Nick Jonas ‘Before The Storm’ Live Ft. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus made a surprise appearance at the kick-off of the Jonas Brothers’ new tour in Arlington, Texas at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night (June 20). The ‘Hannah Montana’ star joined boyfriend Nick Jonas in their duet ‘Before The Storm’. Watch fan filmed footage below.

Nick Jonas (Eventually) Sinks A Trick Shot

Well it wasn’t LeBron James on ’60 Minutes’, but Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers eventually made a trick shot outside a recording studio on Monday (April 20). Watch it via the sibling pop trio’s YouTube channel below.

Nick Jonas Scrapes Up Classic Mustang, Driving With Miley Cyrus

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers was involved in a fender scraper while riding his classic Mustang Cobra after having lunch at Village Idiot on Saturday (April 11) with ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus. Nick attempted to make a turn in tight traffic and an SUV bumper wasn’t cooperating. His fans, many of whom don’t like Miley, will likely point much of the blame at the ‘Hannah Montana’ star, who should have had the window rolled down and monitoring the tight turn and telling Nick he wouldn’t make it before the scrape happened on her side of the car. Watch footage below.

Selena Gomez: ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Not About Nick Jonas

Selena Gomez, seen here looking serious, says the song 'I'm Sorry' isn't about rumored boyfriend Nick JonasSelena Gomez and Jennifer Stone spoke with Popstar! Magazine at the World of Disney store in New York City on September 6th. They talked about the second season of ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, while Gomez insisted a song of her forthcoming debut album entitled ‘I’m Sorry’ is not about her rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

“I haven’t even known them that long when I wrote that song, so it’s definitely not about him, it’s about someone back home in Texas,” Gomez explained. “So if you guys would release that tonight that would be great.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Selena Gomez Tackles Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus Gossip

Selena Gomez was in the studio with On Air with Ryan Seacrest at KIIS FM studios in Los Angeles on Monday (August 11). The ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ talked about her buddies the Jonas Brothers releasing a new album, her own plans for an album, finding a band with members that have a passion for music, and her efforts to get teens to vote.

They then discussed Selena’s relationship with the Jonas Brothers, especially those rumors linking her to Nick Jonas. “Well he’s an amazing guy, Ryan, and anybody would be lucky to be dating him,” Selena said of Nick, which happened to be the exact gender appropriate response Nick gave to Ryan the other day, prompting laughs from everyone. As for Kevin wearing a “Team Demi and Selena” t-shirt, she said, “He’s like a big brother to me… He’s supporting us, and we’re supporting them.”

As for any beef with Miley Cyrus, she insisted, “Absolutely not.” As for how Gomez feels about the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s success, she responded, “I think she’s wonderful at what she does, and I’m so happy for her all the success she’s getting.” She said “there’s need for negativity” between her and Miley. Selena then was asked about wearing a shirt that people think was Nick’s, but she insisted it wasn’t his.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Nick Jonas Inspired To Be Celebrity Face For Diabetes

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers talked with People magazine about living with diabetes, a condition the 15-year-old was diagnosed with at age 13. “I didn’t know anyone with diabetes,” said Nick. “There was no familiar face in music or sports that I could connect with … [but] I started to see it as an opportunity to be an inspiration to a generation that doesn’t openly talk about having diabetes and not feeling embarrassed by the disease.” Read more.

Miley Cyrus Bawled & Dyed Her Hair After Nick Jonas Split

Miley Cyrus, seen here in a head photo with black hair, talked about her reaction to breaking up with Nick Jonas, which included dyeing her hair and cryingMiley Cyrus opened up to Seventeen magazine about her relationship with Nick Jonas in the September issue of Seventeen magazine, and how hard it was on her splitting up with the Jonas Brothers star. “At first I bawled for a month straight,” the ‘Hannah Montana’ star admitted. “I was so sad. I just went into this weird funk. And I dyed my hair black.”

The 15-year-old daughter of Billy Ray said when she was dating Nick, he “wanted me to get highlights – and so I did that, and I got myself looking great. And then, on the day we broke up, I was like, ‘I want to make my hair black now – I don’t want to look pretty; I want to look hard-core.’ I was rebelling against everything Nick wanted me to be. And then I was like, ‘I’ve got to be by myself for now, and just figure out who I really am.'”

The Jonas Brothers Team Up With Bayer For Diabetes Awareness

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, who was recently diagnosed with diabetes, wants to inspire young people everywhere to better manage their health. The sibling pop trio, joined by their mother Denise, presented a $100,000 check from Bayer to the Change for the Children foundation ( at a press conference in New York City earlier today.

“You know, on tour it does get a little tough to manage diabetes sometimes,” Nick told ‘Entertainment Tonight’ with his mom by his side. “Life is kind of difficult as it is, and when you throw diabetes on top of it, it would be even more difficult. So to be able to have the tools we have today, like the Contour Meter, really manage your diabetes accurately and efficiently is really nice.”

The report at has since been removed.

Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez Share Identical Mystery Date Story

Nick Jonas

During interviews with separate teen magazines, Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez have provided clues that they are indeed a couple. In an interview with Twist magazine, ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ star Gomez revealed, “I had dinner on the beach with a crush and there were lights on the palm trees! Then, went walking on the beach, and after that we slow danced. Wait, it gets better. While we were slow dancing – my crush and I had our first kiss! And after it, I leaned back and I said, ‘You cheated.’ And he said, ‘Why’ and I said, ‘I don’t kiss on the first date.’ Then he said, ‘Well, I never really play by the rules.’ I was waiting for a a director to say, ‘Cut’ I was like, ‘Are we shooting this right now?”

Meanwhile, the youngest sibling in the Jonas Brothers told Girls’ Life magazine: “On one date, the girl said to me, ‘I don’t kiss on the first date.’ So I said, ‘I don’t follow the rules.'”

Mandy Jiroux Confirms Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 Things’ Is About Nick Jonas

Blog Girl at Tiger Beat magazine blogged about listening to Miley Cyrus’ new album ‘Breakout’ and reading the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s Thank Yous, where she states: “And last but not least, my prince charming… You know who you are. Thank you for inspiring me for this record. I loved you then. I love you now, & I’ll love you always.” Blog Girl claimed she talked with Mandy’s buddy and ‘Miley And Mandy Show’ partner Mandy Jiroux last week, who when asked if Miley’s song ‘7 Things’ was about Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, she responded “Yes”.

The post at has since been removed.