Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Kissing On A Secret Island

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt kissing

Paris Hilton checked in with fans on her Twitter (@ParisHilton) page while continuing her romantic vacation on an unnamed island with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt. The heiress writes:

Smooches from a Secret Island ;) xoxo

Laying together on a hammock, contemplating moving here ;)

Having a romantic candle lit dinner on the beach. Love is in the air…..

Where In The World Are Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt?

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt on tropical vacation

Paris Hilton is currently on a romantic vacation with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, though in order to foil the pesky photographers that tail her every move, the 28-year-old didn’t reveal the tropical getaway. Hilton writes:

Some of u are asking where I’m going, but I have 2 keep it a secret or the paparazzi will fly in and ruin our trip. xoxo

In Paradise, at the most amazing hotel. The sand is white and the water is turquoise. Incredible!!! So Happy!!!

A Fun Time For Paris Hilton At The Kentucky Derby

Paris Hilton attends the Kentucky Derby

Paris Hilton checked in with fans on her Twitter page on Saturday (May 2) after attending the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, where her hat shopping trip was featured on the NBC pre-race broadcast. The heiress writes:

Had such a fun time at the race today! It was such a fun experience. And I loved all the big beautiful hats all the girls were wearing :)

Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt In Kentucky For Saturday’s Derby

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt fly to Kentucky

Paris Hilton updated fans on her Twitter page (@ParisHilton) on Friday (May 1), flying with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt from Los Angeles to Kentucky for Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. The heiress writes:

Taking off to Kentucky :) Who do you guys think will be the big winner at the race tomorrow?

In Kentucky getting ready for the night :)

On my way to The Barnstable Brown Diabetes Charity event.

Paris Hilton Readies New Sunglasses Line

Paris Hilton with her dog Harajuku

Paris Hilton updated fans on her Twitter page (@ParisHilton) earlier today, talking about her new line of sunglasses. The heiress writes:

At a meeting with my sunglass line peeps to go over the samples and designs of my new sunglasses line that’s coming out soon. Hottest shades

Just finished my sunglass meeting. The line looks fantastic!!

Paris Hilton Takes Camera Crew On Hat Shopping Trip

Paris Hilton shows off her vintage jewelry & new hat

Paris Hilton was videotaped going hat shopping with her own camera crew in tow in Los Angeles on Wednesday (April 29). The heiress was hunting for a hat to wear to Saturday’s Kentucky Derby. The heiress’ preparations for the Run for the Roses continued Thursday, with Hilton telling her Twitter followers (@ParisHilton):

Doing my fitting with my stylists for the Kentucky Derby.

At the tanning salon, gettin my spray tan on :)

Watch footage below.

Paris Hilton Buys A Hat For Kentucky Derby

Paris Hilton buys a hat for Kentucky Derby

Paris Hilton checked on her Twitter page (@ParisHilton) earlier today, getting feedback from fans as she tried on hats for the Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs on Saturday. The heiress writes:

I’m on my way to a hat store to get a fabulous hat to wear at The Kentucky Derby this weekend.

Shopping for hats. So many to choose from

Check out a couple more pictures below the fold.

Paris Hilton Not Concerned About Swine Flu: “I Don’t Eat That”

TMZ is giving Paris Hilton a tough time after catching up with the heiress in Los Angeles the other day, asking her for her thoughts on the swine flu dominating the news. Asked if she was concerned about the outbreak that has killed dozens in Mexico, Hilton said, “I don’t eat that.” The response prompted some disbelief from the TMZ crew, though one joked, “It’s low on the list of diseases Paris has to contend with.” The report at MySpace has since been removed.

Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt Party At H. Wood

April 28, 2009 – Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt were spotted outside H. Wood in Hollywood on Monday night (April 27). Earlier in the evening, Hilton said on Twitter (@ParisHilton) she watched the LA Lakers wrap up their series against the Utah Jazz at her home. Watch footage below.

Paris Hilton Leaves Prego… But Isn’t “Prego”

Paris Hilton updated fans on her Twitter page (@ParisHilton) earlier today, talking about continued work on her second album and dining with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, only to clarify the restaurant wasn’t code for visiting an obstetrician. The heiress writes:

Is in the studio again working on new tracks.

Having a delicious late lunch with my sexy boy. :) I love Italian Food!

Just left Prego, on my way to get ready for Linda Perry’s charity event benefiting The Gay and Lesbian Center.

By the way Prego is a restaurant, in case anyone was confused ;)

Paris Hilton Attends First Ladies Of Africa Health Summit

April 23, 2009 – Paris updated fans on her Twitter account (@ParisHilton) on Tuesday night (April 21) after spending time with Sarah Brown, the wife of UK PM Gordon Brown, and Chantal Biya, the First Lady of Cameroon. The heiress writes:

At a charity dinner The First Ladies of Africa Health Summit. So incredible and inspirational!

Just met the First Lady of Cameroon. She was so nice, fabulously dressed and so sweet! Love her!

Just had an amazing conversation with Sarah Brown, Gordon Brown’s wife. She is such a smart, beautiful, inspirational woman.

Is sitting at the dinner with Sarah and Naomi Campbell. Naomi looks stunning as ever and is so gorgeous and cool. Love her!!

Is on my way home. What an incredible event! So many inspiration speakers, amazing philanthropists and political leaders on in one room.

Paris Hilton In The Studio Working On New Album

April 21, 2009 – Paris updated fans on her Twitter account (@ParisHilton) moments ago with news on her second album. The heiress, who spent the weekend at Coachella, writes:

Is in the studio working on my new album. So much fun! Excited for you all to hear the new songs :)

Paris Hilton Shares Her Cleavage With Craig Ferguson

Paris Hilton visited ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ the other night, talking about where she goes to meet guys and how she was told Craig likes it when she dresses sexy and shows some cleavage, which the heiress obliged. Video highlights at have since been removed.