Niall Horan Proud Of One Direction’s YouTube Views Record

One Direction member Niall Horan live

Niall Horan of One Direction was on the phone with Jeroen van Inkel of Q-Music in the Netherlands the other day, where the boy band member talked about the YouTube success of their ‘Live While We’re Young’ music video, how filming the video was improvisational, taking a step forward with their second album ‘Take Me Home’, plans to tour in the Netherlands, how he deals with fame and how he manages out in public going to the grocery store.

On 1D’s ‘Live While We’re Young’ music video breaking the YouTube record for most views in the first 24 hours, Niall said, “We found out that yesterday, and that’s absolutely mental considering how big the ‘Boyfriend’ video by Justin Bieber was. I think it’s something to be very proud of. We’re very proud of the video and the amount of views that it has gotten so far has been aboslutely crazy.”

Talking about the best part of filming the ‘Live While We’re Young’ video, he said, “I think how cool it was. We had this really cool director and there was no actual script to the video. It was literally like, ‘Okay, here is the scenario, now you do whatever you want in that scenario.’ It was just the freedom of it, and we’re glad that happened, because it turned out really cool.”

On what to expect ‘Take Me Home’, Niall said, “It’s gonna be another fun album from One Direction. It’s not a million miles away from the first album, but we wanted to inspire something bigger from the first album so I think we’ve done that. We’re very proud of this album, where literally the last few days we’ve been putting the songs together for the album. We’re ready to roll. It comes out November 12th and 13th around the world, so it will be fun.”

On prospects fans in the Netherlands can see the group visit the country, he said, “I don’t know just yet. Maybe next year I think, maybe. Hopefully we can get there soon because I really enjoyed myself when I was there last time. The fans are amazing there. Really, really fun. Our Dutch fans, they’re very curteious. Eveyrone was really nice to us, Dutch people in general.”

Talking about how he deals with fame at a young age, Horan said, “I don’t really kind of deal with it, I just kind of go with it. I just kind of roll along and just do what I’ve got to do. Do whatever is on the schedule and just kind of do it. I think if you let it get to your head, it’s gonna mess you up. Then you become big headed and stuff and then you get an ego. None of us are like that. We were brought up instead of dragged up by our parents.”

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One Direction Discuss Pepsi Ad, The Beatles Comparisons

One Direction (Niall Horan, Zayn Malik,  Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) in concert live

Tv3’s Xpose caught up with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction in Ireland recently, where the boy band talked about making history with the success of their single ‘Live While We’re Young’, comparisons to The Beatles and being part of a big Pepsi ad campaign. They weren’t as thrilled to talk about girlfriends before slipping into another room.

Talking about the ‘Live While We’re Young’ chart success, Harry said, “It felt good. I think we’ve been kind of nervous about the second album, and now we’re really happy with it. We’re glad that it’s kind of doing well already, so we’re excited.”

As for talk they’re following in the footsteps of The Beatles, Niall said, “I don’t think so. We don’t feel like it anyway. If we were ever to emulate that success, it would be amazing, but The Beatles are The Beatles.”

Discussing their role in the new Pepsi advertisements, following in the footsteps of David Beckham, Elton John and Britney Spears, Liam said, “It’s mad because we’ve watched all of them since we were a kid and Snoop Dogg and David Beckham, you saw those big Star Wars adverts so yeah it’s really cool.”

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One Direction Discuss Wearing Disguises, Second Album Nerves

One Direction members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson stopped by for breakfast in Manchester, talking about the VMAs, being nervous about their second album, having no script for the 'Live While We're Young' music video and wearing disguises

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction popped in for a secret interview with Mike and Chelsea on Key103 breakfast in Manchester, England. Liam Payne was ill so unable to make the appearance, with Harry joking he kissed too many girls. The guys talked about realizing they’ve made it being on the MTV Video Music Awards, having crazy moments but not diva moments, the pressures with a sophomore album, the chart success of ‘Live While We’re Young’, not scripting anything with the first single’s music video, wearing disguises to avoid being recognized and being away from friends and family while on their upcoming world tour.

When asked if there was a moment they realized life was never gonna be the same, Harry said, “I think the VMAs. It just seemed so ridiculous. I don’t know, when we got invited, when we found out we were going, we were like really buzzed to be going. We were like, ‘I’m gonna go to the VMAs.’ Then obviously we found out we were performing, which was amazing, and then to win was just crazy.”

As for whether anyone in the group has had a diva moment, Louis responded, “If we’re ever gonna have crazy moments, it’s like crazy for fun not crazy for diva. We’ve had fruit fights in our hotel room and been told off a little bit… That’s how rock n’ roll we are, throwing oranges at each other.”

Asked about the difficulties with their second album, Harry said, “I think at the start we were really nervous, because we didn’t have much time to record it. We were just kind of nervous, because second album is the one everyone says is the hardest one. When it came down to it, I think we kind of figured our sound through the first album, so we really knew the kind of One Direction sound is now, so we really focused on that and just made sure we got the best songs we could get. We think this album is kind of at another level compared to the last one. We think it’s much better.”

On the album’s first single ‘Live While We’re Young’ going #1 across the world in downloads within a day, Zayn said, “It’s crazy. It’s not something you can kind of get used to. It is what it is and you’re just try to take it in stride and not too seriously and just keep having fun with what we’re doing, but obviously when we hear those sort of statistics, we’re just blown away and really thankful that people go out and buy our music and are really supportive and dedicated.”

Questioned about whether the scenes in the song’s music video were scripted, Louis said, “None of it was staged. It was no script. We just got there and we had different scenarios like when we were in those big inflatable balls and stuff, and you just like do what you want. That’s why it was just amazing. It was just really fun. That’s why I like the video because it’s not really that flattering of us. There’s shots of us, especially our hair, that are crazy.”

Talking about whether they employ disguises when they’re out in public, Louis said, “To be honest, recently we did for our tour videos and there was a picture that came out of me. I was in this fat suit and I had all the prosthetics. I had massive cheeks and you couldn’t tell it was me. That was quite good fun.”

On not being able to see friends and family while touring, Niall said, “That’s probably the only negative of what we do, just not being able to see our friends and family much, but we’re all travelling the world.”

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One Direction Shoot ‘Live While We’re Young’ Music Video In Kent

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction celebrate after finishing their 'Live While We're Young' music video in Kent, England

One Direction have released behind the scenes footage from their ‘Live While We’re Young’ music video, featuring commentary from group members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, as well as director Vaughan Arnell. The song is the lead single from the boy band’s second album ‘Take Me Home’, out November 12th on Syco/Columbia Records.

Setting the scene, Harry said, “We’re here on day one of our music video for ‘Live While We’re Young’. We’re in a field in Kent (England), so it should be good.”

Describing the opening scene, Arnell said, “First few minutes of the One Direction shoot, and they’re gonna get in this Land Rover, which is really hard to drive. It was a bit dangerous in places, bouncing all over the place, but it was brilliant. It looks really amazing. Then all of the sudden it hit this rock and I think it went quite tumbling at that point.”

In the next scene, Arnell explained, “We took them down here into the lake, and then put them in balls and things. We’re just trying to find things that you just get a bit of madness and anarchy and just capturing those moments.”

After getting wet during a scene, Liam said, “Me and Louis have just done the shot jumping off the rafts and jumping into the water off the rope swing. It was totally amazing.”

After a scene in the pool, Niall confessed, “Lydia (Taylor), one of our stylists, she came up to me and said, ‘We don’t have a second pair of your shoes, so please take them off before you get into the pool. Two seconds later I’m in the pool.”

Director Vaughan Arnell on the set of the One Direction 'Live While We're Young' music video shoot in Kent, EnglandTalking about getting the pool scene done on the first day of shooting, Arnell said, “We went ‘cut’ and we thought we could go home, you know, get an early night. They just wanted to keep filming. So much energy. Everyone was diving it. It was a really good buzz. End of day one, amazing.”

The next day, Zayn described the itinerary saying, “Start of day two, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. We’re gonna zap it.”
Arnell added, “It’s day two of the video. We’re gonna shoot each guy individual on a hay bail. The second camera is going to float around so we’re getting two shots, three shots.”

Louis raised eyebrows after explaining the next scene saying, “We’re about to have a bit of fun in these blown up balls.”
For the soccer scene in the video, Harry said, “It’s the five of us, and with my knowledge and understanding of the game, I feel I should be much better at football, but I’m not.”

Heading towards the end of the shoot, Arnell said, “So now what we’ll do with the sparks, because they’re a bit like electricity, we’ll put lights around the trees and the teepee, so when it goes dusk, it should look quite amazing.”

Summarizing the video, Arnell explained, “I think when this video is finished, it’s gonna feel like you were there on the day and it was just like a mad party, and you were part of it, which I think will be really exciting.”

After wrapping up, Liam said, “I’m quite excited, because that was probably the best video we’ve ever had and had fun on. It’s been absolutely amazing. Really hope you guys enjoy it. Best video ever.”

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Niall Horan Discusses One Direction Songwriting & Visiting Indonesia

One Direction member Niall Horan live

One Direction member Niall Horan was on the phone with Ardan Radio recently in Indonesia, where the pop singer talked about what experiences they base their songwriting from, their tour, what they planned on doing once the tour wrapped up, bringing their act to Indonesia, and closed by trying to say a greeting in Indonesian.

Talking about writing songs based on experiences, Niall said, “When we were writing the album, we didn’t really have a lot of experience in One Direction. We didn’t really write the songs on One Direciton experiences, but we did write them on teenage experiences and what kids our age get up to like staying up all night, having a party and different things you like about girls and that’s what it’s about.”
On targetting Indonesia for a tour stop, he said, “Maybe not at the present time do a tour, because we don’t know if the demand for One Direction is big enough to do a tour, but we’ll certainly try and get there to Indonesia to do some radio interviews, do some TV shows and get the One Direction name around a bit.”

On post tour plans, he said, “After this tour, we go to America and we tour with Big Time Rush. We go on tour with them for three weeks. When we come off that we stay in America for a while and do some promotion in the U.S. and then we’re gonna start moving across the globe and hopefully end up in Indonesia.”

Listen to the interview via Soundcloud below.

Louis Tomlinson Talks Tattoos, Treehouses & Loving Katy Perry

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, seen here at London Eye, talks with KiSS 92.5 in Toronto about not being suited for tattoos having music for everyone on 'Take Me Home', working with Ed Sheeran on the album, loving to work with Katy Perry in the future, the variation in their fan base and getting a treehouse.

Taylor Kaye of KiSS 92.5 in Toronto got Louis Tomlinson from One Direction on the phone the other morning to promote their upcoming record ‘Take Me Home’. The pop star talked about what to expect from the new album, how it felt more comfortable recording their sophomore effort, getting Ed Sheeran to contribute to the project, wanting to work with Katy Perry in the future, wanting to go skydiving one day, having a fan base that attracts all ages, planning to have a treehouse built in his back garden and thinking he’s not suited for tattoos.

“The album is pretty similar to the first one,” Louis said in regards to ‘Take Me Home’. “It’s got a little bit of difference. It’s a bit more guitar driven and heavier on the drums. There’s kind of a track on there for everyone. We’ve got some uptempo, some ballads, emotional ballads, that kind of thing.”

Asked if it was a more mature effort than their debut, he said, “It definitely feels a bit more comfortable this time around. We feel obviously slightly more experienced than the first album.”

Discussing Ed Sheeran’s contributions on ‘Take Me Home’, Louis said, “Ed wrote on two tracks on the album, which both of them are great. I love both of them. So obviously that’s really exciting. Ed is such a great match for us, because obviously he is on fire at the moment. He’s doing really, really well, and also he’s a great lyricist, so it’s great to work with Ed.”

Asked what other artists he’d like to work with, Louis responded, “I’ve always loved Katy Perry. I think she’s a great lyricist. Obviously she’s got the really poppy records and the radio hits, which are great, but I like her more emotional stuff like ‘Thinking of You’, which is actually one of my favorite songs. I think she’s great.” (more…)

Louis Tomlinson: I Get Really Nervous Performing

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction on the phone with the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, where the 1D member talked about never getting used to the screaming female fans, excitement for the new songs, being a fan of Busted growing up, and how he gets really nervous performing and talking in front of many people

Nick Grimshaw of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show got Louis Tomlinson of One Direction on the phone the other day, where the One Direction member talked about how the band have been doing promo for their new single and album, if he’s become used to all the cheering and screaming for 1D, how he was a huge Busted fan growing up, having a phobia of talking in front of a lot of people, and viewing radio differently than speaking before an in-person audience.

Asked how he’s feeling with the new material coming out, he said, “Yeah, it’s really exciting actually. We’re just really feel that we’ve made a better album actually this time around, so we’re excited for everyone to hear it and yeah, what more can I say about that?”

Questioned whether it has become normal or tiring to hear the screams of young female fans, he responded, “We say this every time, so I don’t mean to be boring, but to be honest it never really sinks in. You kind of expect it to, but every time we go out on a gig and we get a good reception, it still obviously means the same and it’s still pretty overwhelming.” (more…)

Louis Tomlinson On Three Horse Shoes Vs. Doncaster Rovers Charity Soccer Match

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson, seen here on a bike, talks about his charity soccer match between Three Horse Shoes and Doncaster Rovers set for next week at Keepmoat Stadium in aid of Bluebell Wood

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson spoke with Rovers Player, the official TV channel of Doncaster Rovers, about his upcoming charity game at Keepmoat Stadium in aid of Bluebell Wood. The game is set for October 22nd and features the Rovers taking on his local pub team, the Three Horse Shoes.

“It’s always nice to come back to Doncaster obviously,” Louis said while interviewed at Keepmoat. “Like you said, we spend a lot of time on the road in different countries. It’s always nice to come home and enjoy the nice weather.”

Talking about his history working at Keepmoat Stadium, Louis said, “I had quite a lot of jobs before One Direction. I wasn’t very punctual, so occasionally I would turn in late for work which would often lost me my job. However, yeah, I did used to work here selling the burgers and the hot dogs and that type of thing. It was good fun actually. It was nice that you could occasionally catch the game if you’re sneaky. Yeah, it was a nice atmosphere.” (more…)

One Direction Discuss New Album ‘Take Me Home’, Ed Sheeran’s Involvement

One Direction 2012 - Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson visit Free Radio to talk about their new single

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction visited Free Radio the other day, where the pop band talked about their new album ‘Take Me Home’, the new single ‘Little Things’, working with Ed Sheeran on the CD, their upcoming world tour, tour rituals, news of a One Direction toothpaste and the several One Direction branded items they have, and what is on their busy schedule.

Asked what fans could expect from the new album, Harry said, “I think it’s a lot of the same kind of stuff. I think this time we kind of knew what our sound was, so we can focus on that a lot more. We just wanted to make the songs better, and we think we’ve got a better album.”

As for how they’ve had more involvement with this project, Zayn said, “I think that was the main difference between the last album and this album was that we got really involved with the writing side of things. We’ve got five songs on the album that we wrote so we’re really happy with that.” (more…)

Niall Horan On One Direction’s Second Album, Demi Lovato & LA

One Direction member Niall Horan live

Niall Horan of One Direction was on the phone with ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ the other day, where he talked about the follow-up to their debut album ‘Up All Night’, teaming up with Ed Sheeran and McFly on the project, what’s up with him and Demi Lovato, Harry Styles being linked to curvy model Kate Upton, and adding a third concert in Los Angeles to their 2013 tour schedule.

On the group’s second album:

I literally just left the studio. I’m just at home right now. We’ve been working on that. It’s not too different from the first one. We feel very, very happy about it because we obviously feel nervous about it, second album, you never know what you’re gonna get from us. We’re really excited about it. It’s really fun, very heavy on guitars and drums, so we’re really excited about it.

On collaborations on the album:

Yeah, today we’ve been with Ed Sheeran. We’re quite good friends with him so we worked quite a bit with him. We call him the Gingerbread Man. We worked with some English bands like a band called McFly. We worked quite a bit with them too. We also went back to the original guys that did ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘One Thing’ from our first album, Rami, they’re doing really well in the American charts at the moment. So we’ve gone back to them guys to get more songs off them. We obviously try to keep that relationship with people we’ve worked with on previous albums.

On how his relationship with Demi Lovato has advanced:

I don’t know. Me and Demi are just really good friends. She’s been doing well. She’s been updating me on what she’s been doing and stuff. Hopefully I get to see her next week when we come to LA for the VMAs.

On reports his bandmate Harry Styles had been texting Kate Upton:

Harry never said anything to me. I don’t know. Maybe he’s hiding something.

On their upcoming Staples Center concerts in LA and doing a third show:

We’re super excited. We love coming to LA. California is just a great place. We’ve obviously spent a lot of time there being recording and doing shows there too. It’s good to always come back. When we heard a lot of people wanted us to come back, we said maybe lets do another show.

Listen to the interview via below.