Paloma Faith Discusses Her 3 1/2 Different Hair Colors

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Paloma Faith offered fans some information about herself in a feature for VEVO Lift, where the British singer songwriter talked about some of her hobbies, some favorite things, the evolution of her hair, wanting to vacation in Mexico and what her profession would be if she wasn’t a performer.

“In my free time I love to go to the cinema and I love cooking,” Paloma said, before rattling off some of her favorite things, including ‘2046’ being her favorite movie, dim sum being her favorite kind of food, and the Etta James classic ‘At Last’ being her favorite song to cover.

Talking about her hair, Paloma said, “I’ve only had 3 1/2 different hair colors, because I’ve had my natural hair color, which was boring and at the age of 17 I changed it to pitch black. Then I had it as a red head and now I’ve got this blonde streak. I think my favorite is actually what I’ve got now, because it’s a bit lighter and I think it makes my face look nicer.”

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Paloma Faith ‘Fall To Grace’ Album Photo Shoot

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Paloma Faith is out with behind the scenes footage for her ‘Fall to Grace’ album photo shoot. The British singer songwriter talked about the album, its singles ‘Picking Up the Pieces’, ’30 Minute Love Affair’ and ‘Just Be’, the looks for the shoot with photographer David Standish and her style team.

Setting the scene, Paloma said, “Today we’re shooting the album cover, which is kind of exciting because I’m gonna be up in a harness with these tropical birds flying around, and it’s supposed to look like I’m sort of falling towards paradise.”

Talking about the album title, the musician said, “Symbolically when I was writing the record, I wanted to fall to grace, because the whole album is particularly about coming out of quite sad or dark situations and giving it some hope.”

As for the shoot with the album’s first release, Paloma explained, “We’re also shooting the single artwork. ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ is the first single and it’s a song about being in love with a man who is still preoccupied by a past relationship. I was looking at iconic pictures of Marilyn Monroe. She used to have this kind of really beautiful sort of tragedy in her life on top of the glamor, so We’re gonna try to achieve the image of me being ready to approach the world on the red carpet. It’s almost like being caught before I get there and I’ve shown my vulnerability.”

Discussing ’30 Minute Love Affair’ and its imagery, Paloma said, “It’s about when I was 14, I met a busker and I sat with him and sang songs and kind of fell in love with him a bit. Then eventually I went back the next day and he wasn’t there, even though he said he would be. The artwork is supposed to conjure up the passion that would have happened in my imagination, but it didn’t so it’s more like a kind of dreamy sequence with me about to kiss this man’s lips, but I never got to.”

After wrapping up the shoot, Paloma said, “Today has been an insane journey. The photographer and I, David Standish, created so many looks with some incredible people and that’s Natsumi and Kenichi, who did my hair and makeup, and Karl Willet styled it. I’m looking forward to the world seeing me in a more vulnerable and more distraught and probably more terrorized Paloma Faith than the last record. I think this is a bit of a coming of age album, well hopefully anyway.”

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Paloma Faith ‘Just Be’ Video

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Paloma Faith is out with the music video to her new single ‘Just Be’, the fourth single from the British singer songwriter’s second studio album ‘Fall To Grace’, out now on RCA Records. The black and white video was shot in New York City and directed by Emil Nava.

Talking about the single and the photo session she did for the track, Paloma said, “It’s a song where I’m at my most vulnerable because it’s just very bare bones. It’s just piano vocal, so I think for the photograph, we wanted to encapsulate that and do something where I’m not really wearing much makeup and I’m quite exposed. There’s a suggestion of just being at home with yourself and accepting your imperfections.”

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Paloma Faith Discusses Her Background In Dance, Directing & Singing

Paloma Faith talks about becoming a singer and her studies in dance and theater

Paloma Faith talked with VEVO Lift about how she got into performing in school, moving on from several jobs in entertainment before becoming a singer by chance.

“I grew up in Hackney, which is part of east London. There was a gospel church on my street and I used to stand outside and listen, just to hear the way they sung,” Paloma said about her early exposure to music. “I started ballet classes when I was four. I was terrible at it. When they went left, I went right. At school I was even too shy to ask the teacher to use the bathroom, which caused some dreadful problems. My teachers were worried about me not being assertive enough, so they used to put me in school shows. I realized if I was being somebody else, then I could be comfortable enough to shout or in this case the first thing I ever did was to be a dinosaur so I had to roar.”

Talking about her college years, the 27-year-old said, “When I finished my degree in contemporary dance, I did a master’s degree in directing for theater and desiging for theater, and it was the best course I had ever done. Ever since I’ve always had this first hand dealing with all the visuals. Videos, artwork, the stage set that I tour with, everything is designed by me.”

Discussing her her initial exposure to showing off her vocal talents, Paloma said, “The first performance I remember really singing in public for was a caberet show. I sort of took the piss out of it, which in English is taking the mickey. I recorded myself as Paloma, the stripper who won’t strip, and every time I got to the point I was going to strip, I’d take some off and stop and break out into song.”

As for how she landed her opportunity, Paloma explained, “I fell into music by chance because I was working in a bar and somebody heard me singing and said I love your voice. I never really had confidence to be a singer or think I was good enough to be on an international stage. It all happened very late and very quickly, and I’m so happy it happened.”

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Paloma Faith Cites Parents, Etta James & Billie Holiday As Musical Influences

Paloma Faith talks about musical influences, which included her father and mother, Etta James and Billie Holiday. The British singer songwriter also talked about how her first concert was The Fugees and her obsession with film.

Paloma Faith sat down with VEVO Lift in a influences themed discussion, where the British singer-songwriter talked about her parents influencing her in music early on, being influenced vocally by Etta James and Billie Holiday, making a living performing ‘At Last’, going to her first concert to see The Fugees, having an obsession with film, her favorite directors, and trying to take people to another place with her music.

“I suppose my knowledge of music is quite broad,” Paloma explained. “My father was a jazz fanatic, and sort of played lots of jazz. My mother was really into music from the ’60s, like Motown and soul. I focused so strongly on her, because I think my mom was so obsessed with Bob Dylan. She would buy me books of his lyrics and make me read them. What he was saying and the way he was saying it was like an education. I was sort of saturated with so many types of music. I think it’s definitely influenced my openness and I think you can hear in my records that there’s a lot of quite ecclectic sounds on there.”

Discussing who she looked to vocally, Paloma said, “Some of my great influences vocally are probably Etta James being the first one, and Billie Holiday. I sort of learned to sing by emulating those singers. I never really had singing lessons, I just copied them.”

As for the cover she most enjoys doing, Paloma said, “My favorite song by Etta James to sing is probably ‘At Last’. I’ve sung it so many times and I owe a lot to it because I paid a lot of bills by singing it in rich people’s jazz clubs.”

Paloma talked about how the first concert she attended was The Fugees. “I wasn’t over 18 which you have to be in England to go to the clubs. I got a fake ID so that I could go, and I was so blown away by the closeness to the music. It was tangible. It was exciting. The sound was huge and it was brilliant.”

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Paloma Faith ’30 Minute Love Affair’ Video

Paloma Faith and boyfriend

Paloma Faith is out with the music video to her new single ’30 Minute Love Affair’, the second single off the British singer songwriter’s second album ‘Fall to Grace’, out now on RCA Records. The video sees Paloma again teamed up with director Emil Nava.

Setting the scene in behind the scenes footage for the video, Paloma said, “The kind of idea that I wanted was that as we go through the campaign, we sort of see segments of the story which are almost like a film because the album ‘Fall to Grace’ is basically an homage to the cinema.”

Talking about the music video’s concept, Paloma said, “I had argument with my boyfriend, who is played by the same guy James, and I storm off and decide to go out to a club by myself. I meet eyes with this other man and he distracts me and tempts me a little, as you do sometimes when you have had an argument with your boyfriend… This is a autobiographical piece, where I’m sort of including both types of dancers that I used to look at, and found empowering, but also a type of dancers that I used to look at and I find degrading, and sort of meshing it all together to this hype-real dream-like version of what was really the early days of my career.”

Discussing the song, Paloma said, “This song is a bit how sometimes it’s better that you didn’t get to know certain fleeting people that you’ve met because they stay perfect in your memory, and if you had gotten to know them, then maybe you would realize that maybe they weren’t perfect.”

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