*NSYNC ‘Greatest Hits’

NSYNC 'Greatest Hits' album cover

Contributed anonymously: Personally, I’m disappointed with *NSYNC’s Greatest Hits album. I mean, couldn’t they at least get them all together so they could at least have a new picture on the cover? This album could be a huge success if they had at least one new song on it or even just did some publicity for it. As a huge *NSYNC fan I’m disappointed that the boys couldn’t even end their *NSYNC careers in a respectable fashion. Even if they don’t get along or whatever, surely they could do it for their fans? That’s not too much to ask is it?

Jive Releasing ‘*NSYNC Greatest Hits’ Next Month

September 18, 2005 – An e-mail update from *NSYNC Official International Fan Club revealed that the boy band, continuing their extended break, will release ‘*NSYNC’s Greatest Hits’ on October 25th. Without any new tracks, and without a statement in the press release from any band member, it appears to be a release organized solely by Jive Records.

*NSYNC To Sing Again

In the August 15th issue of US Weekly, it states that *NSYNC will reunite for at least one more show. “Manager Johnny Wright confirms to Hot Stuff that Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, and Justin Timberlake will host a benefit concert for ex-vocal coach Robin Wiley, who was diagnosed with cancer. Details? L.A.’s Wiltern LG theater this fall, says a source.”

*NSYNC To Perform At A Benefit For A Sick Friend

Contributed Anonymously:

Billy Bush from ‘Access Hollywood’ spoke with *NSYNC past weekend during their annual charity event Challenge For The Children. JC, Justin, Chris, Lance and Joey said they will be reuniting to perform at a benefit for their sick friend. “We want to bring some of her friends, some of our friends, and we want to raise some money for her”, said JC Chasez. But does it mean the boys will head into recording studio anytime soon? “We’re on hiatus… indefinitely,” Justin Timberlake said.

Lance Bass And Joey Fatone Ponder *NSYNC Reunion Prospects

MTV News caught up with *NSYNC members Lance Bass and Joey Fatone to get their reaction to the Backstreet Boys reforming and whether *NSYNC may follow suit. “We will never be done – it’s just one of those breaks where we have to go do other things, especially Justin,” Bass said, citing Justin Timberlake’s projects in music and film. “It might be five years from now, it might be a year from now, but we will definitely do some more music.”

Teen Mags Losing Celeb Spark

March 5, 2005 – The New York Daily News reports that in the post teen-pop era, magazines catering to the age group have seen falling circulation and forced editors to look harder at the fashion and real-girl stories they put between the covers. “It’s not about the celebrity anymore,” declared Atoosa Rubenstein, editor in chief of Seventeen. “When teen celebrities were at a phenomenal pitch, the question was which magazine had different photos of *NSYNC this month. It didn’t matter what was inside.” Now, Rubenstein said, “unless the person on the cover is a loser, [the readers] do a flip through the magazine, and that’s the key to getting that sale.”

Bass Attends Scorsese’s Black & White Party Benefit

March 4, 2005 – *NSYNC star Lance Bass was on hand at the Black & White Party to Benefit Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation at SkyBar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, California on February 25th.

Justin Timberlake Says There’s Still A Chance For *NSYNC Reunion

February 15, 2005 – ‘Extra’ caught up with Justin Timberlake and asked what the chances were of an *NSYNC reunion. “There’s still a chance that *NSYNC could get back together,” Timberlake revealed. “There’s a chance that Lance could still walk on the moon.” The singer added that he’s remained close with his old bandmates. “Our relationship goes way deeper than records,” he insisted. “We’re friends, those are my brothers.”

Where Are We Now: *NSYNC Fans

February 8, 2005 – Contributed Anonymously: I was fourteen years old, when I first saw *NSYNC. They were performing on the Disney channel and something inside of me knew I would never forget them. 4 months later I was a bonafide *NSYNC fanatic!!! Their concerts, albums, TV appearances and my constant daydreaming of them consumed my life!! My crazy love for 5 white boys increased after a year if you can believe but like anything else decreased after 5 months, 8months and then 2 years. I went through a *NSYNC detox. I will always love them because of there influence on me, and it was fun while it lasted! I also had an abusive childhood and loving them made me feel normal. So thank you to everyone but, Mr. Timberlake!! I spent almost 4 years loving, defending, praying and promoting him and he turns out to be the biggest dick that I could ever know of!!!! Acts as if he sooo sweet but when you meet him he’s a jerk, punks out on Janet Jackson stating “I don’t need this kind of publicity!” I hate that I spent all that time on him, but if I knew half of want he would become, I would have paid him no mind.

Eva Longoria’s *NSYNC With Boyfriend’s Pals

*NSYNC group

JC Chasez took girlfriend Eva Longoria to Chi restaurant earlier this month where they hung out with JC’s *NSYNC bandmates Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake. “You can tell she’s making an effort to win JC’s friends,” an onlooker remarked. “And it looks like they approve!”

No More Backstreet Boys Vs. *NSYNC?

October 5, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: I’m surprised no one has Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC stories to tell! I guess that’s just another stage of the disappearance of the boybands. Now, we’re all bitching about who’s better: Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera; Who’s sluttier Britney or Christina?

What does this mean for pop music? Are we concentrating on personal lives more, or are we upgrading from “OMG NICK IS SO HOT JUSTIN SUCKS!!!!!!!”? “WILLA IS SO UGLY!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!!!”

Yeah, the whole Britney vs. Christina bugs me, but at least we don’t have to have contests on who’s gonna win Brian Littrell’s heart, even though he’s happily married with a kid.

Justin Timberlake Cancels Meeting With *NSYNC Bandmates

Groovevolt.com reports that Justin Timberlake, who is currently working on his sophomore solo album, recently planned a meeting with his *NSYNC bandmates but then canceled when he learned they were bringing a rep from Jive. “He really has no interest in returning to the fold and why should he?” asked a close associate.

The entire update, including news on Mariah Carey and Lindsay Lohan, has since been removed at Groovevolt.com.

Lance Bass Says *NSYNC Reunion Up To Justin Timberlake

Roger Friedman of FoxNews.com caught up with Lance Bass and asked if fans can be expecting any new music from *NSYNC anytime soon. “It all depends on whether Justin wants to do it, and he doesn’t,” Lance told Friedman, referring to Justin Timberlake. “He doesn’t even want to make his own new solo album. He just wants to make movies.” Read more, including news on Bass’ production of a big-screen take on ‘The Great Gatsby’ with Paris Hilton as an updated Daisy Buchanan. Read more.

Lance Bass And Cyndi Lauper To Guest Star In ‘Higglytown Heroes’

September 11, 2004 – A colorful new TV series for preschoolers, ‘Higglytown Heroes’, and its fresh perspective on heroism has attracted an impressive array of celebrity guest stars including Naomi Judd, Donald Faison, Kathie Lee Gifford, Camryn Manheim and Betty White who provide the voices of various “heroes” in episodes of the animated series. In keeping with the series theme, guest stars were asked to identify their own ‘Higglytown Hero’. Other guest stars include *NSYNC star Lance Bass and Cyndi Lauper.

The full story at mickeynews.com has since been removed.

Lance Bass Sticks Female Pal With Big Bar Tab

September 10, 2004 – World Entertainment News Network reports *NSYNC star Lance Bass refused to pick up his bar tab at Hoolihans in New York after a night of drinking with a statuesque blonde, leaving her to foot a bill she thought was too high. “Lance’s pal pulled out an American Express gold card and floating twenties to pay, but then balked at the high price for the bar tab,” a bar regular revealed. “Despite her complaint, Lance didn’t flinch or dip into his own wallet — not even to offer to pay the tip.”

*NSYNC To Use Timberlake Demos To Fill Greatest Hits LP

August 28, 2004 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that *NSYNC plan to include some demo tracks featuring Justin Timberlake on their next album, and he’s not happy about it. Justin’s bandmates are still reeling from his decision to drop out of recording some extra tracks for a planned greatest hits album, but they plan to work around that problem by including some demos that Justin made with them, including the song ‘Tell Her I Called’, which is all about his Timberlake’s romance with Britney Spears.

Jive Want An Album From Justin Timberlake, Not *NSYNC

August 22, 2004 – According to Us Weekly, a rep at Jive recently met with Justin Timberlake “to light a fire under his ass” to get the singer to put out another solo album. Another source told the magazine that Jive are “anxious for another Justin album, not an *NSYNC project.” When Timberlake met with his boy bandmates in July, he wasn’t pleased with the direction the other *NSYNC members wanted to go. “He was griping about it to [girlfriend] Cameron Diaz,” a source revealed.

New Film Project For Lance Bass

August 11, 2004 – Gay.com reports that *NSYNC star Lance Bass’ production company, Bacon and Eggs, is co-producing a new film called ‘Lovewrecked’, a family comedy from ‘Grease’ director Randal Kleiser, who also made the 1996 indie AIDS dramedy ‘It’s My Party’.

Justin Timberlake Not Worried If *NSYNC Bandmates Hate His Success

Justin Timberlake’s cover story in GQ magazine has been posted online. Asked if he thinks the other guys in *NSYNC hate him for his solo success, Justin responded, “If they did, I would think they’d say something about it. I don’t sit around and worry about it.” The full story posted at livedaily.com has since been removed.

Cameron Diaz Prompts *NSYNC Split?

August 19, 2004 – According to Wilkes Barre Times-Leader’s The Starr report, Justin Timberlake told his *NSYNC bandmates at their annual charity event in Miami that he wasn’t interested in getting back together with them to record a new album. It seems his girlfriend Cameron Diaz was a constant source of friction amongst the group. She was described as “a rich, spoiled, and selfish person.”

JC Chasez Comments On Britney’s Nupitals And *NSYNC’s Future

*NSYNC star JC Chasez has been interviewed yesterday by SIRIUS Hits 1 station. Asked what does he think about Britney Spears’ nupitals, he answered: “The guy [Kevin Federline] that she’s with right is a nice guy. In a way, it’s been really good for her to be with him, because before that we’ve obviously been reading tabloids how much she was partying, going crazy. He’s kinda brought her down to the level to where she can be comfortable with herself and not have to worry about going out every night. I will say, the guy has been nothing but nice to me and from what I’ve seen done a lot of good things to her.” JC was also asked about *NSYNC’s future and said: “We’re just trying new things. We decided to go off and do our own projects to experiment and things like that. Joey’s on a Broadway and Chris is almost done his own record. Justin’s doing movies obviously and Lance is actually shooting a film. Everybody’s busy on their projects and everybody’s really happy right now. We’re gonna finish whatever were working on now and then explore a idea.” JC talked also about his music career and future plans.