Be An O-Town V.I.P.

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If you are an O-Town fan then you can’t miss out on the O-Town Fan Conference 2003. The event will be held in Cleveland, Ohio in July ’03. A few ‘special guests’ will also likely be attending the conference. As a V.I.P you will be able to take part in all the excitement of meeting the organization staff, speakers, O-Town fans, and, again, those ‘special guests’. Be sure that you enter to win a pair of V.I.P passes to the OFC 2003 by visiting

Janet Jackson & Rene Elizondo Reach Divorce Settlement

Us Weekly reports Janet Jackson and her former husband of nine years Rene Elizondo Jr. have quietly reached a financial settlement in their divorce. A source says that Rene got an estimated $15 million, the couple’s $120,000 black 2000 Mercedes SL600, and got to keep their two-story, five bedroom, five bath Malibu beachfront home, which is worth more than $8 million.

Janet & Missy Party With O-Town’s Ashley & Trevor

November 20, 2002 – Marc S. Malkin of New York Magazine reports Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott waiting in SUVs outside Lotus for 40 minutes as their bodyguards checked out the recent O-Town record-release party. Jackson, Elliott, and their posses eventually took over the downstairs lounge, where they celebrated Elliott’s new CD ‘Under Construction’. They were joined by O-Town members Ashley Parker Angel and Trevor Penick until the wee hours.

O-Town Sends Out Letter To Street Team

O-Town sent out a message to their street team army the other day stating:

Lets just start off by saying happy late Thanksgiving to everybody!!
We hope you all stuffed yourselves full of gravy baby, YEAH!!!! On Thanksgiving
day we all flew from our hometown’s to NYC where we performed “THESE ARE
THE DAYS” and “CRAVING” on Good Morning America…..GMA also feels sort
of like a second home to us now.

Destiny’s Child, O-Town & More At Jingle Ball

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I was at Jingle Ball for 106.1 KISS FM at Six Flags Over Texas in Dallas last night (December 6.) O-Town, Destiny’s Child, Daniel Bedingfield, Cam’ron, American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini, and Avril Lavigne were all there it was great! Beyonce Knowles fell down going down the stairs and she got up real fast it was still great.

O-Town May Be On The J Records Chopping Block reports O-Town’s future is in trouble at J Records after their disastrous initial album sales for ‘O2’. “[Clive Davis] has no use for them. They had a great run with their debut album, due in part to ‘Making The Band’ but TRL is just not interested anymore,” says a source. Plans for a second video are on hold.

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Lindsay’s O-Town ‘O2’ Review

O-Town 'O2' album cover

Reviewer: Lindsay

‘O2’ is an amazing album, showing new abilities from O-Town. and proving they are much more than your average “boy-band”. O-Town consists of Ashley Parker Angel; 21, Dan Miller; 22, Trevor Penick; 23, Erik-Michael Estrada; 23, and Jacob Underwood; 22. First let me take you back, and begin with how I became a fan of O-Town.

It was March 24th, 2000. I was sitting on my couch watching television, when I heard about this new show called, Making The Band, debuting on ABC. I decided to watch it, going into it knowing I wouldn’t like this “made-for-tv” band. After months of watching the show each Friday night on ABC, I began attached to O-Town, and later that year, I started an online club for the guys. They had became my favourite group! I picked up their debut album, O-Town, on January 23rd, 2001. After listening to it, I knew they were going to be a smash hit. Summer of 2001, I bought tickets to their live show in London, Ontario, Canada which was 2 hours from here, but I still insisted on going to see them. As I walked out of the hall that night of the concert, I TRULY walked away a huge O-Town fan, with more respect for the guys than ever!

Waiting for ‘O2’ was a difficult process, but the end result was amazing. After being changed almost 10 times, O-Town finally released their sophomore album, ‘O2’, on November 12th, 2002. I bought it the first day it came out, and realized what they were talking about when O-Town said “they’ve taken a new direction with their music”. Songs like “From The Damage”, “Suddenly”, “Craving”, and their new single, “These Are The Days”, are amazing tracks, with hard/soft rock sounds to them. “I Showed Her” is an emotional ballad, sort of a continuing of “All Or Nothing”. “The Joint” and “Make Her Say” are hip-hop songs, written by O-Town’s very own Erik-Michael Estrada. O-Town has successfully written half their ‘O2’ album. The guys show determination, passion, and a love for music, as it shines through in their new album. O-Town member, Dan Miller, says that “if you listen to this album, at first you won’t recognize that’s it’s actually O-Town, and that’s what we want”.

The album comes with a free movie pass, it is enhanced, and comes with screensavers, icons, skins, and more! Plus, you get a sneek peek at their new DVD, entitled, “O-Town: An Exclusive VIP Look”, which is IN STORES NOW! All this for only $18.99 + tax! (Or sales price; $14.99).

In closing, all I can say about ‘O2’ is, “absolutely incredible”. If you pick this album up, it’s one album you WILL NOT regret! Go get it, in stores now!!

Trevor Penick Says O-Town Was Much More Involved In ‘O2’

Chad Kennedy of Teen Scene caught up with Trevor Penick of O-Town to get his take on the band’s new album ‘O2’. “We put everything into this album. With our last album it was like ‘Here’s this song. Go record it. Goto this photo shoot. Here’s how it looks.’ Basically everything was just given to us. It was our first album so we really had no say so,” Trevor explains. “This time we really were involved in the artwork and things like that. We chose where we wanted the photo shoot, who will take our pictures, the type of layouts, the order of the songs on the cd, writing songs, producing songs. We have been so involved with the record company on everything.”

O-Town Talk About Blender Mag Experience

O-Town chatted with about their attempt to transition themselves as adults in the recent issue of Blender magazine. “The last album was put together so fast, and the songs didn’t really represent us,” said Dan Miller. “We felt like we were thirteen year old boys, ya know? I mean some of the things we were singing about were just not us.” Jacob added, “Yeah, Blender was like ‘We’ll make you guys go to bars, and go to strip clubs’. And I mean, we’re all for chillin’ with people, but not in a trashy way. I mean we went home early and got a bad rap from Blender about it, which doesn’t really bother us, but we’re not trying to come out with a statement like ‘We’re adult now and we want an adult audience.’ We love our fans, and we hope they appreciate this album like they did the last, but hope they understand that wasn’t necessarily us.”

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Jay-Z Tops O-town And TLC On Sales Chart

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The final numbers are in, showing Jay-Z the clear winner. Jay-Z will debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts selling over 600,000 copies of Blueprint Volume 2. The 8-Mile soundtrack drops to #2, with Missy Elliott’s new album ‘Under Construction’ debuting at #3. *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake’s ‘Justified’ takes the #4 spot. TLC’s new album ‘3D’ will take the #6 spot. Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’ slips to #8, and O-Town’s album ‘O2’ will debut at #27.

O-Town Nosedive Without ‘Making The Band’ Boost

Early numbers from’s album charts are in and O-Town look to show the worst follow-up since Hanson with their ‘O2’ album. They currently limp in at #35, on pace to sell less than 55,000 units. Jay-Z looks set to clear over 600,000 units to top the charts, unseating the ‘8 Mile’ soundtrack. *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake currently is at #5, down from #2. Christina Aguilera is clinging to the top 10 at #10.