My Opinion On The *NSYNC Reunion And Justin Timberlake

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I am a fan of *NSYNC. I love *NSYNC as a band. I also like Justin Timberlake solo. Justin obviously isn’t as good solo but had two good songs I liked, ‘Rock Your Body’ and my personal favorite ‘Cry me a River’. But I do think *NSYNC as a band is better. When Justin went solo I kind of was sad and upset cause most of the time when a member of a band goes solo the band breaks-up. I of course like anybody else did not want my favorite band splitting! Now I hear the rumors that Lance Bass said he is 100% positive *NSYNC is recording another CD. But then on the other hand I heard Justin’s comments about how *NSYNC was Disneyland to him and that ‘Justified’ is 10 times better than anything *NSYNC has ever done! I think you’re wrong Justin! So it’s a 50/50 chance in my brain. Well, I guess we will see.

Is this the end of *NSYNC? Or is The Beginning of The End? Or could it still just be the beginning in a long life career? Soon We Will Know.

*NSYNC ‘A Whole Different Animal’ Than JC Chasez’s Debut

JC Chasez tells that his debut solo effort ‘Schizophrenic’ is a sharp musical contrast from his previous efforts with *NSYNC. “It’s just a whole different animal, this record,” Chasez explained. “When you’re dealing with *NSYNC, you’re dealing with a group vision and you’re dealing with a collaboration representing five people instead of just one. So there’s always compromise involved in that and this is just an uncompromised effort on my part on making a record.” Read more.

The Beatles Set Off Boy Band Frenzy

The Beatles came to America to play music and were not manipulated by managers like many boy bands, but for the last 40 years bands in the genre have followed The Beatles blueprint. These bands – including The Monkees, the Jackson 5, the New Kids on the Block, the Backstreet Boys, and *NSYNC – target fans, mostly girls and young women, with an attractive, friendly appearance, solid marketing and a bubblegum pop sound. “I think certainly any band would be crazy not to want to follow the success of The Beatles,” ‘The Beatles Are Coming! The Birth of Beatlemania In America’ author Bruce Spizer tells “I’m not sure (if boy bands) do it consciously or if they subconsciously try to do what The Beatles did because it worked so well.”

The Problem With *NSYNC Fans

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What the heck is wrong with you *NSYNC fans? I have noticed that *NSYNC fans have been comparing Justin and JC. Justin fans claim that JC’s album keeps getting pushed back because it will not sell as well as Justin’s. JC fans claim that Justin’s music is unoriginal and as some of you have so eloquently put it “Justin Sucks” (Which is not true at all).

Stop comparing Justin and JC! They are in the same damn group! I love *NSYNC and I think JC has a great voice, he is a better singer than Justin (even though I like Justin more), but JC needs to get a good PR Machine! All of you can call Justin a media whore or whatever, but he has good PR and his album sold well. I am going to support JC and I will continue to support Justin and any other member of *NSYNC.

It’s pretty sad that *NSYNC fans are doing this. As much as I dislike most of the Backstreet Boys fans on this site, they don’t put the members of the Backstreet Boys against each other. By putting Justin and JC against each other, you make *NSYNC fans look really bad.

If you all were REAL *NSYNC fans, you would not put the *NSYNC members against each other! You would be happy for all of them.
Come on, you guys are annoying me more than Backstreet Boys fans! And that’s bad!

All I’m saying is that Justin and JC are in the same group and they don’t compete with each other, so why do you keep putting them against one another? It’s pathetic.

AJ McLean And Joey Fatone Talk Backstreet And *NSYNC

On January 18th, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean phoned into Joey Fatone’s radio show based in Orlando. Joey asked what’s up with the Backstreet Boys because he just heard from Howie Dorough that the group was recording again. He told AJ that he and Howie were supposed to arm wrestle and asked who’d win. AJ said Joey would definitely beat Howie. Joey and AJ hung out together on AJ’s birthday at a porn convention. They talked about some of the freaks they saw there, including a pregnant stripper and a woman with humongous breasts. Joey asked again when BSB was hittin’ the studio because *NSYNC wanted to beat them to the punch. AJ said January 26th. Joey’s response: “Darn it.” AJ said they’re going in with an open mind and are just gonna write hit songs. Joey asked AJ what song he’d like to hear on the air. AJ’s response: ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by Prodigy, clarifying that he doesn’t actually smack bitches up; he just likes the song. Then after AJ hung up, Joey and the other DJ argued about who was better, the Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC. Joey said *NSYNC. The other DJ said the Backstreet Boys because he likes their songs and prefers ‘I Want It That Way’ over ‘Bye Bye Bye’ and ‘Backstreet’s Back’ over ‘It’s Gonna Be Me.’ Download the 4-minute interview here.

Carson Daly Embarrassed For Introducing Britney & *NSYNC

January 27, 2004 – Leighton Ginn of The Desert Sun caught up with Carson Daly for a Q&A session and asked the TRL host what embarrassing music he enjoys. “I’m the guy who premiered Britney Spears and *NSYNC on national television,” he responded. “I don’t know what’s more embarrassing than that. I don’t know. That’s pretty good, right?” Asked if after dating Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tara Reid he’d consider dating a girl who would act, Daly responded, “(Much laughter) That’s hilarious. No, I think I’m done with the actors. Unless Jennifer Garner got single, then I would take a tour, but I don’t think so. I think I got it out of my system.”

*NSYNC, Eminem & 50 Cent At The Palms This Weekend

January 12, 2004 – On Friday night, *NSYNC minus Justin Timberlake had a skybox next to us at the Rain Nightclub in the Palms hotel and once again on Saturday and Eminem and 50 Cent were at the downstairs VIP room. All of them plus Tara Reid were also at The N9NE Restaurant at the Palms on Saturday. I also saw Shaggy and Melic from the Real World, and Franky from the new Real World. I thought it was pretty cool because I was not expecting to see any celebrities the weekend after New Year’s. There was a Electronics Convention (CES) and a Porn Convention and Awards this weekend in Vegas. It was a wild weekend. My friend kissed Joey Fatone. I guess he kisses good. I think he is ugly but that is pretty cool. Well just wanted to tell somebody.

Justin Timberlake Still *NSYNC With *NSYNC

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Justin Timberlake tells GQ (UK edition) magazine in their February issue that he is still *NSYNC with his bandmates. He said, “Before I even began the recording process for ‘Justified’, I sat the guys down and told them, ‘Look, this is something I really wanna do.. this is something I have to do, but I can’t do it unless I have your support’. They knew this was important to me and they were behind me. There was no animosity or sense of betrayal there, because I was upfront with them and I didn’t bullsh** them.” He continued, “I would like to do another solo album, but *NSYNC is still a priority and will always be a priority. We’re brothers and there’s a mutual respect that will always be there. We [will] do another album.” Justin also declined to go into detail about his relationship with Cameron Diaz, but didn’t hesitate to throw a cheap shot at ex-girlfriend Britney Spears. “My love life is off limits now. I don’t talk about it… I’ve learned my lesson from the last time, although that one brought it on herself.”

Why Duarte Waited 3 Years To File *NSYNC Racism Suit

The Enquirer has more details on *NSYNC’s former tour manager Ibrahim Duarte, who filed a $10 million lawsuit November 25 in New York Supreme Court, saying he was fired without warning in 2000 — after suffering a constant barrage of racial remarks, incidents and humiliation. Asked why he took so long to file the suit, Duarte’s attorney said, “Duarte thought long and hard about it before coming forward because he wanted to ensure he’d be able to get future jobs and he didn’t want to be known in the business as somebody who couldn’t be trusted. In the end, he thought it was important that the truth be told. Ibrahim lived with these guys for years and knows these kids. It shows a side to them that a lot of people hadn’t seen before. Frankly, when these kids needed him they treated him O.K. And when they got into positions where they could kind of flex their muscles, they just threw him out in the street. We’re looking for justice, that’s all we want.”

‘No Question That *NSYNC Will Record Another Album’

December 22, 2003 – Joan Anderman of the Boston Globe caught up with *NSYNC star JC Chasez ahead of his gig at the Avalon on Saturday night. JC talked about the pressure of trying to escape the shadow of his bandmate Justin Timberlake, which he says doesn’t exist for him. “Justin’s a superstar. He’s always had the spotlight on him,” Chasez said. “I don’t feel that pressure. I make the tunes, and hopefully people show up. I would love that. If they don’t, I still get to go back in the studio and hang out with my friends.”

Meanwhile the article states: “There is no question that *NSYNC will record another album.” Read more.

Johnny Wright Responds To Duarte Racism Claims

In response to Ibrahim Duarte’s allegations of *NSYNC racism, the group’s manager, Johnny Wright, said in a statement: “I’m saddened to hear that Ibrahim has chosen to take this path. It’s outrageous that race is being used. I am the manager of *NSYNC and I am African-American. *NSYNC’s director of worldwide security is African-American, the musical director of *NSYNC is African-American, in fact our entire security team is African-American. *NSYNC’s assistant production manager is Asian-American, and it goes on and on. Never in my 10 years of being with the group have I ever heard or received a complaint from anyone, including Ibrahim, associated with the group about racial or demeaning speech.”

Justin Timberlake To Relax In ’04, Leaving *NSYNC In Limbo

In an interview with Maureen Coleman of the Belfast Telegraph, Justin Timberlake further dampened hopes he’d reunite with his *NSYNC bandmates in 2004. “I just want to take time off to look for a happy medium,” Timberlake said in regards to the new year. “I just want to stop and smell the flowers. I am enjoying life at the moment, what’s not to enjoy?”

Former Tour Manager Claims *NSYNC Racism

*NSYNC by an empty fountain

The Mirror reports *NSYNC are being sued for $10 million by former tour manager Ibrahim Duarte of Entertainment Management Services Inc., who claims he was dismissed because he is black. “After four years of building them into one of the hottest bands in the world, they treated me less than human,” Duarte complained. “The popularity and money went to their heads and their true feelings about having a black front man became apparent. I endured their constant racial slurs, jokes and belittling comments to make it work. But they just threw me to the curb like yesterday’s trash.” Duarte filed suit against the group last year as well, claiming the group owed him $155,415 in salary and expenses.