Nikki Asks Son To Hold Cigarette While Signing Autographs

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports ‘American Idol’ loser Nikki McKibbin was spotted standing outside the Standard hotel on the Sunset Strip with her young son, Tristen, when a group if girls approached asking for her autograph. Nikki, who was puffing on a cigarette at the time, asked her four-year-old son to “hold Mommy’s cigarette while she signs autographs for her fans.”

Nikki McKibbin Not Ashamed Of Stripper Past

Entertainment Tonight spoke with ousted ‘American Idol’ finalist Nikki McKibbin about her former job working as a topless dancer at Frank’s Wildlife Gentleman’s Club in Fort Worth,Texas. Nikki explains, “I was having trouble finding a job. It was in the middle of summer. I was having trouble taking care of my son, so I did what I had to do to take care of him. I am not ashamed at all.”

Nikki McKibbin Is Rooting For Kelly Next Week

Access Hollywood chatted with Nikki McKibbin after she was booted from ‘American Idol’ on Wednesday. Asked whether she thought Justin Guarini or Kelly Clarkson would win, Kelly said, “I don’t know — it’s tough to tell. If I had to root for somebody it would be Kelly because she’s from Texas. She’s my Texas girl.”

America Sighs In Relief As Nikki McKibbon Is Booted

Entertainment Weekly’s Jessica Shaw sounds as relieved as most of us that Nikki McKibbon was finally ousted from ‘American Idol’ last night. Shaw said, “Collective sigh of relief, please? Okay. Thank you, America! Nikki McKibbin — she of the tone-deaf singing and unfortunate ’80s fashion sense — is headed home to the random corner of Texas she came from. Sure, she should have been voted off weeks ago and this episode should have been a tension-filled hour between Tamyra, Kelly, and Justin. But better late than never.” Read more.

Nikki McKibbin Is Her Usual Off-Key Self

Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly graded the ‘American Idol’ performances last night and according to her marks, once again Nikki McKibbin is the most likely to get the boot. Shaw writes, “The luckiest girl on television (make that the luckiest girl in America) kicked off the show with Stevie Nicks’ ‘Edge of Seventeen’…and that could have been great, if only she’d sounded 1/100th as good as Stevie and not like her usual off-key self.” Shaw gave the highest marks to Justin Guarini’s pair of performances, just ahead of Kelly Clarkson. Read more.

Nikki McKibbin’s Homecoming Tonight On ET

Tonight’s Entertainment Tonight will have the show ‘American Idol’ finalist Nikki McKibbin making a homecoming in Texas. Flashbulbs and cameras followed Nikki on her whirlwind tour of Dallas and surrounding areas, as fans got to see the 23-year-old sign autographs, pose for pictures and talk to her supporters, and talk to callers on a local radio station.

Nikki McKibbin Used To Be A Cheerleader

‘American Idol’ finalist Nikki MicKibbin tells US Weekly that she was a rebel rocker in high-school, but also a cheerleader. “I was a cheerleader whom none of the other cheerleaders liked,” she admits. “I didn’t go for the whole, ‘We don’t talk to people, ’cause they’re not in our clique.” I don’t see the point in telling somebody that they aren’t good enough to talk to you because they don’t dress well or wear makeup the right way.”