Anton ‘Outshines’ One True Voice

Anton from One True Voice has already found a new band. He’s teaming up with Coree from Damage and Ben from Phats and Small. Ben tells Radio 1 that critics shouldn’t write Anton off. “Anton’s voice is beyond Peter Waterman and it’s beyond critics,” he said. “He in the last six or seven years is one of the most remarkable singers I’ve come across, and I think the general public knew that and that’s why they voted for him. What happened with One True Voice was what happened there, but I think that his talent outshines that whole situation.”

One True Voice Singer Lands Solo Deal With Jive

The Evening Standard reports One True Voice singer Matt Johnson has landed a solo deal following the band’s split, his record label Jive announced today. A statement posted on the band’s website said: “A band split has been confirmed. However, Matt, signed to Jive … is to start on a solo project and is hoping to release a single in the near future.” Read more.

One True Voice Were Doomed From The Start

‘Popstars’ winner Jamie Shaw spoke with The Sun about his nightmare in boy band One True Voice, and warned the new ‘Pop Idol’ wannabes that the show will leave their dreams in tatters too. “We were doomed from the start,” Shaw said. “We would have stood a chance if Pete had been interested in us. But he did not support us and gave us a horrible Eighties look and sound. He was a great producer ten years ago but he had no idea how to make us work.”

Daniel Pearce To Quit One True Voice

Daniel Pearce is quitting One True Voice, according to bandmate Anton Romero. He tells Radio 1, “We’re not splitting up, we’re not splitting up at all… I don’t think Daniel’s happy. I think he’s leaving the band maybe, but we’re not splitting up. He just has his own personal reasons really. And fair play to him – he’s a talented guy and I wish him all the best.”

One True Voice Split Up

After being a group for only six months, The Sun reports One True Voice are splitting. Daniel Pearce will tell his groupmates today that he’s quitting after their second single ‘Shakespeare’s (Way With) Words’ struggled to sell just 10,000 copies and looks set to lose money for record label Jive. “The placing of the single was the last straw,” a pal of Pierce’s revealed. “He knows they are never going to have a fair crack of the whip so sees no point in continuing as a band. There’s no way back for them now.” Read more.

One True Voice, No Real Manager

One True Voice tell Radio 1 they’re looking for a new manager, though they insist it wasn’t a falling out with Pete Waterman. “After Christmas, we were all a bit confused, and we weren’t actually sure whether Pete was our manager or not, and it’s only when we researched hard, we found out that we didn’t have a manager,” the band said.

One True Voice’s Dan Pearce Gets Beaten By Thugs

The Sun reports One True Voice star Daniel Pearce was beaten outside a nightclub early Thursday morning, fortunately getting rescued by police. “A lad punched Daniel to the ground and then four others started kicking him,” an onlooker revealed. “They were slagging off his band and saying ‘Who the fu** do you think you are? You are sh**’. He was just lying on the ground trying to protect his head and screaming back at them. So we got in the middle and broke it up and the attackers ran away. Daniel’s T-shirt was all ripped and he was furious.” Read more.

One True Voice Of Reason Needed For New Single

The Scottish Daily Record reports One True Voice’s second single ‘Shakespeare’s (Way With) Words’ will be released on June 2nd, three weeks after Girls Aloud’s ‘No Good Advice’ is released on May 12th. Singer Daniel Pearce said, “I hope it’s not another battle between us and Girls Aloud. I hope we can both do as well as each other this time.” As for the insults the band has received after being labeled one-hit wonders, he says, “It’s always hard to get taken seriously if you’ve been on one of those shows because the press are always after bands who have been part of a reality TV show. So you’ve just got to be strong.”

Gareth Gates Takes Girlfriend To Church

The Sun reports Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates has taken his dancer girlfriend Suzanne Mole home to Bradford to meet his parents – and showed her a wild time at his local church. “Everyone was stunned when Gareth walked into church with Suzanne,” a pal admitted. “He’s not been since December. But he’s fallen for Suzanne in a big way and wanted her to come to the church as it was a big part of his life.” Read more.

Meeting HIV Sufferers Humbles Gareth Gates

March 18, 2003 – Gareth says the experience of meeting HIV sufferers his own age has stayed with him. “It made me look at my life differently,” he admits. “Meeting them was the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say they were HIV-positive. I tried to hold my emotions back but I failed. When I walked in, I saw a bunch of ‘normal’ kids and it was hard hearing them talk about HIV.”

Gareth Gates & The Kumars Top Aguilera On Brit Charts

March 16, 2003 – Gareth’s cover version of ‘Spirit in the Sky’ with comedians the Kumars has claimed the #1 spot on the British music singles charts, ending Christina Aguilera’s two-week run with ‘Beautiful’.

Jordan Will Lash Out At Those Who Crossed Her

March 13, 2003 – The Daily Star reports Jordan plans an all-out assault on anyone who has ever crossed her. Her revenge will feature on her album where past lovers, betrayers and those that got away will be named and shamed. “I lash out at everyone what’s done me wrong,” she says. Pop Idol Gareth Gates may be taking notice, after denying her claims of having sex.

Gareth & One True Voice Get Shameful ‘Awards’

March 4, 2003 – The Scottish Daily Record reports TV channel Music Choice’s alternative to the Brits, the Naomi Awards, have given the “honor” of Britain’s worst group to One True Voice. Others in the hall of shame include Gareth Gates, whose ‘Unchained Melody’ was named worst single.

Gareth Gates Will Show TV Viewers His Stammer Problems

March 2, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Gareth will bravely appears in a special edition of ITV’s Tonight With Trevor McDonald, where millions will see how he is affected by his stuttering problem. “The main interview will show for the first time just how tough it is for Gareth,” a source revealed. “[Interviewer Fiona Foster] followed him around for a couple of months and built up a friendship with him. But even as they were chilling out on the golf course Gareth found it hard to have a flowing conversation. He was frank and honest. Gareth is a remarkable young guy desperate to overcome his problems.”

One True Voice In Pot Smoking Crisis

The Mirror reports last night manufactured group One True Voice seemed to be on the verge of self-destruction after band members nton Gordon, 19, and Jamie Shaw, 17, were caught smoking pot in a nightclub. “They were with a friend who produced the joints. He didn’t have a light and was asking around to see if he could get one,” a witness revealed. “Then he asked people around him if they minded the smell. You could really smell it in the air. The guys were passing the joint around acting like they were really cool but they just looked silly.”