Popstars Not Aloud

The Mirror reports Granada is now considering suing the promoter AAA for breach of contract after they pulled the plug on the Popstars: The Rivals’ national tour that was to feature Girls Aloud and One True Voice. “Granada are furious that this has happened,” a TV insider revealed. “They had asked AAA to organize the tour and now they’ve pulled out at the 11th hour without any warning. The matter is now in the hands of their legal department. Both bands have a huge following and there are going to be a lot of disappointed kids.”

Reality Bubble Bursts On Popstars

The Sun reports the busted bubble of the UK’s reality pop scene has led to the cancellation of the Popstars: The Rivals concert tour featuring One True Voice and Girls Aloud. “The tour has been canceled because they were having real trouble selling tickets,” revealed a source close to both bands. “They thought the popularity of the TV show would mean they’d sell like hot cakes, but that hasn’t been the case. There just isn’t enough interest in them. The band members are devastated – they really feel they haven’t been given a chance. They had such high hopes when they won the TV show and now it looks like their careers could be over. The boys are particularly distressed because they have been told they will be dropped if their album doesn’t sell.”

One True Voice Promote Their New Single

The five male winners of ITV’s ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ group One True Voice, who promoted their debut double a- side single ‘Sacred Trust/After You’ve Gone’, which came out on Monday. 200 lucky fans caught their performance at Harrods in London.

Shag As Many Girls As Possible

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which member of One True Voice has been advised by family members to take advantage of his time in a boy band? Instead of being told to stay away from drugs and to keep his feet on the ground, male relatives have told him to, ‘shag as many girls as possible’.”

Popstars Learn Not To Leave Bath Running

The Sunday People reports ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ boy band One True Voice face a £10,000 damages bill after starting a flood in their temporary £2million home. Jamie Shaw left the bath running and a few hours later the kitchen ceiling fell through in the Surrey mansion rented by Granada. The boys must live in the mess each night when they return from promoting their single.

One True Voice The Boys Choice On ‘Popstars’

The Sun chatted with the boys chosen to form ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ band dubbed One True Voice. The boys viewers chose for the line-up as 10million watched the ITV1 show on Saturday were Anton Gordon, Matt Johnson, Daniel Pearce, Keith Semple and Jamie Shaw. “This is the beginning of something great for us all,” Daniel said. “We are really excited and hoping to have lots of number one hits, bestselling albums and platinum discs.”