Paris And Nick Carter Fight Opens Door For Rob Mills

The Herald Sun reports that Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton, who arrived from the Gold Coast Saturday night, were due to head straight to the back bar of Darren Thornbergh’s Boutique Nightclub in Prahran. There, they were expected to join hand-picked guests including Paris’ brief fling Rob Mills of ‘Australian Idol’ fame, Kylie Minogue, and Delta Goodrem. Last week it was understood Paris would come to Melbourne with her boyfriend, Backstreet Boys star Boy Nick Carter. But apparently the long-distance lovers have had another tiff — and Nicky agreed to fly from New York to accompany her sister. This freed up the ever-observant Thornbergh to invite Millsy at the 11th hour.

Are Nick Carter And Paris Hilton Engaged?

May 9, 2004 – With Paris wearing a huge rock on her ring finger, some are wondering if she and Nick are engaged. But Paris’ rep. Gina Hoffman told In Touch Weekly: “It’s just a fad where everyone’s wearing a ring on their left hand. She and Nick are not engaged, but they’re doing well.”

While Paris Is Away, Paris Will Play

May 4, 2004 – Nick Carter’s worries that Paris Hilton would stray while in Australia appear to be well founded, as the Herald Sun reports the heiress was eyed partying it up at the Gold Coast at the weekend with Ian Thorpe and his teammates. The following night, Paris and Ian were again spotted together in bars along Surfers Paradise’s nightclub strip.

Nick Carter Gives Paris Hilton’s Album The Thumbs Up

The Daily Star reports Paris Hilton is now planning to release a song called ‘Screwed’ to address her leaked sex tape with Rick Solomon. “I’m writing my own songs and drawing from my own experiences,” Hilton said. Her boyfriend Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys added: “I think she’s definitely got what it takes.”

Nick Carter Warns Paris Hilton About Promiscuity

Star magazine reports that while Paris Hilton films ‘The Simple Life 2’, the heiress has been warned by her boyfriend Nick Carter to keep away from the guys. “Nick has let Paris know he will not tolerate any nonsense while she and Nicole Richie are touring the countryside,” a source said. The source adds that the Backstreet Boys star “doesn’t want to be embarrassed.”

Paris Hilton Proud Of Keeping Her Promiscuity Within Reason

April 21, 2004 – A posting by ‘ennuyee’ at reports that on ‘Simple Life 2’, a member of the crew is claiming outtakes from the next season of the series feature a phone call between Paris and her boyfriend Nick Carter, during which Nick says he’s worried she’s cheating on him with her ex, model Jason Shaw, who just bought a house in her neighborhood. Paris tells Nick he has nothing to worry about, and gets annoyed that he’d think she’d cheat on him. After she hangs up, she immediately calls Jason Shaw, whining that that she doesn’t know why Nick gets so jealous sometimes — especially since Jason is the only guy she’s cheating on him with, a fact she thinks shows great control on her part.

Large Ring On Paris Hilton’s Wedding Finger

April 20, 2004 – Paris arrived in Brisbane, Australia to begin filming on the Gold Coast, and the girlfriend of Nick Carter was spotted with a large ring on her wedding finger.

Nick Carter & Paris Hilton On ‘Celebrities Uncensored’

Contributed anonymously: Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and his girlfriend Paris Hilton are featured in a segment on this week’s ‘Celebrities Uncensored’ on E!. They show them leaving a party for Stuff magazine back in January with Nicky Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Nick Carter And Paris Hilton Heat Up Arizona

March 23, 2004 – Star magazine reports Nick and his ‘Simple Life’ girlfriend Paris were spotted canoodling in Scottsdale, Arizona recently. “Every five minutes they were like ‘I love you’,” a spy revealed.

Paris Hilton And Nick Carter Visit International Mall In Tampa

March 22, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Yesterday I saw Paris and Nick at the International Mall in Tampa, Florida. She apparently is in Tampa because she was admitted to St. Joe’s hospital after a horse kicked her off of him. Well, when she arrived to the mall, almost every store kicked all of the customers out of them so that the two would be able to shop in peace. I was only there because I was picking up food at a restaurant called ‘California Pizza Kitchen’. I didn’t actually get to meet her, but I did pass her as she walked out of Nordstroms. She didn’t seem too happy because there were A LOT of people around her. Also, my friend works at store called Forever XXI, and apparently she walked in and bought $500 worth of clothes. Oh, and Nick and Paris were holding hands and giggling. It was cute.

Nick Carter And Paris Hilton In Post-Grammy Hijinx

The National Enquirer reports that at the EMI music company’s post-Grammy bash at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Paris Hilton and Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter were getting noticed. “They had this big public argument early on but they made up,” said an eyewitness. “Nick was so partied out by the end of the night, he literally passed out on the floor against a wall for a while.” By 2 a.m. only 10 people were left at the soiree, Nick and Paris among them. When Paris left the bathroom later, she was dragging toilet paper from her shoe.

Paris Hilton Wants To Start A Family

March 15, 2004 – WENN reports Paris is desperate to start a family — perhaps with her Backstreet Boys lover Nick Carter. “I do want to have a baby in the next couple of years,” Hilton is quoted as saying. As for her scantily dressed past, she says, “I am really embarrassed now about the pictures out there of some of the things I was wearing. I just wasn’t thinking.”

Nick Carter, Paris Hilton, And JC Chasez Party Up The Week

March 12, 2004 – Contributed by elghato: It’s been a busy week for JC Chasez of *NSYNC, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and his girlfriend Paris Hilton. On March 8th, the threesome partied at the Mynt in Miami. On March 9th, they moved on to the Mansion in South Beach to celebrate Paris’ new music career. Then they headed to the Dancestar USA Music Awards where JC performed his song ‘Some Girls’ and Paris received a DJ award.

Nick Carter And Paris Hilton On Breakup Rumors

Access Hollywood spoke with Paris Hilton and Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter at the Dance Star Awards and asked about reports the pair had broken up. “I think people want to see us break up, that’s more like it… All I’m trying to do is be a good man to her,” said Nick about Paris. “She’s a beautiful woman and I’m just trying to be the best thing that’s ever come into her life.”

Paris Hilton Getting A Show On Sirius Radio?

March 11, 2004 – Paris was at Mansion to celebrate her new single, ‘Screwed’ on Tuesday. While the party’s sponsors, Sirius Radio, say they are just friendly with the heiress, a source tells The New York Post the company is talking to Hilton about a bigger involvement, perhaps even a show. Also at the party were her Backstreet Boys boyfriend Nick Carter, JC Chasez of *NSYNC, Jaime Pressly and Marc Anthony’s estranged ex Dayanara Torres.

Paris Hilton Denies Breakup With Nick Carter

Paris Hilton phoned up The New York Post to deny reports she was kissing sex tape co-star Rick Salomon at an Oscar night party in Los Angeles. “I would never speak to him again after what he did to me,” Hilton insisted. She also denied profiting from the tape, and denied she had split with Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter. “His grandmother died, and he had to go to her funeral in Buffalo,” Hilton said, explaining why they hadn’t been seen together recently.

Paris Hilton Dumps Nick Carter, Returns To Sex Tape Partner

The New York Post reports that after dumping Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, Paris Hilton appears to be back with formerly feuding sex tape partner Rick Salomon. The two “were making out on the bus” ferrying celebrants from Rick Yorn, Patrick Whitesell and Mike DeLuca’s Oscar after-party, according to a source. Despite Salomon’s $10 million libel lawsuit against the Hilton family – who trashed him when the homemade sex tape first hit the Internet – legal experts consulted by The Post say it’s doubtful Salomon could market the video (at $50 per download) without Paris’ consent, making it possible she’s getting a piece of the profits.

Paris And Nick Thinking About Marriage After Gift Swap

Star magazine reports Paris Hilton and Nick Carter have been buying each other gifts lately, though the Backstreet Boy has been shelling out much more money than the heiress. “Paris bought Nick a karaoke machine,” a source says. “She said she was buying it for her boyfriend.” Paris’ gift only cost $99.95, but a friend of Carter revealed, “He bought Paris a beautiful diamond heart bracelet for Valentine’s Day that set him back $57,000.” The purchase may have won Hilton’s heart though, wife a Hollywood insider who knows the couple revealing, “Paris and Nick just want to be together. She’s even thinking about the big M word. That’s marriage.”

Paris Hilton’s Porn Partner Wants Christina Aguilera Next

After raking in millions selling his sex tape with ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton, Rick Salomon tells the Howard Stern Show he wants to conquer Christina Aguilera. “I love her,” Salomon gushed on Tuesday. “I’ve never met her, but I mean if I could be with any girl, I’d be with her for sure.” Read more.

JC Chasez Throws Ideas, Not Songs, Towards Paris Hilton

February 22, 2004 – *NSYNC star JC Chasez spoke with Angela Pacienza of the Canadian Press about his assistance given to Paris on her pop debut. “I threw a couple of ideas on her lap,” he said, adding they were brought together by producer Rob Bolt, who produced some tracks on Chasez’s album. “I haven’t physically written out an entire song for her or anything like that just because this is her record and she’s actually going to be involved in a lot of it. That’s why she’s taking her time. And I applaud that.”

Nick Carter And Paris Hilton Marriage? Watch This Space

February 21, 2004 – Rumors have been circulating that Paris and Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter are about to wed, and Paris hinted in an interview with The Mirror that it may well be true. “Watch this space,” she teased. “It just feels so right when we’re together. We have been inseparable since we started dating and that’s the way we like it. Nick is lovely. He has been a great influence on me. He’s helped me get my head together and be more in control of my life. We both feel the same way about it.”

Paris Hilton Wears ‘Nick’ Around Her Neck

February 4, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Paris and her sister Nikki spent Valentine’s Day shopping at “Kitson” and “Lisa Kline”, where Paris left with a Lisa Kline Men shopping bag, in Beverly Hills. Paris wore a pendant around her neck that said “Nick” in reference to her boyfriend, Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter.

JC Chasez Tutors Paris Hilton

February 14, 2004 – *NSYNC star JC is helping Paris record her debut album. She’s working with Rob Holdt, who produced half of Chasez’s solo debut ‘Schizophrenic’. “I’ve just come up with a few ideas,” Chasez told “If she likes it, she likes it, and if she doesn’t, she doesn’t. It’s her record.” Though previous reports have described her voice as Beyonce Knowles meets Jessica Simpson and the music as old Prince and Michael Jackson, Chasez says the notorious party girl has a style all her own and a good vibe.