistas? :0) #IglesiaYEstadoLosQuieroSeparados!

Darren Hayes (@darrenhayes): Can’t quite believe the good news today. Been hoping & wishing for this for so many years had begun to almost give up #equalmarriage #doma

Kylie Minogue smiles while shooting 'The Abbey Road Sessions'Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue): #loveisloveislove Farewell #Prop8 #DOMA #lovers

Sam Sparro (@sam_sparro): Today is a big day! No mo DOMA! Have any of these moronic tea party sociopaths actually read the constitution?

Moby (@thelittleidiot): congratulations EVERYONE! … #MarriageEquality

Pia Toscano (@PiaToscano): It’s a beautiful day! DOMA is held unconstitutional!! #MarriageEquality #Marriage4all #loveislove

Luciana Caporaso (@LucianaCaporaso): DOMA struck down, Marriage equality here in California again. Progress is happening, such a historic and emotional day

Adam Lambert (@adamlambert): Down w DOMA! Something to be very proud of this upcoming July 4th. We are making beautiful progress for Equality! #proud

Kimberley Locke (@KimberleyLocke): Feel the love surrounding us, there’s really no way to stop it. Buy-bye #DOMA !!!!! Historic day!

Matt Nathanson (@mattnathanson): come on America, time to step out of the dark ages. #Prop8 #doma .. it’s been a real good 24 hours for the things I believe in.

Uh Huh Her (@UhHuhHerMusic): I don’t know what to wear to all the gay weddings I will now be attending. Good job Supreme Court!!! xo,C

Rebecca Black in your wordsRebecca Black (@MsRebeccaBlack): #DOMA IS DEAD! Incredible. #marriageequality

Rob Thomas (@ThisIsRobThomas): CONGRATS to all my gay brothers and sisters who are one step closer to having the same rights to happiness as anyone.

Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz): Dear Supreme Court, You Rule. Thanks for seeing that we, The American citizens, a unified tribe of people on Earth, are treated equally.

Debbie Gibson (@DebbieGibson): The LBGT Community has reason to celebrate the Supreme Court recognizing their marriage rights laid down but the Constitution! YAY progress!

Ingrid Michaelson (@ingridmusic): Good job Supreme Court.

Nick Carter (@nickcarter): Congratulations on the Supreme Court ruling in California. You deserve it!

Demi Lovato warriorDemi Lovato (@ddlovato): Gay, straight, lesbian, bi.. No one is better than any one else. What an incredible day for California AND for equality.

Lady Gaga (@ladygaga): We stand tall today. #DomaStruckDown So many fought for so long. Be proud, the prejudice are now the minority.

Kelly Clarkson (@kelly_clarkson): Yeah, marriage equality!!!! On our way! #PeopleLikeUs #TieItUp

Lance Bass (@LanceBass): BYE BYE BYE Prop 8 and DOMA!! (Had to!) Today we celebrate this huge victory. Tomorrow, we continue the fight for the rest of the states!!

Sia Furler (@Sia): Yayayayayayayay!!! Equality!!!

Ke$ha (@keshasuxx): YES. EQUALITY. #PrideConnectsUs

Jessie Malakouti (@JessieToyBoys): LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS #downwithDOMA #equality

Nick Jonas acneNick Jonas (@nickjonas): We are all equal and have the right to love. So proud to be an American. #equality

Bonnie McKee (@BonnieMcKee): Hearing #PropHATE was overturned makes me ESPECIALLY proud 2 be a #CaliforniaGurl- hoping it’ll be ALL #AmericanGirl soon #Equality #Pride!

Blake Lewis (@BlakeLewis): Congratulations to all my friends in the #LGBT community. Today we’ve gone one step in the right direction to #EQUALITY in America. RAD NEWS

Savannah Outen (@therealsavannah): What a beautiful day!! #equality

Toby Lightman (@TobyLightman): Good job #supremecourt. It’s a great day! #equality

Twitter Notices Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Looks Like Nick Jonas

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Nick Jonas look-alike?

People following the hunt and eventual arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the Boston, MA area have noticed that the terrorist from Chechnya who planted a pressure cooker bomb at the finish line of the Boston Marathon bares some resemblance to Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Dozens of Tweets compared the bomb wielding killer to the pop singer, which was a common theme during a prior manhunt on the other side of the United States in February, when Tweets were sent to LL Cool J warning the Los Angeles based rapper to stay inside due to his uncanny resemblance to Chris Dorner. Among the Tweets observing the celebrity look-alike circumstance:

nojan (@ihatenojan): not trying to be funny but this dude kinda looks like Nick Jonas

Annie Apple (@SurvivinAmerica): Someone tell Nick Jonas to stay indoors. This 19 year old suspect looks like his twin.

RJ (@RandJob12): And he looks like Nick Jonas mixed with a lesbian

Lilly Valentin (@lillianyv): He looks like a young Nick Jonas. and when I say “he” you all know who I’m talking about.


Amanda (@LovaticLovexx): Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looks like 2009 Nick Jonas on crack…. Sorry Nick

Wanderlust (@genmusgrave): but what I have noticed is one of the brothers that caused the bombing looks like Nick Jonas sorry not sorry

Zach Clapper (@ZachClapper): The guy on the loose looks like a cross between Nick Jonas and Happy Gilmore’s caddy

Valentina Portela (@ValentinaAP217): Does any one else think that Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev looks like if Nick Jonas and Nat Wolf had a gay baby?

Jenny (@howyoudoinjenny): That Jahar guy is so hot he kinda looks like Nick Jonas..his brothers quite handsome too…just a shame they’re fu**ing lunatics

megan+emily (@idklilo): @kaynewesticle there’s nothing wrong with saying he’s cute he looks like Nick Jonas

Ross Heiman (@RossHeiman): This Boston bomber doucher looks like Nick Jonas minus the charm…

heather smith (@heyyyheather): My mom just said the Boston bombing suspect looks like Nick Jonas oh my god what #NONONONO

Iesha. (@fvckontario): The suspect looks like a mixture between Luke Brooks and Nick Jonas?


JACKI (@jacki_hughes): “@taylormckay: this jahar character looks like an uglier version of a Jonas brother #JustMyOpinionThough” THAT’S WHAT I SAID! Nick Jonas!!

Brian McFadden Is Fine With Delta Goodrem Dating Nick Jonas

Brian McFadden 'Wall of Soundz'

Brian McFadden spoke with the Daily Telegraph about his ex-girlfriend stepping out on a date recently with Nick Jonas, and how he’s handling the situation. “If she’s happy I’m happy. I’m a straight shooter. If I didn’t like it I would have said something or cracked it on Twitter. I didn’t mind,” the former Westlife member said. “She told me about it beforehand, whatever makes her happy. But there’s a warning from me, if anyone hurts her they’re dead.”

Delta Goodrem Dating Nick Jonas, Nasty Tweets & Death Threats Ensue

Delta Goodrem, Nick Jonas and Greg Garbo

Delta Goodrem is on the rebound after splitting up with longtime boyfriend Brian McFadden, and now the Australian pop star is catching heat from fans of Nick Jonas, the new younger man in her life. A source tells E! News the couple have been dating since March. Many are sending the 26-year-old messages on Twitter referencing the age gap, since the Jonas Brothers star is 18. As has been the case with a string of other women dating male teen idols, the nasty Tweets sent by the jealous girls include death threats to the cancer survivor. Among them:

Britta****eskas: @delta_goodrem you don’t deserve Nick Jonas! He’s too good for you, just keep away your making him loose fans selfish bitch

ro****res_JB: @delta_goodrem I HATE YOU BITCH!!

and****ven: @delta_goodrem leave NJ he is too young for you don’t be a bitch

IDRE****EBER1: @delta_goodrem what the hell you dirty slut?! Going out with Nick Jonas?? How do you think Brian feels. You don’t deserve him !! Whore!

mik****thejonas: @delta_goodrem whore!!! I HATE YOU! You don’t deserve Nick’s heart.. I HATE YOU OLD WHORE!!!! SLUT!

It****nas: @delta_goodrem You just have two options, nothing more. 1: You GO AWAY from Nick & stop being a whore slut or 2: I kill you :)

MyOpin****itch: @delta_goodrem date someone your own age, Whore.


Melan****eet1: I HATE YOU @delta_goodrem KILL YOU!

jonasmil****ns: @delta_goodrem you’re not flirting with Nick going to go to your house and kill you bitch. I am a crazy and sincere Jonatika

Centr****iley: @delta_goodrem LEAVES NICK ALONE OR I KILL YOU Ok??

JB_Fo****asBros: @delta_goodrem if I see you someday I swear I’ll kill you. OLD OLD OLD!

IHa****D_: @delta_goodrem I’m going to kill you.

Lov****nasB: @delta_goodrem You are a fu**ing bitch!nick is so younger to you! Why?? Why??? Get away from him RIGHT NOW!

Nick Jonas Sings ‘Friday’ By Rebecca Black

Nick Jonas sang a bit of Rebecca Black’s debut single ‘Friday’ during the Jonas Brothers live set at the third annual ‘Concert for Hope’ event on Sunday in Universal City, California. Watch the “fun fun fun fun” moment via YouTube below.

Ousted ‘Idol’ Karen Rodriguez & Her Sister Get A Nick Jonas Surprise

Recently eliminated ‘American Idol’ contestant Karen Rodriguez visited “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” to discuss her experience on the FOX show and plans for her future. Ryan also offered Karen a special surprise, a guest appearance from her own idol Nick Jonas. Karen sang a bit of ‘Burnin’ Love’ and talked about how her younger sister Karol is even a bigger fan of the Jonas Brothers member. When they called up Karol, she proceeded to flip out and talk about her devotion for the 18-year-old. “Oh, my God! This tops my ‘American Idol’ experience,” Karen said. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Nick Jonas Pitches ‘JONAS L.A.’ Soundtrack

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers checked in with fans on the sibling pop trio’s SayNow account on Tuesday (July 20), discussing the release of the ‘JONAS L.A.’ Soundtrack. “We’d love for you guys to go check it out,” Nick said while in London, England for ‘Les Misérables’. “These are some songs that we recorded for the show but we’re very proud of them and we might even be playing some of them this summer.”

The message at has since been removed.

Nick Jonas ‘Your Biggest Fan’ Video (‘JONAS L.A.’)

Nick Jonas is out with a music video for ‘Your Biggest Fan’, featured on the Jonas Brothers Disney Channel show ‘JONAS L.A.’. Nick’s character Nick Lucas serenades his romantic interest on the show, Macy Misa (Nicole Anderson), doing a Beck style rap. Watch it via YouTube below.