O-Town’s Last Show

Contributed anonymously:

The last O-Town show, in Orlando, was bittersweet for O-Town fans. After long hours of standing in line and standing through various opening acts, like AJ Gil and Gotti 13, O-Town finally hit the stage with ‘The Joint’. The high energy song got O-Town fans pumped for the following song ‘Over Easy’. They followed up with songs from both the first and second albums. The choreography was off the chain! The show was ended with their smash hit, from the first album, ‘All or Nothing’. As the flawless show came to an end fans broke down at the thought of never seeing their five favorite guys perform on stage together again.

O-Town On Hiatus

Contributed anonymously:

Erik-Michael Estrada was interviewed on an Orlando radio station, XL 106.7 with Chad Pitt about the upcoming August 18th show at Hard Rock Live. When asked if this would be the last show before a hiatus Erik-Michael responded without a pause, “yes.” He said they wanted to “diversify individually.” He also would not comment on the recent engagement of fellow band member Dan Miller. Erik-Michael was on his way to meet up with band mate Trevor Penick at *NSYNC’s Challenge for the Children in Miami. Read on for a transcript.

O-Town Breaking Up Is Just A Rumor

Contributed by XxmissyxX:

Over the past few days, rumors have been swirling online that pop group O-Town is parting ways after 3 years together. But according to O-TownFanPage.net, all that controversy of their impending break up is indeed just a rumor started on the site’s tag board. But if the latest Billboard charts are any indication, O-Town will have to gain back their fan base and keep their music fresh in order to stay in the ranks of fellow musicians burning up the charts, such as Ashanti and Beyonce. It seems these days that boy bands have been foregoing different ventures in their lives, and it might not be long before O-Town follows that same fate.

O-Town Supports Childwatch Of North America

Contributed by CanadaLovesOTown:

A new tour date has been added to O-Town’s summer tour. The guys will be performing a concert at the Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL on August 16th in support of Childwatch of North America. Stay tuned to childwatch.org and XL106.7 for details.

‘Re-Release’ Of ‘O2’

Contributed by CanadaLovesOTown:

Many O-Town communities have decided that July 12 was the “re-release” date for “O2,” which is exactly eight months since the album first released in stores. This means that throughout the week of July 12, O-Town fans are going out and picking up an extra copy of the album, or even a few copies. O-Town communities are asking all fans to go pick up an extra copy of the album anytime this week.

There is no new songs added to ‘O2,’ however this is to show J Records–who recently made negative comments about O-Town fans, that the fans are still out there and supporting the guys. Please pick up a copy of the album anytime this week to help boost sales of ‘O2’ and get the guys back on top of the charts where they belong. Thank-you. For more information or a better description on the re-release, please visit insideotown.com.

Music Acts Line Up For Challenge For The Children

Launch.com reports Anastacia, Usher, Rozonda ‘Chili’ Thomas from TLC, and Benji from Good Charlotte, Christina Milian, and Trevor Penick from O-Town are among the musicians who will join the *NSYNC members in their annual Challenge For The Children charity basketball game in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on July 20th.

Dan Miller Of O-Town Getting Married

According to InsideO-Town.com, O-Town singer Dan Miller and his fiance Erin have announced they will be getting married in the Summer of 2004. He designed her ring.

O-Town Fans Mad At J Records

Contributed anonymously:

Many fans are wondering what has happened to O-Town. Fans are very disappointed that another single has not been released yet and the tour has been pushed back for months. Others are frustrated with what they see is a lack of promotion and support from J Records for the album, singles and the group.

No ‘I Showed Her’ Video?

Contributed anonymously:

It seems that there won’t be a video for O-Town’s second single, ‘I Showed Her’, off of their sophomore album ‘O2’. The song was released to radio on January 27th and it’s already been two whole months without any notice that a video has even been made. Char from the Inside O-Town Message Board states: “As I stated earlier, according to J Records, they have a new policy of not shooting a video unless they see that a song is charting well, since MTV has changed its policy on the videos that they will add to their play list. J Records did have some plans, some discussion regarding video treatments for ISH. However, the song did not perform well enough to justify J Records going forward with a video for the song. To the best of my understanding, this policy does not apply only to O-Town.” I’m guessing that since ‘I Showed Her’ unfortunately flopped, a video won’t be made.

Poor Ticket Sales Lead To Carter & O-Town Show Cancellation

Launch.com reports Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and O-Town’s planned concert at the Civic Center of Anderson, South Carolina, on Friday (April 11) has been canceled by the show’s promoter due to “disappointing” ticket sales.