Patrick Wolf Excited To Get Back On The Road

With Patrick Wolf set to release his fourth album ‘Battle’ later this year, the London pop singer is heading out for a handful of dates in March where he will preview new tracks along with past classics. A full UK tour will follow in May. Patrick stated:

After taking a break from touring last year, I am excited to be back onstage to perform my new album, ‘Battle’. While recording throughout 2008 I did a few unadvertised personal shows that helped me remember my passion for performance after 13 years of curtain calls and spotlights. The tour is starting in England and will see me and my band revisit Russia, Japan, Australia and the USA over a period of two years. I’m so very excited to get back on the open road and onstage where I belong. These dates are just the first few warm ups to what will be a long and wonderful journey. I am planning to present a whole new bigger production and vision to what I have delivered in the past… So be prepared for many surprises and new arrangements of the best from the last three albums… See you there… Back to rehearsals now…

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Patrick Wolf Performing Show For His Shareholders

Patrick Wolf checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Sunday (January 18), revealing plans to perform select events for his shareholders. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

Hi, The following invitation to attend an intimate solo performance by Patrick went out to a select few Bandstock holders yesterday. We will be picking at random another half dozen Bandstockholders at the end of the week. So if you haven’t already, buy a Bandstock to gain a chance of attending this special performance. Be aware this is only the first of many bonuses that Bandstockholders will receive. There will be more announcements over the next couple of weeks, including of the first Battle shows. From Patrick… Well, the first part of my two part battle has been mixed and will be mastered at Abbey Road over the next couple of weeks thanks to the initial funding received via bandstocks. I wanted to invite as many bandstocks supporters as I could over to my studio here by the river in Bankside, London, to say thank you by way of a little no microphone acoustic show around my piano. But alas I am currently moving house and my home / “mattress in a recording studio” is in a state of chaos but I have found the next best option. A good friend of mine has a grand piano in his warehouse and as long as you don’t mind sitting your bums down on a wooden floor this letter is an invitation for about 20-30 of you to come for a little free thank you from me.

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Patrick Wolf’s Team Makes The Bandstocks Pitch

Patrick Wolf’s “Team Wolf” checked in with fans on the British pop artist’s blog at MySpace on Tuesday (January 6), offering some more details on his plans to release his fourth album via a stock funding via They write:

Firstly, we’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has bought a Bandstock. However, we feel that many of you are still undecided about the scheme because we haven’t fully explained its benefits for both Patrick and you, the investors.

For Patrick, going the Bandstocks route will allow him to release the record on his own label with complete artistic control. (And believe Team Wolf when we tell you that Patrick has poured blood, muscle and sinew into making Battle an epic, and what we believe will be one of the most important records of 2009.) Equally importantly, it will mean that he will own the rights to his own recordings – a right not even The Beatles ever gained.

Bandstockholders, you, will be involved in a unique experiment, the first of its kind, that puts artists and fans in a business relationship that doesn’t mean you simply buy things as a passive consumer, but also that you will share in the profits of the record. All the net revenue generated from the sales of Battle – whether that be digital downloads or CDs –will be split; 50% to Patrick, 20% to the company that runs Bandstocks, and 30% to stockholders.

The album’s close to completion – your investment will not only go towards production of the record, and making this the best Patrick Wolf record to date, but also fund the making of videos, remixes, recording of b-sides, touring, fabulous artwork, a wondrous wardrobe, both CDs and 12″ vinyl (yes vinyl!), marketing and promotion.

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Patrick Wolf Offers Fans A Chance To Invest In His 4th Album

Patrick Wolf’s “team” updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@officialpatrickwolf) on his bid to fund his fourth album via, which allows fans to invest in artists and share half the album’s revenue for 5 years after its release. The team writes:

Hey there,

First up, a big ta to everyone who has bought a Bandstock. We’re really pleased with how they have gone so far. But don’t let that stop you buying more, or telling your friends, because the quicker we sell out, the sooner we’ll be able to get the album out. And the more stocks you hold, the greater your privileges, and access to the special offers. Everyone, also please note, assuming Patrick’s forthcoming masterpiece matches the sales of ‘Magic Position’, every investor will get their money back, if not make a few quid on top. So just head over here bandstocks and stock up (sorry, couldn’t resist).

We’ve been reading the forum, and the comments and messages posted here, and we’re working on solutions to the two most common queries: namely, is it not possible for people outside the UK to buy stocks? And how do we buy them as gifts for people?

Well, we have found solutions to both and will be making announcements here over the next few days, as well as giving you a few more details about the special privileges that will be made available to Battlestock holders.

Sorry if this sounds like a tease, but we don’t want to promise things we can’t deliver.


Team Wolf x

Patrick Wolf Discusses His Bloody Chamber Music Label & “Battle” CD

Patrick Wolf talks about his Bloody Chamber Music independent labelPatrick Wolf checked in on his YouTube channel with chapter two of his video journal, where the British singer songwriter talked about his new label Bloody Chamber Music, how musicians are having a harder time staying in business because of piracy, and his upcoming double album ‘Battle’.

“Okay, Bloody Chamber Music is the label I started this year because I needed a home for my back catalog. My digital back catalog,” Patrick explained. “It’s always been a dream of mine since I was younger to have a label where I could release the work by the musicians and friends of mine and be a bit more spontaneous. It’s a lot more inspiring for an artist to work with independent music, to make my own mistakes, to make my own success, to be self sufficient and stand on your own two feet.”

Watch the clip below.

Patrick Wolf Parts Ways With Universal Music

Patrick Wolf updated fans on his blog at MySpace on Wednesday (November 10), revealing progress on his follow-up to 2007’s ‘The Magic Position’, and that he’s parted ways with Universal Music. The British indie pop artist tells readers:

Wow… it’s really been a scary age since my last blog, huh? I’ve been undergoing a lot of changes behind the scenes over the last few months while finishing the album. I started writing up some of the credits recently, and for a record that I had planned to make totally within one studio, and to try to sit still for a whole year, me and these new songs have really experienced a lot of drama and traveling along the way. Which is why this final mixing process is almost ten times more cathartic than the actual songwriting process. I’m feeling lighter by the day as each track is put “to bed”.

I’ve holed myself up in Yorkshire in a place called Castleford, no distractions here apart from repeats of Jeremy Kyle and the amazing local 6 year old pop-star-in-the making little Danielle Ling who plays a Hannah Montana keyboard down at the local Chinese takeaway… Kate Bush, I have found your successor! (YouTube clips to follow soon)

Ok, so I mentioned “behind the scenes”, and it’s really time to tell you a bit of the story. Basically, this album was not and never could have been the sequel to Magic Position. I don’t work like that. I tend to finish one creative rhythm then move onto another with each album. Thus, Battle was not the album that my last label wanted me to be making; I guess I’m not family friendly or conservative enough to play that game, and I am getting a bit more fearless as I grow older. Not really been one to compromise with businessmen in my life, so I thought why should I start now when I’m at my most self confident and passionate about the sound of music that I want to create and explore? So, Universal and I decided to part ways. So with album 4… I’m back in the free world of Independent Music

The entire post has since been removed by Patrick.

Patrick Wolf Progressing On Fourth Album

Patrick Wolf updated fans on his blog at MySpace on Wednesday (October 8) with a progress report on the follow-up to his 2007 release ‘The Magic Position’. The British pop singer told readers:

The Wolf workshop is going steady and strong on the album, we’re drinking lots of coffee and our ears are getting both excited and overjoyed by this fourth family of music for you, I always have to bite my tongue when talking about new things but I don’t want to ruin any surprises. Stick with me…

I’ll be taking a break from my recording to broadcast and present a show on Diesel Radio on Thursday night (today) in collaboration with a sneaky show I’m doing on Saturday
at the goddam O2 Arena. (I remember when it was a Millennium Dome with a big naked lady you could walk inside of!!!)

The full post has since been removed.

Patrick Wolf Has Two Albums Coming Out Soon

Patrick Wolf checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Sunday (August 31), offering a preview of his new material. “I have to tell you, I have two albums coming out soon,” he writes. “Think, Smashing Pumpkins, Kate Bush, I’m going double, double, trouble, that’s why im taking so long, one disk is heartbroken and in deep dispair, one is in deep dark joy dedicated to my new love, my old and forever love, William the Conqueror, ok….”

Patrick Wolf Making Beats N Beasts In West Sussex Country

Patrick Wolf checked in with his MySpace friends (@officialpatrickwolf) on Monday (March 24) with the following bulletin:

While I’m stuck out in the west Sussex country
Making my beats n beasts and staring out windows
At Easter full moon, digesting too much whiskey and cheese..
I thought I would make little overtures to those that
Were interested, to share some of
the soundscapes Im experimenting with over coming
months as the album comes together../

First, on my music player is an excerpt of a demo of a
a song called wargames, part of the more
political, current affair part of the album
It first started on my atari
Back in the days when I had an atari str and a
a couple of sturdy outboard samplers about eight years
ago now rewritten over the last year as a battle cry
my own battle against the apathetic technological age
I debuted it in full with an amazing gospel choir
at the barbican last winter in the plague songs
night with rufus wainwright and
Imogen Heap, I performed as neolithic warrior complete
with a bleeding skull for the climax with ondes martenot and
full brass band… a personal highlight of last year..

Now, must get back to the music…
Til the next time.. hope you enjoy a little of my kriegspiel..
catch it while you can…
x pw

Patrick Wolf In ‘Introverted, Investigative Mode’

Patrick Wolf checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Thursday (March 13). He writes, “Well, I’ve been deep in my introverted, investigative mode recently, searching for a resonance within myself, wandering through museums and through libraries, finding the next communication to give to the world. Although I have years of songs all heavy on my hands begging to be heard, released… I am still very cautious of releasing songs when they are not fully formed or in context of a current climate, personally and public. I trust I have enough time on this earth that I will be able to get all of these songs heard before I’m gone.”