Niall Horan & Harry Styles On Turn-Offs, Fighting & Body Switching

Niall & Harry from One Direction

Niall Horan and Harry Styles from One Direction sat down with Bert and Kristin from The Bert Show before their Atlanta show on June 26th at Gwinnett Arena. The pair discussed their biggest turn-offs, how they were with the ladies before forming the group, switching bodies with bandmates, if they fight, weird things thrown on stage, rumors about them and much more.

Their biggest turn offs:

Harry: On a girl, a turn-off for me, is spitting.
Niall: Someone that is too in-your-face. (I prefer) Someone that plays it cool and isn’t like, look at me, I’m hot.

If it was harder with the women before One Direction:

Harry: I was alright. I had girls in school who were my friends. I was doing okay.
Niall: Just fine

What their world is like now with the ladies, Harry said:

I would hope that any women that I meet across the path would like me for me.

If Niall could switch bodies with any of his bandmates:

I think I’d swap with Harry, because I’ve got a really fast metabolism, and I can’t seem to put on any weight. I can eat your dinner and your dinner. He’s got this metabolism that he can pick what weight he wants to be, like a boxer.

If they’ve ever gotten in a fight with each other on the bus, Harry said:

We squabble, but it is so funny. Comedy. The worst one was I accidentally hit Liam in the face with a shoe, but it didn’t go much further than that. The thing is, if Liam gets hurt, he doesn’t get really angry, he just (growls). I remember last time I stood on his broken toe, and he went ughhhh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! That was it.

Weirdest thing thrown on stage, Niall said:

I had one the night before in Houston, see the crowd thinks that we can see them, just because they can see us, but we can’t see as far as when the spotlights come. We can only see as far as the spotlights are. I’m standing on the side of the stage, and this iPhone, with tape and a house key stuck to it comes flying at me and I see it at the last second and I slap it down. Otherwise, it was gonna break my collarbone. There was a rude note attached to it.

If Harry was a teenage girl, which group member would he have a crush on:

I think if I was a girl, I probably have a crush on Zayn (Malik). He’s just pretty isn’t he? His cheekbones.

If they fight over women, Niall said:

We actually have similar, but very different types. They’re similar but different in some ways, but we have very different types.

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Niall Horan On New One Direction LP, Skype Dating Demi Lovato

One Direction member Niall Horan singing

Niall Horan of One Direction was on the phone with On Air with Ryan Seacrest the other day, addressing the rumors that have been swirling around a budding romance with ‘X Factor’ judge Demi Lovato.

On what life is like right now:

It’s been really good. We had time off after our long trip in American and Australia and then we’re back on tour in America and really enjoying it.

On their time off:

It was absolutely amazing, especially since we were working ten weeks straight in the U.S. and Australia so we had to have a couple of weeks off to relax. I went home to Ireland, just chilled out, didn’t do much. I just wanted to do nothing because it was such a high for ten weeks.

On his favorite thing to do when having a break from performing:

Sleep. Any chance I get, I try to sleep as much as I can. Sleep and eat and play the guitar.

On the band wanting to get a dog:

True. Yeah, we looked into it. It’s gonna be hard to do since we got so much traveling to do next year, but yeah we looked into it. We wanted to get a little mini husky. We got the idea from Big Time Rush. James (Maslow) from Big Time Rush, he’s got one. Mini huskies and there’s only a few of them in the world. We wanted to get one but it was a bit too much hard work with quarantine and all that stuff.

On releasing a second album before Christmas:

We’re trying to get it done. We’re working on it at the moment and recording whenever we can and writing songs on the road. Hopefully we can get it out before Christmas.

On Simon Cowell reportedly blocking Niall’s efforts to dye his hair dark:

No. He didn’t say anything to me. I don’t know where, they kind of plucked stories out of the sky and make stuff up.

On whether he’s “Skype dating” Demi Lovato:

We’ve spoken on it, yeah. She’s a cool girl, so I’ve got in contact with her. She’s really nice, and I don’t know what’s gonna happen.

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Harry Styles On Fans, Family, Busy Days & Twitter

Harry Styles of One Direction wearing a Hipsta Please shirt

Harry Styles of One Direction recently spoke with Virgin Radio, where the British boyband member talked about how things have blow up for them, their amazing fans, trying not to think they’ve “made it”, keeping in touch with family on the road, what their typical day is like, the hair and using Twitter more than Facebook.

On being shocked about how quickly things have gone:

Yeah, I think for us we’re just five normal teenage lads who have been having a lot of fun working hard and it seems to have blown up, so we’re very lucky boys.

On whether they get overwhelmed by the fans adulation:

Yeah the fans have been absolutely amazing, I think we definitely have the best fans in the world. They put in so much work and so much time for us. They’re the ones who kind of wake up and stay out in the cold and stuff and I think they’re just incredible.

On whether they’ve had a “we’ve made it” moment:

I think it’s good where you don’t have a moment where you think I’ve made it, because I think it’s important that you keep changing up your goals to make sure you don’t kind of take your foot off the pedal. I think you have to keep making sure you’re always on top of your game. I think we did MuchMusic in Toronto and it was crazy for us, because obviously we’re not from there, so for us to be kind of away from home and have that kind of reaction was amazing. That was a nice experience.

On staying in touch with family while on the road:

Yeah, I think family is where you come from. Speaking to your family a lot keeps you who you are, and we’re very lucky to have great families who keep us grounded and very supportive and stuff. Touching base every time is never a bad thing.

On their typical days of late:

Our days are pretty much we get up, and we do some interviews and TV and stuff, and then we might have a performance, and at night we’ll fly. The last six days we’ve had a flight every night.

On whether it takes a long time to style his hair:

Not really, it’s kind of like out of bed and then dry it.

On whether he’s addicted to Facebook and Twitter:

I’m not addicted. Sometimes I forget to go on it at all. I got rid of my Facebook for ages, and then I got it back and I posted and it was two months since my last thing. I just don’t really use it. Yeah, I try to get on Twitter a lot. I use Twitter a lot more than I do Facebook.

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Zayn Malik Discusses One Direction U.S. Success, Simon Cowell’s Honesty

One Direction member Zayn Malik live

Zayn Malik from One Direction was on the phone with 106.1 KISS FM Seattle’s Tyler. The boyband singer talked about their success in America, the fan response from their ‘Today’ show appearance, lining up a performance on ‘Saturday Night Live’, if fans in Seattle can expect them to visit, Simon Cowell being instrumental in their success and how Simon is actually a nice guy.

On whether it’s crazy to see their success in the U.S.:

Yeah, absolutely. We didn’t really expect anything to this kind of level. We just thought maybe we’ll release something in the UK, release a single and see how it goes, hoping for some success in the UK and hopefully the fans that vote on the show were gonna continue to support us and then we got this whole group of new fans that were interested over here in America so we thought we had to come out here and check it out for ourselves.

On their ‘Today’ show appearance:

Yeah, about 10,000 people showed up. Obviously we came on the red bus and as we were driving around with the show the fans were absolutely amazing to see that many people turn up for us.

Appearing on ‘SNL’:

Yeah it was amazing. Everything that’s happened for us obviously we’re massively grateful. We understand these kind of things you have to work very hard over here to get on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and all the things we’ve been doing, so we’re just massively grateful to the fans, because they’ve made it happen so quick.

On making a visit to Seattle:

Yeah, why not. Obviously like you said I’m not sure when we’ll be coming to Seattle, but obviously it’ll be in the plans somewhere. I’m sure we’re definitely coming to Seattle, and when we do we’ll make sure we spend a lot of time with the fans and stuff over there.

On Simon Cowell being instrumental to their success:

Yeah, definitely it was his idea to combine with Nicole Scherzinger and another judge on the show called Louis Walsh. It was their idea to put us together, so they came up with the initial idea and we kinda made it happen.

Whether Simon is as brutally honest as he is on TV:

Yeah he is. Obviously he’s portrayed to be this big mean music tyrant on TV, but actually he’s a really nice guy behind the scenes. He’s always been honest with us and he always helped us when we were on the show and he gave us the best advice we ever got which was basically be the band that you want to be, don’t let anyone tell you what you want to do in terms of image or in terms of sound. I want it to come from you, it needs to be authentic, it needs to be fresh.

The 2-part interview at has since been removed.

Niall Horan Reveals First Kiss & Jennifer Lopez Crush

One Direction member Niall Horan

One Direction member Niall Horan talked to Sugarscape about his first ever kiss and revealed which celebrity he had a huge crush on.

My first kiss was a foreign exchange student who came over from France,” the Irish singer explained. “But I was like 11, and she was actualy staying at my friend’s house. I got to know her, and I ended up kissing her.” Asked if she knew he was in the boyband now, Niall said, “She hasn’t said so. I presume.”

“My first celebrity crush was J.Lo,” Niall confessed, referring to Jennifer Lopez. “Like who can’t resist that bum? Because she was big when I was young.” As for a non-celeb crush of sorts, Niall said, “There was this girl who I went out with before I went on ‘The X Factor’ and I had to break up with her because I told her I had to concentrate on my career, which I’m delighted with where I am now, but she was amazing.”

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One Direction On Shower Songs, Slow Dance Tunes & Bucket List Goals

One Direction members Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson)

Cambio caught up with One Direction, where Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson asked each other a series of questions about songs they sing in the shower, songs that pump them up before performing a show, songs to slow-dance to, and a what they’d like to cross off their bucket list.

The one song they belt out in the shower:

Niall: ‘Good Feeling’ by Flo Rida
Harry: Mine is ‘Who’s Loving You’ by Michael Jackson
Louis: Mine’s ‘Creep’ by Radiohead
Liam: and mine is ‘All Back’ Chris Brown

What song pumps them up before a gig:

Niall: Recently I’ve been listening to that song ‘Wild One’
Liam: I’m gonna go with Flo Rida’s ‘Good Feeling’
Harry: ‘Eye of the Tiger’ (Survivor) or ‘More Than A Feeling’ by Busted

The one song they’d like to slow-dance to:

Harry: I recently heard a song that I wouldn’t mind slow-dancing to. It’s a cover of the Pixies song ‘Where is My Mind’ by Sunday Girl.
Liam: R. Kelly ‘If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time’. It’s got a nice slow beat to it you can sway to.
Niall: ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’ (Bonnie Tyler)
Louis: I’m gonna go with ‘Look After You’ by The Fray

The one thing they’d like to cross off their bucket list:

Liam: I think I’d like to go up into space. A big rocket.
Niall: I’d like to go scuba diving.
Louis: I’d like to adopt a chimpanzee to give me eternal friendship.
Harry: I would like to fly a plane.

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Louis Tomlinson Of One Direction On Touring, New Album & Getting A Dog

One Direction member Louis Tomlinson talks with Jagger of 102.9 NOW in Dallas

Jagger of 102.9 NOW in Dallas spoke with One Direction member Louis Tomlinson backstage the other day, where the singer talked about crazy things on tour, getting advice to stay true to yourself, trying to get a new album out by year’s end, their consideration for getting a dog, ‘The X Factor’ and going out.

Crazy things on tour:

You know what, for me, it’s not necessarily crazy, but the weirdest thing for us at the moment is that we have the opportunity to headline our own tour here in America and it’s just an amazing opportunity. As far as anything too crazy or something, I can’t actually outline anything in particular. It’s been a fun tour.

On advice they’ve been getting:

Everyone has just been offering similar advice. Stay true to yourself and don’t change from the guy you were before One Direction, which I think is important. I think the kind of band that we are that’s not going to happen anyway. We still are our own immature selves each day and we’re just trying to have loads of fun, so that’s the important thing.

On whether fans can expect their new album by Christmas:

Yeah, we worked on some of the tracks in LA and that’s the plan, to have it out before Christmas. It’s gonna be tight, because we haven’t had loads of time to record it. We’re just really excited about getting another record out there so soon.

On getting a dog:

We were gonna get a dog, and we were gonna call it focus, because that’s all our tour manager ever says to us is focus and we thought it would be funny if we got a dog named that. Because obviously we live in the UK, you have to go through crazy procedures to bring it to another country, so it wouldn’t really be fair on the poor dog.

On being thrown together on ‘The X Factor’:

It was almost a relief because me in particular, I entered ‘The X Factor’ as an experience and I never saw any of this.

On going out:

Obviously I enjoy clubbing out in the UK but it’s frustrating because we’re not old enough here. Yeah, we all like to go out and have a laugh and if we go out as a band it’s nice. As far as getting into any trouble, we try and stay away from that. I’m sure some nights we do, but who knows.

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One Direction Twitter Chat

One Direction (Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) do a Twitter chat

4Music did a Twitter Q&A with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, delivering questions submitted by fans, including what the boyband thinks is the best part of being in a group, Louis going shirtless, Harry’s favorite ‘X Factor’ moment, Zayn singing in the shower and going back or forward in time.

On their favorite part in being in One Direction, Liam said:

You guys (which prompted some “awwws” from his bandmates and a hug from Niall)

On whether Louis is shirtless for the music video for their new single:

I can reveal there is one little scene where we dabble in topless behavior. I left it open to interpretation.

Harry’s best moment on ‘X Factor’:

My best moment was singing with Robbie Williams. I thought that was really cool, because he’s like massive. He’s incredible. He’s a really nice man also.

Zayn on what he sings in the shower:

Well I probably sing anything Chris Brown related, so you got ‘With You’, ‘Forever’, ‘Take You Down’.

If Liam would rather go way back or way forward in time:

I actually think that I’d rather go way back, because I’d want what happens to be a bit of a surprise, because it ruins the element of it.

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One Direction On Collaborations With Little Mix & Bruno Mars

One Direction (Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) interview

One Direction stars Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson spoke with Daily Star on The boyband talked about advice for the new crop of ‘X Factor’ hopefuls, wanting to collaborate with the new ‘X Factor’ girl group Little Mix, and wanting to team up with Bruno Mars on some music.

Advice to the latest ‘X Factor’ contestants, Harry said:

We think a massive part of it is to remember where you’ve come from. Know who you are and don’t get caught up in it all and start believing your own hype. Remember what you are and stay grounded a bit.

On collaborating with one of the new season’s ‘X Factor’ finalists, Louis said:

Little Mix. We love Little Mix. I think I don’t know who is gonna win this year, but I think they’re going to be the big name out of this year’s ‘X Factor’. They’re really cool and they’re already the furthest girl group to ever make it.

On a collaboration outside of the ‘X Factor’ world, Zayn suggested:

I think all of us lads would be in agreement with this. I think Bruno Mars. He’s amazing. He’s putting #1 after #1 out and he’s wicked.

Niall added about Mars:

I was watching a video on YouTube the other day, he was doing an impersonation of Elvis when he was five. You could tell his tone was starting to come out at even that age. He’s got a great rocky, kind of rough tone. It’s kind of nice.

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One Direction Discuss Fan Dedication, Getting Along & Taking Advice

One Direction (Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson) live at a campfire

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction chatted with ‘Sunrise’ co-anchors Kochie and Mel. The boybnad talked about their meteoric rise since they auditioned for ‘The X Factor’, dealing with screaming girls, what they think about the dedication of their fans, being compared to the Beatles, Zayn getting photographed shirtless, getting along after being put together by Simon Cowell and advice they’ve gotten from Simon about keeping grounded.

On how they cope with thousands of screaming girls wherever they go, Harry said:

I think for us, it’s not something you really have to cope with. We’re teenage boys having an amazing time, and this is absolutely incredible. We have a lot of fun so it’s not something we have to cope with.

On fans’ willingness to wait out in the cold for more than a day to see them, Louis said:

I think it just shows how incredibly dedicated our fans are, and it’s just amazing for us. We are doing something that we love and to be appreciated for that is amazing. All I would say is we want people to stay safe and don’t take any risks.

On whether their family remind them they’re enjoying popularity that rivals the Beatles or the Spice Girls, Niall said:

Obviously we weren’t old enough to be around at the time, but everyone knows the Beatles, everyone knows the Monkees, everyone knows the Stones and stuff. People always say they’re putting us in that category. When people say that to us, we kind of brush it off, because it seems like such a wild statement to be compared with the Beatles and stuff.

On Zayn taking his shirt off for the girls the other day in his hotel room, he said:

You know that was completely unintentional. I literally just went to close my blinds and somebody got a good picture. I don’t really understand how that happened. I’m not one to show off the body. I’m not too comfortable.

On how they’ve managed to get along despite being put together by Simon Cowell:

I think we’re very lucky for how we do get on. I think it would’ve been very easy to have someone in the group cause a lot of arguments and who everyone didn’t get on with. I think it shows how good friends we are. The fact that even after we’ve come home from a full day’s work and we’ve been together the whole time, or even when we have holidays, we still spend time together. We still choose to go out and do stuff together. So I think that proves how good friends we are.

On advice Simon and others around them have given to have them keep things in perspective, Louis said:

As far as keeping grounded, we kind of do that with each other. If anyone is stepping out of line, they’ll get a bit of a slap across the head. As far as advice, Simon always told us to be the band that you want to be, which is great for us. We try to be as normal and as much ourselves as we can.

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