Now, Now Every Children Leave Afternoon Records

Now, Now Every Children checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@nownoweverychildren) on Friday (April 16), discussing how they’re planning to independently release new material after leaving their record label. The Minneapolis indie pop act write:

Due to irreconcilable differences, we have left our label, Afternoon Records. Needs were not being met and a middle ground could not be reached. We had been trying to make it work for a long time, but no real progress was made. It is an unfortunate situation, but we are excited to now be moving forward.

We have been distracted lately, but are now free to be working on new material for a full length! Since we are currently without a label to fund the next album, we’re not sure when we are going to be able to afford recording. But in the mean time, we will be putting out a little self released EP with a handful of previously unreleased songs. We will only be making 50 – 100 physical copies, but after that it will be accessible to purchase in MP3 form online. It will be more of an EP package with a Polaroid of the recording process and other goodies. It should be out some time in the next few months. We are trying really hard to be able to tour at some point this summer. And thanks to all of those who have been so generous to donate to our PayPal, we are inching our way closer to having a van to make that possible!

This is a fresh start for us. It is a little scary, but we are optimistic that we’ll figure something out.

Thank you guys for being patient with us, and we hope to get new material out to you soon! We will keep you updated about the makings of the EP and a more specific release date when all that information is solidified.

Your support means the world to us. We love you.

-Cacie, Brad, Jess, Britty, Christine

Now, Now Every Children Tour Canceled After Van Breaks Down

Cacie Dalager of Now, Now Every Children checked in with fans on the Minneapolis indie pop group’s blog at MySpace on Monday (August 3), apologizing for having to cancel the last several dates on their tour with Bad Veins after their van broke down. Cacie writes:

I am very very very very very sorry to say this but we aren’t able to continue the rest of this tour. Our van has totally died. The transmission is shot. We would love to be able to keep going but we can’t afford to fix this kind of thing. And if we could it would take days to find a used one or even just to replace it with a new one. By then we would have missed a huge chunk of these shows already. Meaning we wouldn’t have made any money to get to the last remaining shows. It’s all a huuuuge bummer and I wish it wasn’t this way.

We even tried looking into renting a van but there is literallyyy nothing available. We could barely even find a vehicle to get ourselves back home. We finally have one tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be home within the next day or so.

The message has since been removed.

Now, Now Every Children’s Cacie Looking Rough After Chicago Gig

Cacie of Now, Now Every Children checked in with fans on the Minneapolis indie pop duo’s YouTube channel after their show in Chicago, admitting she was sounding like a man. “Thank you soooooo mucchhhhh to everyone who came to the show last night,” Cacie wrote on her MySpace blog. “I wish we could play in chicago more often. We met a bunch of really awesome kids. Who got hugged to death. (whoops.) Holla to the pizzakrew. Thanks for hanging out with us all day. We love you.” Watch the clip below.