O-Town In Begging Mode

Groovevolt.com reports the guys from O-Town have been begging Clive Davis and J Records to release a new single and video, but label execs have lost interest.

The Guess What update, including a follow up on the Backstreet Boys and news on a Whitney Houston holiday album, has since been removed at Groovevolt.com.

Kevin Richardson Draws O-Town’s Erik To ‘Chicago’

That’sforyoutofindout at the Backstreet Boys Efanguide forums says, “I recently went to see Kevin in the play Chicago and it was the best. I have to give it up to Kev cause he was really good. Never knew he could sing like that. Being that this was my first play I have ever gone to I thought I wouldn’t like it but I walk out not disappointed. Plus at the end of the night I got to meet Kev. I also met Erik from O-Town and I have to say both of them are so sweet. I also got an autogragh and a hug from both of them so that was my high light of the night lol! And if any Road Rules fans out there I also met Shane (he was also there). Forgot what season he is from but he on the recent one that’s on now that’s called battle of the sexes.”

Brian, O-Town, Usher & Bow Wow Play Celebrity B-ball

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On February 16th, a handful of celebrities played in the annual Phoenix Suns Celebrity Shoot Out in Phoenix, Arizona. Players in this charity basketball game included Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, Lil’ Bow Wow, members of O-Town, Usher, and more.

O-Town ‘O2’ Review

O-Town 'O2' album cover

Reviewer: Ana Chabolla

I really like the idea of mix some musical genders and specially the way that O-Town did, the have Rock, Pop, and a little of Hip Hop. 2 years ago they released their first album called: “O-town” and I think that they really grown up as a group, the O2 lyrics are deeper than the first album, the music really made me feel something.

I have to say that O-Town are finally doing their thing. I remember Jacob U. in Making the Band talking about how they wanted to do different music and they are finally doing different music.

Their voices are great and they fill in the songs, they make you feel something. You actually gotta check out this album, and I really wish that the people take more serious O-Town, even if they came out from Making the Band or not, they’ve grown up and that’s what matters.

My Favorite “O2” songs:
1. Craving
2. From the Damage
3. Over Easy
4. Suddenly
5. I Showed Her (Second Single)
6. The Joint

O-Town Lends Name To Offshore Powerboat Racing

Associated Press reports O-Town announced an agreement Friday with Donzi Marine to have the band’s name on a 38-foot Donzi Factory II class boat for the 2003 American Power Boat Association offshore season. The group joins Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter as teen pop stars involved in offshore powerboat racing.

Brian Littrell, O-Town & More Playing Celeb Basketball

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Backstreet Boys star Brian Littrell, Lil’ Bow Wow, Usher, members of O-Town, members of 112, Gabrielle Union, Larenz Tate, Frankie Muniz, Dean Cain, Coolio, Simon Rex, Vivica Fox, and more are all playing in the Phoenix Suns Celebrity Game. The event takes place February 16th at America West Arena and is presented by Phoenix’s 104.7 KISS-FM.

O-Town To Sing National Anthem At 49ers Vs. Bucs Game

O-Town will perform the national anthem at the San Francisco 49ers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers playoff game on Sunday (January 12) at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. The game is scheduled for a 1 p.m. ET kickoff, and it will be televised on Fox.

O-Town Talks Openly About Poor ‘O2’ Record Sales

Contributed anonymously:

In an interview with Melissa from Kiwibox, O-Town openly discussed their feelings on their sophomore album’s poor sales. “I mean there’s a lot of things we should have done differently, could have done differently, or what I would have personally done differently,” said Dan Miller. “At this point though, I don’t think it really helps anyone to point fingers. It’s not really anybody’s fault. As far as the record goes, I mean we did the best we could with the material we put together.” Band mate Erik-Michael Estrada added, “I mean right now, I like the fact that we seem to be breaking out like a real band. Almost like a word of mouth kinda thing. I think a lot of people don’t know our record is out, and even if they do, it’s forcing us to prove ourselves. I mean, just because people may not think the record is out, or the awareness isn’t there, or whatever the case may be, it’s forcing us to come together and be unified as a group.”

The complete article at kiwibox.com has since been removed.

O-Town’s Trevor Hated ‘Making The Band’ Media Glare

HipOnline.com chatted with Trevor Penick from O-Town and asked him what he felt about no longer being under the ‘Making The Band’ media spotlight. “I hated it. I can’t say I hated the show but I hated that it was constantly taking away from the reason we started the TV show,” he said. “The reason was to put together a successful group in our heads and it seemed like it was almost always sabotaging our music careers for the better television ratings. Yes, I am glad that we have just one thing to focus on. I am also glad that the show gave us that boost. In that regard it was a good thing.” Check out the entire interview here.

Top O-Town November Search Queries

You wouldn’t think sales of O-Town’s sophomore album ‘O2’ would be the disaster it has been if you went by the search interest in the reality boy band. The group received 95,501 searches during the month of November, while Ashley Angel was the most searched for member with 5,116 queries, followed by Jacob Underwood with 1,682. ‘These Are The Days’ was the most searched for song lyric with 3,608 queries.