Patrick Wolf ‘Damaris’ Video

Patrick Wolf is out with the music video to his new single ‘Damaris’, the third release from the English singer songwriter’s fourth studio album ‘The Bachelor’, out now on Bloody Chamber Music. The single will be released on December 14th 2009 in both vinyl and digital download formats. The video was directed by Patrick in collaboration with Director of Photography Rory Broadfoot. Watch it via DailyMotion below.

Patrick Wolf Feeling Charitable For Christmas

Patrick Wolf updated fans on his blog at MySpace on Monday (November 23), sharing his thoughts on the holiday season. The British singer writes:

I have luckily never spent Christmas on my own or homeless but have been close to a few times and in my position now I just want to give a raincheck that Christmas shouldn’t be always about buying the most expensive thing you can for yourself or your partner or family. We never know where we might end up, it’s important not to take what we have for granted don’t you think?

So, I’m thinking we should give more to charity a at this time of year… especially in the face of this god awful time of man that is bringing down many great people to a grinding halt. Not to be miserable, but everything is going to get better because it cant get any worse!! Let’s do what we can together to make a difference to other peoples lives.

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Patrick Wolf On The Sorry State Of The Album Biz

Patrick Wolf was inspired by Lily Allen’s blog at about the troubling condition of the music industry to write about the subject himself on his blog at MySpace. The English singer-songwriter, who financed his last album by selling equity in the project at the Bandstocks website, told readers:

When my first album came out.. there was a whisper or jokes, but alot of speculation about what might happen in the future, what with file sharing and this new thing called myspace… I fast forward to 2009 and the only income any artist will see now is by doing live performances, I have friends who have been to number one for weeks on end and seen no profit due to marketing. Most major labels are in more debt than you can ever imagine. And its not very funny as all these people who work there (and there are many, many, many) are people with jobs who went to school like you and I did and wanted to work and earn a living. I still don’t understand how spotify is meant to make up for this, I don’t know anyone who has actually bought an account. When theres no money coming in.. then no body gets paid… then no one can pay their bills and then you are homeless…. its very hard for everyone right now in the current economic climate and I have total sympathy with all of you, but im making a plea on behalf of all the fantastic musicians and people within this fabulous industry which was built at the end of the day, not to make money off you but to inspire you… what is life without music??

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Patrick Wolf Announces Special Concert At London Palladium

Patrick Wolf has announced a concert at the London Palladium on November 15th, where he will perform the songs from ‘The Bachelor’ and previous albums as they were originally intended to be heard – with a live string section, gospel choir and some special guests, which will be announced over the forthcoming weeks.

The singer songwriter explained that running into Whoopi Goldberg helped him decide on the venue location. “I was in New York at a photo shoot, still undecided about which venue to play my ultimate fantasy show for this album,” Wolf said. “It was between The London Palladium and The Theatre Royal, so I sit down for a burrito in the studio cafe and from behind me in walks Whoopi Goldberg and gives me a hug! Seeing as the Palladium was the chosen venue for her latest ‘Sister Act’, I thought it pretty obvious what the stars were telling me. The Palladium is the perfect venue to debut ‘The Bachelor’ with string section and gospel choir, to hear the songs in their original arrangements live. This will also be a moment for me to document my work from the last three albums and bring a third dimension to ‘The Bachelor’ live, sonically and visually. So, be prepared for a dark, magic trooper show with special guests and duettists, costume changes and all for one night only.”

Patrick Wolf Backstage At T In The Park 2009

Patrick Wolf spoke with NME backstage at T in the Park 2009 in Balado, Scotland over the weekend, revealing how the next album is taking shape, the amazing collaborations with dance producers he’s been doing, having no time off and what’s on the calendar. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Patrick Wolf Furious With Nylon Mag Blogger

Patrick Wolf is displaying his notorious temper again after posted pictures of the singer performing in his underwear. Wolf writes:

I’m very sorry that someone just told you to check out the “nylon blog”. I don’t know who posted that up.. sorry if any of you wasted your time. I cannot stand this awful excuse for a woman who “writes” this blog and who LIES about me and my band (and the other bands on this tour) crew and friends on this tour. She had 24 hours in our company to make up some of the most hilarious bullsh** I have ever read about myself…. I’m sure you all know about the crap this woman blogs about. It’s like Carrie Bradshaw just with a lobotomy.

Patrick has since removed the entire post.

Patrick Wolf Thankful About ‘The Bachelor’ Midweek Sales

Patrick Wolf checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Tuesday (June 2), thanking them after learning his just released fourth album ‘The Bachelor’, financed via The British singer songwriter tells readers:

My album has gone top 40 in the midweek charts…

I am so happy, so thankful to of all of you who invested and supported me on this journey…. we (and a hundreds of superstars who invested their money in the album at bandstocks) would absolutely love and love you forever if the record stayed in charts.

Beg steal and borrow yourselves to buy a copy because it means, not only do you get the full High Quality Hi-Fidelity non Mp3Bass-lessCrap that you hear when you download things from file sharing sites etc… You also get to read about all the instrumentation and personal notes and see the artwork shot up on Blackdown in West Sussex by legendary photographers Nick and Warren Du Preez. There is a digital booklet available at The iTunes shop as well. If you buy the album this week then it means it charts and stays on the shelves and keeps people listening that may not have heard before and gives me and my label and my hard working massive DIY team a bit of reward from all the hard work just to see ‘The Bachelor’ mingle amongst the masses…..

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Patrick Wolf ‘Hard Times’ Video

Patrick Wolf 'Hard Times'Patrick Wolf is out with the music video to his new single ‘Hard Times’, the second release from the English singer-songwriter’s fourth studio album ‘The Bachelor’, out June 1st on his Bloody Chamber Music label.

Wolf said of the video:

For me this video is my homage to two of my biggest heroes, Elvis Presley and Klaus Nomi. I always wondered what both of those geniuses would be doing if they were both still with us. Elvis and Klaus were some of the greatest radical visionaries the world has ever seen, never forget them. This is my first music video shot outside of the United Kingdom, filmed all on Pier 52, I think, on Manhattan Island, a couple of piers down from the home of Studio 54. The outfit I am wearing was made by my long term collaborator Ada Zanditon out of bin bags from Whitechapel Market in London flown to New York in its own suitcase at great excess baggage cost. It was an absolute mind altering experience working with Ace Norton, This guy is definitely the Michel Gondry of my generation. I cant wait to collaborate with him and his amazing team in the future. Big love to all the dancers, make up artists and performance artists in the video, to Charles Manning for making the costumes for my army and to Marvin for making this all happen for me and my hard times song.

Watch it below.

Patrick Wolf’s Warning To Hecklers

Patrick Wolf updated fans on his blog at MySpace on Saturday (May 23), talking about hecklers at shows and joining Twitter. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

So the tour has been amazing so far.. had one off show but mainly due to random Neandrathals at the back of the gig shouting super intelligent things like “get your cock out” etc.

My good lord, I am not the Jonas Brothers, if you want that kind of “rapport” from a musician then do leave me and my band in peace to get on with singing, performing and making music while onstage or at least engage or enjoy with the show or get the hell out… and get your kicks at the local Chippendales strip joint or xtube… or come ask me such questions face to face and you’ll receive an honest personal response that will probably see you checking into hospital for a few days.. If I was a woman.. would it be respectable for you to ask me to show you my tits? This rant is not about this one comment.. it’s about a general “shoot the freak” mentality that comes with speculators coming to a show with only the intention at hurling abuse at me. I am in no way conservative but there is a time and a place for vulgarity. Respect that me and my band work our fu**ing asses off to get on that stage, to be ourselves, to play from the bottom of our hearts… we love you and respect every person that comes to our show… and love you as an audience.. so it’s a real wake up call when people feel the need to heckle and provoke a reaction and ruin not only the good peoples experience of the live show, but in turn sap the energy and the fun out of it for us. Joni Mitchell famously walked off stage at the isle of white festival while doing an acoustic set because of heckling and catcalls and I don’t blame her one bit.

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Patrick Wolf Reflects

Patrick Wolf checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Thursday (February 12), talking about music, his future, moving to another house, concert dates, and a March release for ‘Vulture’, the first song on his new album ‘The Bachelor’. The London singer songwriter tells readers:

Today is a day when all the work I have done has given me a perspective on my future and all the things I’ve fought for at last seem worth all the fighting. Maybe this is planetary or caused by the sun or just BANG that feeling that my album is finished, totally, excitingly, yes 13 year old Patrick, in 12 years time you will have made four albums from the bottom of your heart and you didn’t get diluted or compromised along the way, bingo. You aren’t the gutter tramp, hooker or failure those kids promised you would be. I’m watching my lovely man sleeping in the bed next to my studio.. so peaceful and handsome… all lovers should watch their partners sleeping more often… It’s not creepy, It’s romantic, I think even snoring can be charming when the noise is made by right person. Sorry I digress.. but I haven’t done a proper writing blog for a while.

The entire post has since been removed.